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Site update to improve things laughs hysterically

Ok so after reading the little orange line about how the site is being improved I tried to look at the site an hour ago.. Told I was not a member would I like to join...... So after some thought I clicked on sign in.. Entered email address and password to be told it was all wrong and then it took me back a page to join today...... After trying three times I gave up entered my email address and asked for password reset... An email has been sent I was told so I went to email box and waited and waited and waited.... So this new improved site had me trying for an hour to get back in and now I am here I am too worked up to look at posts... Am going to lie down my brain is all fogged now.....

VG :(

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Hi VG I had the same problem and waited for my email as it was not in my in box.

Did other things on my commputer I needed to do. Went back my email was in and I created another password and was in straight away.

But I did wonder why I had to log in and my foggy brain could not for the life of me think what I put. I only use 3 passwords as only me on here :-) so tried all three but to no avail,so just made a new one!! Now I have written it down so that I know it. Thats OK my husband said as long as you know where you wrote it lol :-) I never thought about that. !!! :-)

Hope you soon feel better

Gentle Hug x x x


Hi rainbow, glad its not just me, once I got my new password I had to re sign in on the ibs and pain forums too.... Grrrrrrr I know I don't remember passwords so I do write them down ... But of course couldn't find where I had written them :) problem is now solved OH is looking after them...

VG :)


I couldn't get in at all this morning, get getting Run Time Error, no site at all! These glitches happen unfortunately when HU are constantly trying to improve our community facilities, we have to expect them sometimes as hopefully it all works out for the best in the long run!

Stick with it folks, it normally settles down quite quickly. Thank you for your patience. :)


Did have to sign in again but no probs there,at least it's running faster than it was yesterday when they were working on the site,however today I have noticed that some replies to people have not been posted even though I'd pressed button,not sure if site or my ipad not responding well,like libertyz posted,it will settle down,so no need to panic,our lifeline is still here!!:)


That's the problem with an iPad ... I use one too.. You can throw it in frustration unlike a pc...

Unfortunately for my iPad I can't use a keyboard or mouse anymore due to my neck and shoulders so my pc has gone so my iPad bears the brunt of my frustration



HU were upgrading so it was pretty chaotic earlier, seems to be running great now, finger's crossed it lasts until the next upgrade lol! Seems very slick at the moment! :D


Hi LIbs, I see lots were having problems , I thought it was just a tactful way of chucking me off the site.... Grins evilly.... HU will have to be a lot more sneaky to get rid of me

VG x :P


We are more than happy to have our VG here don't worry lol! :) ;)

From time to time HU do upgrades, it's bound to affect performance in the communities, although I agree it does get frustrating. Worth it in the long run though. :)


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