Definite dla/ESA

Definite dla/ESA

In answer to all the queries about whether you'll get these benefits, I was told:


This means, if you're in bed only one day a month and need help to the loo etc..... YOU PUT THIS....... I need help getting in &out of bed. I need help gettin to the toilet. I spend up to 24hrs in bed.

If you have to choose: yes,no or varies, always put :no I can't do or yes I need help. Never put it varies except on the last page for other additional notes, then if u are up & about, you can honestly say, this is a very good day but I will suffer for the rest of the week.

I was told this by my social worker & sofar haven't needed to appeal or have a medical. Obviously your doctor needs to be on side too so make sure you've had a few home visits whilst you're in bed. It's not lying, like those that cheat the system n then work. We DO NEED THE BENEFIT & HELP. I haven't been able to work for 5 yrs & as a single mum need any extra cash possible. (My ex had a midlife 'woe is me' crisis, couldn't do the 'insickness & in health' n left)

Ask your local council for an assessment(play it on a bit) then u can get extra money from them & use the assessment as back-up evidence for your dla & ESA.

Goodluck to all. Get intouch if you need more advice or contact citizens advice

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  • how do you ask your council for a assessment and get extra money never heard about it cheers. hagi x

  • Same question as Hagi :-D

    I made the mistake of putting 'varies' on my form and they said no.

    Thanks for the advice.

  • That was the advice I was given and I am in support group and have HR mobility and LR care. You really need to put down as if it was your worst day.

  • That was the advice I was given and I am in support group and have HR mobility and LR care. You really need to put down as if it was your worst day.

  • Thanks for this. I still work albeit only 3/4 hours a week then spend the rest of the week recovering so have just filled in the dreaded application form so am only at the beginning of the horrible process. Heard so many horror stories it has put me off claiming but with so many people getting money who don't need it why should people like us struggle on when we really do need it.

  • I had help from CAB with my DLA for and my worst days problems were put on the form. A doctor was sent to do a medical and I felt he wasn't interested in the reason why I'd put in for DLA but in my asthma and high blood pleasure. I also put on the care I have though social services but still didn't get it. I appealed and went to a tribunal but didn't get it.

    I am having test for other problems at the moment so will try again when I get the result though and hopefully will get somewhere

  • mine went appeal got refused ,went to tribunal whats called a paper tribunal.then to a face to face tribunal,and got refused but my cab worker took it to the ombudsban and i got h/r mobility and l/c,but it was along fight and if it wasnt for the cab i would have packed it in trying

  • Thank you for your advice. I will take it on board.

    I'm stuck in bed from the wknd. Emotional, very down, very sore & really fatigued.

    Thank you.



  • I had been refused DLA 3 times and couldn't understand why. My doctor was giving her full backing to my application and still refused. Then a friend of my cousin left me a message, she worked in the DLA office, told me to make sure I filled it in as if it were the worst day ever, and same for my husband section. I was granted low rate DLA which isn't a great amount but it is better than nothing.

    Gentle Hugs to everyone

  • that was a very usefull bit of info..if i ask the council for an assessment,what sort of things can they do for me? i have a perching stool provided by the councils community equiptment. the type of help i need is personal, as in getting washed,dressed,attending appointments,remembering to take meds, etc etc. i also dont go out of the house if i can help it.ive put on so much weight in the last 2 daughters years, its knocked my confidence,so this has led to more anxiety and would an assessment help me?at the moment my partner and daughters help doctors are rubbish(theyre happy enough to dish out the anti depressents and tramadol),they dont want to get involved in my dla claim,which feels like a slap in the face..someone told me that if a gp wont support dla claimsthat its a waste of time because without that evidence tribunals will be in favourwpof the dwp..i have to laugh because i havhe been put straight on to esa without a medical(a huge relief) so surely that in itself is evidence that there is something wrong with me..

  • Hi all, I have fibro, arthritis, depression and anxiety. I applied for dla with the help of my friend and go who both told me to base it on my worst day. I have been turned down but am appealing at the moment. Just wanted to warn people that if you have had an examination by arid they use their report! Am also appealing against decision on my was. When I showed my go the report he said "this doesn't describe you or your condition at all. Was she even awake". Will keep u all updated. Keep fighting, even if it takes 100 years

  • keep appealing until you go as far as you can ,the ombudsman ! i di and managed to get it x good luck.

  • Sorry people meant to put atos not arid! Hands are bad today! !

