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DLA, ESA ect

Hi all,

I just wanted to write this down because I know a lot of you have had problems getting DLA and ESA ect. It's best to go to either CAB or find someone who knows employment and welfare information. I went to mine and he was brilliant for me. The people from Employment and Welfare can help you by filling in your forms for you and attending with you to your tribunals. I know these things take time and it can be very stressful for you all, which doesn't help. If you can get your GP on your side, that helps too. Mine has been great, sending reports ect for DLA and ESA. It depends who assesses you at the ESA, I went in my wheelchair to mine. You always have to put down in your forms how you are exactly on your worst day. Put down everything you can. It's difficult for all of us going through these tough times. I pray that you are successful in getting your various benefits. Sorry for typo's. Big hugs and much love to you all :) xxxxx

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hi thanks that is helpful i have got to go to dial on 21 may and have my dla forms filled in my docto r told me to do it so hopefully i will be lucky but you never know do you love to you diddle xx


For anyone that hasn't seen it and may need it, here is some info on benefits:


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