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I have heard a lot of people with fibro say they have pain on ther left side just under their left rib

I had a MRI witch showed I have a acessery spleen a was wondering if anybody els has had these results av I also get a lot of pain on left side under my rib but have ban told its has nothing to do with my spleen .but I have had the pain so bad that av bad attmited to hospital..because they pain has got so bad and its travel up into my chest and av not been able to breath properly and my blood pressure was low also a regular heart beat..but they have never cheakd my spleen for enlargement ..only cheaked my heart ...anybody els had eveything similar to this x

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Is it costochondroitis? That's very common with fibro. You can google costochondroitis nhs to get info x

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Thanks for reply I will cheek it out xx


yes amanda i have been suffering with same pain exactlly been so bad cudnt breath was coughing up alsorts and its cosochondritis had it now since august 2013 i got an asthma inhailer and its now getting easier good luck and hope you feel better soon xxx


Hi ther thanks for ur reply so you've had all the same symptoms iv had ...how did u get a definet diagnosis!!???? this has bn gne on for years and can b quiet frighting ..iv been worryied sick that somfin serious was wrong more so wen it affects or heart rate and your breathing .iv got a irregular heart beat aswel but maybe that's down to the fibro..am so glad u got bk to me do u think I should ask my doc about it ..not that I think she'll listen tho ..but thank you so much xx


Hi amanda2277

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way. I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution to this issue soon.

I have something very similar to this. It stems back to when I was first diagnosed with Fibro. I was getting a pain under my rib cage that use to make me keel over. My doctor told me that my stomach was actually coming apart and I needed to wear a surgical support to pop back everything into shape. I have done this but I stopped wearing the support too soon and the problem is returning. At one point I actually had a lump start protruding from the centre of my tummy.

I looked into what she told me and it appears to be a problem mainly for women who have had children. Okay, I understand that I am a very modern and family orientated kind of guy but I am sure I have never actually given birth myself and never will. I do not know if you could have this sort of problem?

Anyway, I really do hope that you can get it sorted and get as pain free as possible.

Ken x

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