  • hi kazani, I know about midlife crisis my ex wife had one, hope all ok, today is not a good one, Had my ATOS early september still waiting for the outcome, not had any problems before, saw a nurse who asked a few questions and that was that, take care.

  • I get info from a site called Benefits and Work. The latest gem they have given is: Anyone appealing against a decission (know that's spelt wrong but can't for the life of me work out why!!) will get their benefits stopped immediately until the same or different decission is given. This site has asked those who control ATOS etc, to at least continue the basic benefit until the final decission. They are warning that appealing could leave you with NO benefits of any kind at all. That is totally immoral and basically saying "you accept this now or you won't get anything at all". I dispare! There are also new guide lines about not taking up jobs offered, regardless of where and what they are. i.e. no benefits unless you do this job that is totally unsuited for you. They are like power crazed little Gods. It is very interesting the little tips etc that the Benefits and Work have given. One of them was to tell it as if it is your very worst day. Without medical back up tho' that could also fall at the first hurdle. Good Luck to all who are trying to get some help out of this Government. Regardless of how much you have worked and put in over the years.XX

  • Fibroaction is a corporate member of benefits and work and people can get copies of their help sheets for DLA and ESA by sending a message to Admin with their email address and what sheets they would like and they can be emailed out to you. I would urge anyone applying or appealing for DLA and/or ESA to request them.

    Julie xx

  • I totaly agree my flares are getting weekly!! And i am in bed and i have to be waited on hand & foot by hubby to loo because of balance and the whole body weakness & pain and legs ohh so much too much to put on here lol but yes . I have my Blue badge assesment on 5th Nov . So fingers crossed as it annoys me a lot of things because we do not have it displayed on our foreheads!! Xxxx

    Soft higgles xxx

  • i am still in work anf definately no.cheat being sent from work to a medical for the right to work with having fybro & m.e..i love my job and am abso wiped out when i finish but feel it gives me a purpose to get up and try ....dont get any benefits as yet .

  • i suffer from fybro,arthritis ,depression sleep apneao,and i had alot of trouble getting dla it had to go to the ombudsman,anyway just to say if you have to go for a medical,be carefull they have cameras all around outside and in and watch your movements how fast you are walking etc and keep you waiting that bit longer so they watch you ,how long you can sit without standing moving or whatever,

  • i was warned about this. we are being treated as cheats even though its probably the 30 years ive worked doing heavy lifting and a 60 hour week that has made my condition worse, and now im getting penalised even though ive paid my taxes and national insurance. i was refused dla from november last year and im still waiting for an appeal date. the longer im waiting the more anxious im the time i get a date i will be a jibbering wreck. from being on this site ive learned im not the only one going through this and to fight my so glad i came across it

  • I did all this hun back in July last year. I had all my evidence and they still gave me no points. Then I went to the tribunal last month, again all the evidence, Welfare Rights, the works and the judge agreed with the ATOS doctor, no ESA for me. I do not just have fibro I have COPD and Emphysema too as well as about 10 other confirmed illnesses and have just had it confirmed I am going bilaterally deaf and this is badly affecting my already poor balance. I had been on incapacity for 20 years and the same with DLA at high mobility and low care. That was awarded indefinite. So now I have had to claim carers allowance which we heard today we had got today for caring for our daughter. So now I will get Income support too. But I know it is going to have a huge bearing when they change it all to PIP xxxxx

  • Hi

    All info is good info. I am on my third appeal and I've done the worst day each time and still nothing. I've now got my MP involved to try and find out whats going on.

    Also went to the doc's the other day and I've now got Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease two of the five indicators were ultra high and she has put me on atorvastatin and folic acid. I was on folic acid two years ago and they made me vary ill, so again I took one on Thursday night and I was so ill yesterday I just made it home from work. The DLA benefit would have made yesterday OK and I could have called in sick, NO WORK = NO PAY.

    So I try to keep motivated and fight on but all the door I could have used for the last three years are closing fast and I am running out of doors, after my MP who then?

    Any how hope the onset of Autumn is not affecting everyone too much.


  • I'm waiting for an assessment from the council.They will visit you at home and discuss your needs.They can give you money so that you can employ carers and or cleaners to help you with the things that you can't do because of your illness.This is totally separate from DLA or ESA and is at the social workers discretion.

  • Who did you apply to at the council for this Amanda, I had Occupational health round regarding various aids but no mention of monetary assistance x

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