Need sum advice!!

Help.. I need sum advice if any 1 can help...

I've had numerous appointments wit doc on this 1 ..

I fell about. A yr &half ago in the snow.. Missed the kerb cus I cudn see it under the snow(ooops) but fro then my hip has been givin me jip, I've had X-Ray afta x ray but nothing has showed up ? Well they did say in a nice way it's all in my head(as if) it's defo not as when I walk it feels like my hip bone is popping out wit evey walk.. In fact when u look in a mirror it's plain to see I walk wit a wobble & hip is kinda outa shape? Is this normal .. Defo not! As for the pain it's a league of its own!! I've been takin of all my meds like morphine tylex ect ect ect& givin co codamol!! Co coda mol may b Gud 4a toothache but defo not strong enuf to ease my pain!! I hava appointment wit doc again later today & really have hit a brick wall.. Wat do I need to do/say look Tis is me now!! Can u plz do sumfing to fix me& give me something to take the pain away , the pain is really unbearable now shooting pains fro hip to toe , knee even gives in now fro takin weight of leg!!

Some1 if any 1 can give me advice or if it's ever happened to them I wud b greatly appricated

Thx's all ... Jacqui xx

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  • Similar problem here Weelamb :o

    X-rays never show anything so then they don't dig any deeper because there's no indication on the x-rays to keep looking.

    Have you discussed pain gels with your doc? I find them very good.

    Also, have you checked out our FAQ: My current medication doesn't seem to be working, what treatments are recommended for Fibro? I know you may not have time to look at it properly before your appointment later today but there may be something useful in there for you :)

    Here's the link:

    There is also a section on our Mother site that discusses dealing with doctors which may also be helpful for you and here is the link:

    Becoming an Expert Patient Article 3 - Dealing with Doctors

    Hope this is useful for you Weelamb and send yoou fluffies and smiles :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Awe thx u so much 4 ur reply I'll hava look at info !!

    Have u had same problem then ? Xx

  • Hi hun :)

    Pretty much. Had numerous bad falls over the years and x-rays keep coming back with nothing. I have Hypermobility Syndrome and can only assume that mine is something to do with that.

    It is so hard to be taken seriously when tests show nothing which is what is so wearing for us poor fibromites and also why it is important to try and remain positive. Hard I know!

    There are other options available to us and an educated chat with a GP could prove to be beneficial. When we seem to be confident with our approach we seem to get listened to, it's just an observation I have made from my own experience and from what I've read here from our other members.

    Try to persevere and remember it can take a long time to find the correct balance of medications and treatments. Has your GP got an understanding of Fibro? Maybe printing off some of our FAQ's or articles could help if your GP isn't. You could use the guise of 'I've been reading these........' 'What do you think?' Of course your at risk of the GP dissing it all but unfortunately it happens a lot and one of the reasons why FibroAction are fundraising to fund new research projects into Fibro. xxx :)

  • Tats a hard question to answer & remain calm, does my doc know about fibro! Ehhh well yes &no!

    Medications they don't like givin them out! Too much money in there budget (Naha Naha Naha) u know the story there!

    Yea have tried dif gels in past but no sucess wit them:-(


  • That's a shame :(

    Shall wish you luck and send the fluffies round for extra support :)

    {{{{{{{{ Weelamb }}}}}}}}

    BTW physio and strengthening exercises can help as RW suggests so maybe you could ask for a physio referral. The physio will carry out an assessment to work out the type of treatment you require including hydrotherapy if you need it :)

    Hydrotherapy is good I enjoy it but my skin doesn't and neither do my double joints but it does help and I am yet to begin again and hopefully complete a set of sessions :D

  • Sorry I meant to say that I had been to a physico but they said that my joints were to weak& refer'd me bk to doc?!

  • Thx u 4 ur reply I'll keep u posted laters afta docs ... Let u know the out come thx's 4 the fluffys xx

  • Hi sorry to hear what you ahve been going through. Has only your GP looked at the Xrays or have you been to see specialist. my friend seems to have been having something similar and she said that her knees seemed to be going to jelly and not supporting her legs and I noticed she was limping badly to one side. Eventually after many Xrays which didn't show anything other than slight osteoarthritis she had a referral to a physio who on examination said all the muscles around her knees were extremely weak. She has been given a series of strengthening exercises to try and support her weight more. She is now being sent for an MRI scan by the specialist as he initially can;t find anything wrong with the bones. Hope you can find a solution to this as it must be terrible for youx

  • Thx u 4 ur reply, yea sorry I meant to add that I had seen a physico for a full set of treatments but they referred me bk to doc as they said my joints are to weak to cope:-( that was a few months bk though! Last time I seen him I asked for a specialist name & no & that I wud even pay myself to go see them but I was refused?! X

  • UK Fibromyalgia have a list of doctors that members have found to be fibro friendly. It might be worth looking at to see whether there is one in your area.

  • Hi Weelamb

    I am so sorry to read that you have been suffering in this way without any joy for so long, and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve. I think that zeb73 has given you some excellent advice and I want to wish you all the best of luck with finding some resolution and relief to this problem.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thx u 4 ur reply ken, yes went to docs again and after doing the leg roll movements I let a weird loud clunk so now there sending me for hip scans once again !

  • Oh no! I am genuinely sorry to read that and I hope that you are not in too much pain?

    Please take care

    Ken x

  • Hi there I've not been through the same as you but my doctors are useless when it come to my MRI scans I had done on my back I have two worn disc and four damage vertabra it was only pick up when I was told the same by my doctor it's all in your head but I asked to be referred to the pain clinic and since then they have looked at my MRI scans and actually told me what was wrong they are fantastic and ate really help full and give you good support I have since been in hospital and injections in my back they are the best people to go to as they deal with pain everywhere might be worth going back to your gp and asking to be referred hope you get the help you need sending gentle hugs

  • Thx u 4 ur reply, yes I got a hip scan Tis morning again .. The scanner said in a nice roundabout way that she thinks I mite have a twisted pelvis& when I fell last that my pelvis cud b twisted& outa line& that's y I'm clunking with severe pain thrown in(although) she did say that was only her opinion & to wait to results come bk 3wks later so here's hoping !


  • Sweetheart have you had an MRI as it could be you injured your back. I walked with a limp and in so much pain for years and thought it was my hip. Turns out it was my back and bulging disks. I couldn't believe it. If your doctor won't listen I would try to find one that would. You shouldn't be treated that way. Have you tried a pain clinic? They helped me and now my pain is at least bearable. Hope this helps. xxx Mitzi

  • Have asked & got knocked bk 4mri scan! Even asked about a occupational therpharist .. No joy there, jus gonna hava wait 3wks now to results come bk fro hip scan!

    Doctors ehh! No faith in any of them tbh ! X

  • Asked 5 GPS for scans and xray's all say no iam chronic pain the doctor are just drug dealers handing out pills to ill people hoping they will get better with minimal cost may sound harsh but its the TRUTH if I could I would go private

  • I hear ya on that one! Defo agree wit u.. All though when I asked 4pain relief I got wait 4it 20 tramadol tabs! Like there gonna b done in a few days as I'm taking like smarties!

    Flipn doctors.. It's all about budget at end of day really! If it's to awkward 4them to diagnose a problem they don't wanna know! X

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