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New to site, new to blogging

Having never done anything like this it's taken months to buck up the courage to introduce myself, I have been following site and feel I know some of you already. I am 51 diagnosed with hyper mobility and fibro almost 3 years ago (I hadn't heard of either prior to diagnosis) since then it's been a road of ups and downs constant pain, especially over left rib area and joints as also had slipped discs and arthritis. I work full time but worried as had to have some days off recently - just been back to gp and he is referring me back to rheumatologist hopefully get some help with pain. Back up to 19 pills a day yuk,yuk yuk

I regularly forget words or mix them up - I can normally laugh it off but feeling a bit fragile at the moment so finding it hard, I have a work training day to tomorrow and all the managers usually say a few words, could be interesting if I get confused In front of 100 people - might try and duck out of it this time,

I have been taking nortryptaline (like amyotroptollin but without drowsiness) but seem to be gaining weight fast having lost two stone last year really don't want to go back there - anyone else had this problem? I am hoping it will settle as it does help with sleep.

Hope you all have a good day, sun is shining here in Warwick,

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Welcome Maggie

You don't need courage to come to this site, my dear - we're all a bit foggy and vague, but we have fun!

If you read through some of the blogs, I'm sure you will find answers to a lot of your worries, though there is a section for specific questions.. We're also starting a bit of a thing about weight and diet at the moment, so watch this space!

Regards, Moffy


Thanks I will


Hello Maggie, I am relatively new here too, but what a lovely bunch of people I have found. They have restored my faith in human kindness with their incredible support for each other as well as complete strangers like us! Good luck with your presentation. Take it slowly and don't be afraid to tell folks you are feeling a little nervous if you do muddle up words. It never hurts to let people see that you are human.

As well as other medications I take Amitriptyline, but I need it to help me sleep as well as pain control. I don't sleep at all without it now! Weight gain has been an issue but I am trying hard to watch what I eat - difficult when you are a comfort eater like me!!

Take care and I look forward to talking to you again.

Jane x


Hi Maggie -- great that you've joined us! Don't be afraid to ask questions -- it helps us all to "understand" our condition and I feel the more we know about it the easier it becomes to deal with it. I was diagnosed 7 yrs ago and am still learning all the time, but am now learning to "pace" myself and find a "happy balance" in my work/home life (I manage to work part-time). The hardest part for me was learning to say "NO" (in a polite way of course!)when friends/family were asking too much of me (especially when they don't know about FM or refuse to believe that it exists!). The best piece of advice I can give you is to put your own needs FIRST - this is not about being selfish but being "brave" and refusing to accept unfair or ill-treatment by others. Be positive and strong and learn how to "battle" this condition. Oh and don't worry about "sounding dizzy" because it happens to all of us and we completely understand :) Look forward to hearing from you and all the other "newbies" also. xx


Welcome Maggie alway good to see new family members so to speak joining, There is loads of support As moffy said look at for the blogs regards healthy living/eating support & reciepes, I am going to be trying to make sure I have a blog on the page most of the time, as at the moment admin are unable to create a seperate section for it, but its there for us all to share tip, give support, share reciepes etc so please feel free to get involved hugs and smiles xx


Hi maggie welcome to the motely crew of fibromites :-) this wee site is a gem; it provides you with info, advice, guidance, support, links to other services, a listening ear, a safe place to vent and of course a bit of craic and banter as we say in belfast. I hope you find your time here well spent and just shout if ya need anything :-) cheers Dixie x


What a nice welcome - thanks to all


hi sorry behind on the welcome .. its lovely to meet you we are all great and friendley with lots of usful answers

gentle dyslexic hugs


Hello and welcome Maggie, lovely to have you with us! Take a look around the Questions, Blogs and Tags, there is heaps of information on Fibro etc., lots of support, advice, friendship and personal experiences too.

If you have any concerns or worries, please feel free to ask at any time, we are only too happy to help! We are all in the same boat here so we all understand. Enjoy your time with us and take care. :)


Hi Maggie,

I'm fairly new too, but I have found great companionship here. Like you, I'm an older person (64), and I have only been diagnosed for 2 years, unfortunately, I'm getting steadily worse,

still never mind.

Cheers, Midori


HI Maggie, welcome to our fibro family x


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