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Hi everybody new to this site

Well as I said new to this site but sadly had FMS since 1993 I found this from the nhs choices web site and was immediately drawn to reading the blog's. I have just returned from yet another hospital appt as usual feeling what's the point..., you know how it goes more tests on the way. I do now have problems with osteoarthritis(OA) as well so its a toss up with new pain is OA or FMS , I remember reading years ago that it often goes together so ok now I know the article was right mind you I do have a family history of OA. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has had hip replacements with FMS as I had my first one 3yrs ago and the other side is due to be done on of all days friday 13th April yep 9 days time, the first op went ok but had a bad effect on my fibro so hoping i don't lose any more ground having the left side done. ok look forward to hearing from anyone bye..

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hi and welcomre to the site i do hope that you get lot of comfort help and advice as i have done it really is a lovely place to be we are all the same on here with the common ground of fibro you take care and hope to speak soon love diddle x


Thanks diddle for warm welcome I have been looking for this for ages so glad i found it now as after op on 13th will be chair bound for a while and when i had the right hip replaced hubby threatened to close my ebay account or take credit card to work with him ha ha!! Well (i mean a woman has to have something to occupy her!!!) besides i was keeping the postman in work doing my bit for the economy chat soon x


thanks Jules i like a laugh too :-)) best medicine .. appt today was to try and get my hands and wrists supported ready to be able to manage crutches after op, the bit that got to me was the consultant sent me to OT dept for splints but no one to do the splints today so got to go back day before the op as i said it will keep my mind off the day after ha ha Tests to come are nerve induction for hands/ wrists and then back to consultant but can't see that happening for awhile because of being immobile after op

Lovely to meet you as well look forward to chat too take care sue xx


hope that your op will go ok that you are having sooon , i wear splints on my wrists they are for carpal tunnel another delight of fibro but they really help mind you they dont look all that great ok in winter when you wear jumpers but not in summer with t shirt lol they are supposed to be skin tone but i aint ever seen anyone that colour lol love to you diddle x


Hi chris that's interesting as it is a very deep anaesthetic for hip op and sadly that ties in also i had my gallbladder out by key hole surgery in 2004 which also had effect but not as bad there again much shorter op. Mind you having your gall bladder out wow makes a difference as before they took mine out i got to the stage even water could make me feel sick and bring on an attack of pain not to mention cheese chocolate and ice cream (life's little pleasures) ha ha so good luck you will feel better afterwards i'm sure take care sue xx


Hi Sue

Firstly a warm welcome I had to chuckle I was looking for your babies could only see one then read on and saw Frodo on the back of your chair! both so cute! and you cracked me up about eBay I am so with you hun as you say a girl has to do something!!!! I have to ban myself every so often or it will get out of control and yes I am in the banned mode at the moment as there are things that need buying for the garden like fence panels and slabs so boring ha-ha.

Anyway sorry things didn't go quite so well for you today think we all get those appointments make you feel like rubbish after don't they, great date for the op do hope you are not superstitious! I am kidding of course I don't give it any truck each to there own, you will be out of action for a bit then lucky you found us now and you can blog to your hearts content let us know how things are going, hope it goes really well for you but have a feeling we will be chatting plenty before then anyway nice to meet you take care.

Hugs Ruby xx


Hi Ruby thanks for such a welcome glad i gave you a laugh, laughter is the best medicine and isn't the internet wonderful who needs to walk around the shops and get exhausted, not that i can walk far. Your right i do feel lucky to have found you all now what a life line armchair socialising LOL and i will keep you up to date after op thanks again for welcome take care sue xx


Nice to meet you sue,

Good luck with your hip op i hope it goes well. :)

Take it you will have a good excuse to be on here alot ehh, I am always on here now its like my second home.

take care, kel xxx


Hi Sue,

Nice to have you here.

Bit late in the day but I've been working. :)



Thanks sue for the welcome everyone is so friendly chat soon sue xx


It's great here isn't it, I have fibro and other problems but I'm not as bad as most on here. I'm still working as a registered childminder. I love it but it's getting a bit much now. I'm too old lol.

Got a lot of paperwork to catch up on so might not be on here as much as I'd like for the next few days. It's going to be a busy Easter :(

Sue xx


Hi and a warm welcome from me too... can't really add to what the others have said, we are here to support and help, and will all do what we can x


Hi Sue,


I'm fairly new myself, but have found this little community a lovely place to be. I'm yet to write a blog myself, but have been commenting on other threads. Even just reading what other people have written has helped! I feel so much less alone with the fibro than I did before I found this place :)

I hope the sun is shining where you are - it is here and although I'm in bed, I can see the sun hitting the tree outside and hear a bird singing and I love it. Hoping to manage a little bimble later for some fresh air :)

All the best xxx


hi everyone,

im new here too although i have been reading blogs and comments for a few weeks. i love this site!! its certainly a great place when im feeling down as (i hope this doesnt sound bad!) alot of people have worse symptoms than me and it helps me realise how lucky i am really. ive got a great partner who although he doesnt always seem to understand, will try and do as much as he can for me when he isnt a t work. ill tell you a bit of background...

up until 2008 i was fit and healthy, in a job i loved and had lots of friends. i was training to be a personal trainer at the gym where i worked, had completed my level 2 nutrition and was about to start level 3. i was also looking into teaching children to swim as i was also a qualified lifeguard. i had known my partner for 25 years as friends although we lost touch and only met up again through work. ive got 2 daughters, now 19 and 22. the eldest had 2 boys and decided she didnt want to be a mum. (a long story which ill tell another day as ill be on here forever lol) and i ended up with full care and parental rights. 6 weeks after i got with my partner i had an op and ended up catching a form of MRSA. (another story to tell) i took 6 months to recover after being scarred quite badly and was at the docs every day for 6 months having the wound packed. 6 weeks after the op we got the boys (they both suffer from ADHD and attachment issues and the oldest has also got oppositional defiance disorder, they both also have food allergies)

since then ive been ill with fm, reynauds, oa in my knee and depression.

in nov last year my mum had a heart attack, then my dad had one, my sisters father in law was found dead and my bro in laws mum had a heart attack, my mums cat was savaged to death by a dog, my sis had her baby 10 weeks early (hes fine) and another sis has been diagnosed with cancer recently (i have 4 sisters)

before xmas i was almost suicidal as i just couldnt cope with all the worry. ( i care for my mum alot as she has fm. copd, oa , spondylosis, needs a knee replacement etc). anyway, due to fibro fog i forgot to take my antidepressant and after a few weeks i realised i felt ALOT better. the antidepressants were making me worse.

i saw the rheumatologist a week ago and they want to change my meds. at the moment im on 150mg pregabalin 3xday 100mg tramadol 4xday and Kalms to help me sleep (sort of) along with paracetamol. they want to take me off pregab and try me on amytriptiline 10mg and in a few weeks start me on duloxetine. im dreading it!! i dont sleep well and my pain and fatigue are not under control so i know i have to try but i was a zombie last time i tried amytriptiline and i cant do that with the kids.

both my mum and my sis have fm so we can at least have a whinge with each other but ive found this sis invaluable to help me keep my chin up so thank you to everyone who writes on here.

im sorry for the long comment! im going for a lie down to recover lol

(((gentle hugs and understanding)))

chilli50 xxx


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