No ESA medical house visit dla

Wow I got awarded ESA with no medical went straight into support group I Foned them to ask about it they said my gp give all the supporting info they needed

Then dla home visit

Wat happens after 365 days of ESA wat payment do u get I was on 77 week 3 months

Now 105 week for 3 months contrab then I go onto 105 week income ralated ESA but I read some where fog can't remember where u only get ESA for a year wat happens then plllse help new comer

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  • The 365 day rule doesn't apply if you're in the support group, so you should continue to receive ESA at the higher rate until you're re-assessed , which can vary in time span.

    Well done for getting the support group, you're part of an increasingly small club !



  • Thanks very much for that I understand now it's so confusin this is the first time ever I have claimed a benifit it's not easy wen u keep forgetting lol


  • Iv just applied for that as going in hosp do i hav to be assesed as well? X

  • Every one can't believe I wasn't assesed me too although my gp is fantastic she appreachiates how much pain im in and also how mucho life has changed cause of fibro xxx thanks for comments it's good to talk to people who really understand

  • For ESA crissy ? Most people do have to have an assessment for it .

  • Congrats.

  • Thank u Sooo much xx

  • How great to know there are few people receiving what they should without the distress and pain that most are having to go through - if only all gp's and ATOS would understand this terrible illness - well done you X

  • Yes defo think u need some understanding docs on ur side defo helps

    it is good that not every one gets treated badly I think it gives hope to every one else that they may get treated better xxxx

  • sorry being a dipstick, but wot does ESA stand for?

  • Not at all

    Employment and support allowance I think it used to be incapacity benifit

  • Congrats lucky you! wish my doctor was so accommodating, it's like pulling teeth with him, I'm even thinking of changing him xxxx

  • Mine honestly can't be better she says wat she thinks but always has my pain and health her concern to help any way she can be it medication or Chiro or she told me go and research fibro as at the end of the day she is no expert its us fibros that are the real experts so i have been doiin lots of research and she is very interested by wat I find and my opinion and she gives me hers docs should be like this

  • Congratulations xx

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