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Tell me does anyone really know what bought their fm on? Ok i have read it could be bouts of infections,worry ect. Although i was diagnosed about 2 years ago things sort of started to go wrong after i gave birth to my daughter it was a briliant pregnancy and birth and i love her dearly. Oh and i was an older mum. I started to get unexplanable pain but naturally put it down to age oh and completely went off the bedroom department you know what i mean ladies. Just be interested to know if anyone else has thought about this.

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I think this is something we all try to quantify over and over in our minds and often come up with mixed responses. Often something happens that seems to trigger it and when I got diagnosed mine was a very nasty shock about being accused for doing something that went right against my very nature and it rocked me to the core. I had already been taking time off with dreadful back ache but that I had put down to the job I did as it was caring for people and I spent an awful lot of time in that slight stoop that kills your back plus I had had an accident while working which had affected my back. I just went into this downward spiral of pain and sheer exhaustion that took over every bit of my body and all of a sudden I was struggling to even put one foot in front of the other and having to be helped with everything. Having said that now I know what I have which is FMS I can also see that I had a lot of the symptoms of FMS for many years prior and they all started when I was a child of 11 and my father died and I was trying to hold it together and be a brave girl not to upset my younger sisters and my mum who was in a terrible state over it and at that time it affected my stomach really bad to the point of needing to be put on Librium for a while to help to settle me down. I had many other symptoms and joint problems over the years from weak ankles and wrists to back problems in all areas and a myriad of other things that I just sucked up and got on with it including very painful feet when I first got up and went to stand on them or if I had sat for a while and went to get up again. I had no idea it was a syndrome as I had never heard of Fibromyalgia till 6 years ago when I was diagnosed. I think and this is only my opinion and not medical fact that a lot of the time we get some form of chemical imbalance brought on by a stress or shock to the system that triggers the rest of the imbalances in the body to start.


Hi sherry, my doctor said mine was the aftermath of an overactive thyroid 5 years ago, horrible to the max in itself. Amongst other things it attacked my joints. thankfully thyroid was brought under control and cleared up with meds, but months later i got various aches and pains etc and the doc diagnosed me with fibro. Well thanks thyroid for really stabbing me in the back!!!! Was not doing too bad till i had a general anaesthetic in Nov for eye surgery, fibro flared up like never before and does not want to stop now. I really with the hospital had told me this could happen...but seems they don't want to "auto suggest" what might happen. hmmmm xx


Hey sherry, gentle hugs,

I know exactly what caused my Fibro - my first blog was a letter from Fibro and in it, it explains the causes - I've been through everyone of them - Most other Fibromites on here know the severity of what I have been through.

I've gone from being an all-or-nothing kind of gal, I was an exercise freak, always on the go from morning till early hours - Now I'm an exhausted, pain-filled wreck of a woman who sleeps all day. I've worked it out that my Fibro started 38 years ago, but was diagnose 7 years ago - I want my life back - I want MYSELF that was, back!


Carol xx


i found my dear mum dead in bed and it put me in severe depression and anxiety xxx


Oh my, that must have been devastating. I really feel for you x


how awful, it must have been a very traumatic time for you.

Take care of you xxxx


So sorry to hear that, Rosehip. Hugs to you, xxx


Mine is due to an under active thyroid and rheumatoid arthritis and many, many years of stress! x


Hi all,

This question you asked is deep in my heart because it's something I've been going through since I was diagnosed. I don't know if it was because I got Swine flu in 2009 and that was really bad, couldn't breathe as it was so bad and because at the time I had asthma too. Anyway I got over that and then in 2010 in that awful freezing winter in January, on my way to work I slipped on the ice and landed on my cocyx, and for someone whose had scoliosis (curvature of the spine) since I was 16 I think you can understand how bad that was. Anyway it's took me 2 years to get diagnosed and as you go into thinking mode about what could of caused this, I think back myself now to things that over the years could of triggered it or things I've had wrong with me that could of explained it too. A lot of mine could started when I was about 11 also and when I look back at my life I was always one of them kids that had a lot of illnesses and things. I don't know why I never reallty thought of it before. But its something you do I suppose. I don't know what each and every one of us is like, but my life has literally been turned upside down. I've stopped work mainly because I can't. My mobility is so severely affected I used a wheelchair, walking stick and 4 wheeled walker, just to get anywhere and or around the house. In the shortest sense, my husband is now my carer! I have two fabulous children. My daughter is 6 and my son is 10 and I wish, wish so much that they didn;t have to see me like this, but they have dealt with it so brilliantly. My whole family has really. Another thing I thought it could of been was in October 2007 I lost my beautiful mother very suddenly to a Brain Haemorrhage and that was difficult to cope with. In the August of the same year I'd ended up having a nervous breakdown, which had occured after having some truly awful postnatal depression which started in nov 2006. See one of them people that's always had illnesses. The main thing out of all this is that for me, "It Could Be Worse" that motto is practically drummed into me. I know I struggle every day and I need a lot of care but I am still here, okay not in the best of health but I'm on the earth surrounding by my family. I have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, to look over me and fill me with strength every day. I don't know how long I'm going to be ill for 2 years so far, but I go on the best I can.

Sorry that ended up as my whole life story lol. In short I've had various illnesses and infections and medical issues which I suppose could of contributed to mine. Big gentle hugs to you all, much love, xxxxx


i do know exactly when and why my FB started a slipped disc ruptured and the pain was that horrific my body went into shock and this happened 12 years ago and my body still has not recovered FM is so so painful but with good meds and a doc who knows quite a bit about my illness YES he calls it an illness NOT many do It has taken years to get the meds that have an impact .Plus two spinal ops later each one took its toll on my body .x


I'm not entirely sure but I have a strong suspicion that the doctors think could have been my trigger. When I was about 9 or 10 I had a bad case of glandular fever. I was ill with it for around 13 weeks and severely dehydrated and malnourished. I then had to miss PE and gym lessons at school for a year after that and I have never really felt 'well' since.

I can't remember the last time I didn't feel lethargic or have pain somewhere or other.

As I say, I'm not sure but it's the only thing in my life that could have been the trigger.


Although I've had some of the symptoms as far as I remember, I think having pleurisy was a trigger for pain, lower back pain and fatigue.


I have also had a continuous stream of stressful events throughout my life. I tend to laugh things off, get on with things, sort everyone out, solve problems etc.- a bit like Mary Poppins on 'speed'- until... I collapse in a heap and then beat myself up for failing to sort things out.

I have had Fibro since 1992/3 but was not officially diagnosed until 2001. I gave birth to my son in 1992 and feel pregnant again very shortly afterwards, my daughter being born in 1993 - my body had not really recovered.

I also have an older daughter who was, and is, difficult to cope with, and continues to need/demand help and support with her problems. However, my eldest daughter is now 28 years old and needs to take responsibility for her own life and stop blaming others, i.e. 'me', for her problems.

I try to take things as easy as I can and try to make sure that I have some 'me' time- housework is not important anymore, and if I can eventually manage to 'cobble' a meal together by the end of the day, it is an achievement!

I have joined a support group (recommended by my GP) and I have also joined a craft group- it distracts me from the pain and depression that sometimes descends. I am trying to be a bit 'selfish'. I have the support of my husband and my other two children. Life is too short and not a rehearsal...


I have had symptoms of fms for 40 years but was only recently diagnosed and refused to believeit was a real illness and pushed too hard. I suffered post trauma stress from at least six traumatic incidents and think thismay have a bearing on it.

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