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ESA medical

Well that is over thank goodness. Now just wait for results. There is no way of telling what that will be until I get letter. Glad my daughter took me coz she could remember things I had forgotten and I had written down a lot of things that I wanted to say. Cant do anymore now. If I am refused I will appeal but will cross that bridge ect. I think its gonna be a pyjamma day today. stress does not help fibro !!

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Oh now the wait ! how long will it be ? dd they say ? yeah good idea to take someone with you and wrote things down too. oh well i hope it is good news for you love to you diddle x


It usually takes about 2 weeks. Judging by all I have heard it will be turned down but who knows xx


well put it this way they cant turn every one down x think positive and you never know x

mind you how people talk on here it is normally they dont get it , it reminds me of a mate of mine he works for a large retail company he said that so many people apply for jobs tha are advertised within the management circle that they get the pile of applications and c.v s they literally half them like a deck of cards half goes through to be cosidered the other half goes imto the filing cabinet known as the bin,

it jus makes me wonder if the powers that be are doung the same with those applications ? love to you diddle xx


I think we automatically think we'll be turned down now don't we which is really awful. We think this because of other people's posts though and unfortunately almost everyone does seem to be turned down nowadays.

It's a shame the powers that be can't live with fibro for a while, then see how they feel. As you say, the stress doesn't help at all. I wonder if anyone who makes the decisions for us have fibro or have someone close to them with it.

Sorry if that didn't make a lot of sense, it did to me :) but I'm still trying to wake up....

Sue xx


silver 52,i hope you get your benifits you deserve,relax today x


I got my benefits for Depression and anxiety they said Fibro didnt does that make sense when fibro is more debilitating!!! Im also awaiting results of my review...will prob get turned down....Good luck with your claim hun xx


Keeping everything crossed for you Silver, hopefully you will get a good result first time. Let us know when you hear from them. xx


i did not get invited for a medical, they just decided i could go back to work. so went to appointment at job centre and the lady there told me to appeal as there is no way i can go back to work. i;m still waiting for a reply and i sent that months ago


I was turned down when I went for my test. At that time it was for Depression/Anxiety, back & hip pain. I have since been diagnosed with Fibro so that is something they dont know yet? I am currently appealing my case. When I showed my GP the letter sayin I recieved nil points she was so angry as she had'nt even been asked for a medical report on me.

We just gotta try & get what we rightfully deserve. There are so many fraudsters milking the system which in turn is making it harder for us who are genuinely ill. At the end of the day they need medical proof. I had to bring all my tablets with me. The Doctor who was testing me checked them all thoroughly and made notes of the names, dosage & date of issue. How he could report back to them at ESA there is nothing wrong with me beggers belief.

Good luck.



Think everyone is turned down, because the powers that be know those of us genuinally sick, often too ill to go through the stress of an appeal. You take it easy. I just wish everyone had Fibro for a week then they wouldn't say but you look ok. x


research, research, research. I am going for my esa medical, i got 5 years last time with the old system and i hope to get same again. I told em first i could not guarantee i could get to medical and got my doctor to write a letter to say as much, they are now sending a doctor, i also said i wanted a doctor qualified to assess me and my condition which is your RIGHT as these people sent a dentist to assess my mother who has a heart condition and sight problem.

i have a list of problems written down and will refuse to do any daft exercises or even move if asked to as its not needed.

i also have case law ready to give em.

these people only see points and conditions and i believe they fail EVERYONE and rely on 35 percent not appealing. Same as the old DLA process.

And i have heard of the DWP getting involved and reversing the decision.

my partner got put in the middle group, and appealed and got put in the support group, then as the process took so long 2 weeks after going in support group another damn form came as it near 6 months, she filled it in same as last time, and she got threw out of support group and back in middle group.

So i do not think these idiots even look at past decisions and just put people were they want. Just hope you get someone who has had a good day who reads your form, the whole thing is a big joke and in years to come i bet theres an enquiry into what the hell happened.


What do you mean by the middle group - work focused? I got put in that group first time, this was after a medical. I thought about appealing but decided I didn't have enough energy. I have been to one work focused interview and have to say the lady at the job centre was very nice. She said she wasn't there to judge me or ask me questions about my condition and arranged to see me again in 3 months. I have Fibro, Osteoarthritis of back and neck, Depression.


I phoned the jobcentre up to put a sick note in as i fell and broke my collar bone and was surprised when they said i could get this esa, i disputed it as i have had over 9 surgeries from cancer to joint replacements and have never been able to claime anything so filled the form in got the money then got the medical request, now i know not everyone deals with their problems as i do but i started my own bussiness up because i was not able to work more thans a coouple of weeks before having some medical issue and this has worked fine for me as i work to suit, and when i go on the sick i normaly get insurance credits so the esa was a suprise wish i had found this foum first oh boy do i ! so went for medical was honest as i am always, did what i had to do then week later letter with esa stopped,?? because i had scored 0 points , not wven for having a broken shoulder??

then i read the form she had filled in and oh my word a MIRICAL (spell) had happened all my neck problems that need a a fusion and cage to 4 discs was gone and i could touch my chin to my chest ?? my nice new ulna joint fusion and metal WRIST JOINT replacement was gone and i could do flippers, my arthritis on my hips was totaly gone and i could nearly do summersaults and of course now i am finished having my breasts reconstructed due to finaly beating freakin cancer well according to her I am over it cos my meds are finished?

and as for the broken shoulder which is having surgery on in a few weeks as because of the diabetis is not healing is welll, IT is gone

and acording to this medical i shoud be a gymnastic in the olympics i have never seen such a pile of cR p

I didnt even go their for any of my other problems these are mine and i manage them on a day to day basis i went for my shoulder ??????????? so yes am doing the appeal i mean its only a shor term problem and hopefully i will be hm sorta nearly like normalish after the surgery sorrry for the long winded not able t spell so yes it does seem to be a lot of people being refused

oh and dont forget they time how long you sit in the outer area without moving they also measure the distance you can walk by having long corridors to walk to and when your in the room they time how long you sit how you get up how you pick your bag up, which is all fine but what is any of that to do with my shoulder??

rant over and out lol


Well Done, one step at a time. definitely stress hits my cognitive and payback is swift with increased pain and fatigue, let alone the ibs. time for

for tlc. rest up and and best wishes for a positive result. ((hugs))


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