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Hi just received my new ESA instead of DLA (thats what the job centre have told me) does anyone know I have been put in the work related activity group - does this mean they are going to make me try to work - I just cannot face trying to hold a job down whilst in so much pain and we so little sleep...... any answers please do I need to ask for a new decision?

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check out gov.uk it states Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) money if you can't work because of illness or disability

the ESA work-related activity group is for claimants who the DWP consider will be capable of work at some time in the future and who are capable of taking steps towards moving into work (work-related activities) immediately.

The keywords being "in the future"

hope this helps


That's a bit confusing because DLA and ESA are totally separate benefits . ESA is for people who can't work due to illness or disability and DLA is for personal care or help with getting around whether working or not .

If you're single , have no savings and no other income then you can stay in the WRAG group after 365 days . You can move onto income related ESA after that period ( providing you're still entitled ).

Those placed in WRAG are expected to attend work focused interviews with a view to getting back to work at some point , how many times/ how often is down to Job centre plus staff.


Hi wigglewaggle - yes I know what you mean about confusing - apparently I will be keeping my lower rate care allowance and also my h/r mobility allowance as it was awarded for life (providing I pass the assessment which is due in 2014) - however after twenty years on these benefits plus I am now told I was also receiving incapacity benefit and this is what the ESA element replaces - however I am not fit to attend job focused interviews so on this basis I feel I have to ask for them to look at their decision - it is so hard I feel so unwell but have to drag the energy up to try and sort this out - I hope I have explained the confusion better now - and thanks for your previous blogs trying to explain to us fibro foggy people must be very hard for you as you suffer whith this too. Thanks for taking the time it is appreciated.


I was awarded DLA for life, but they put it down as indefinite. But DLA is being abolished for everyone and you will be asked at some point to fill in a PIP claim iinstead. Even my mother in law who was given DLA indefinite will have it stopped. She is 65 so she will not be able to claim PIP, she will have to claim Attendance allowance instead. xxxxx


Ah yes, now I understand Sharon, thanks for explaining. Yes, everyone who was / is receiving Incapacity benefit or severe disablement allowance will be migrated on to ESA .

If you feel you are too ill to attend the interviews then you need to ask for a reconsideration or appeal and ask to be put in the support group. Only those who are placed in the support group won't be expected to attend work focused interviews. And in theory their benefit won't be time limited either.

Having said this, people are finding that even if they are placed in the support group, they are being re-assessed after stupidly short periods of time ( anything from 2 months onwards ).

The whole system is a complete shambles , and I've been told today that even those working for the DWP are getting confused.


Hi wigglewaggle - yes thanks for your understanding - it took me soooo very long to understand what the gentleman was saying at the jobcentre on the phone today he was very patient and despite his reassurances that I have no worries I do feel I have to ask for a reconsideration on the group I have been placed in - I do have good days I cannot deny that but they are far outweighed by my bad days and always bad nights - I feel so sorry for everyone who is caught up in this terrible system - I know there a people who will pretend they are ill but boy oh boy we are paying the price for that in more ways than one. My own GP has told me if they would only ask them who the feel are the abusers on their books they could name the few on their books that are and eleminate those that are being put through these hoops. How said is that. Never mind I will do what I have to do and deal with the outcome just as I deal with the ilness one day at a time. Thanks



Would you like the Benefits & Work Guides sent to you to help advise you about these Benefits. If so please email info@fibroaction.org and we can email them to you for free. Link for Benefits & Work website below also.


and have you looked at our link about benefits ?


Best Wishes



Hi I have an appeal to attend next week and noticed they are referring to the esa notes for my claim for DLA, they are not allowed to do this are they? I failed that one as well, and I havent recieved a date for this yet. I had a horrible experience last time and I have no one to represent for me because I had to move, I had neighbours from hell. Im dreading it, would appreciate some guidance. Thanks


hello emma

do you know how i can find an advocate please, i also have a learning difficulty

thank you


thank you for the link


Go to the Citizens Advise, they helped me get my Incapacity Benefit back and backdated, they also came with me to the Tribunal xxx


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