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DLA/PIP and ESA Assessments


Why are they lying so much? I don't understand how they can give you 0 pts when most of us score the highest points for the questions. I have just had a look at how they score for the new PIP and I get 22 pts for care and you only need 12 pts. For the ESA I am well above the pts too but it seems that everyone is being turned down for ESA.

Apparently DLA/PIP claims are being based on ESA assessments if you have had one recently so if your up for renewal then your ESA outcome really is quite important. If you get treated badly then put in a complaint as they are a Medical Service with guidelines that say they need to be polite and to give us time to tell them about our illness/disability. We have a human right to be treated with respect.

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Hmmm that's got me wondering how will they score people who get DLA but don't claim ESA or JSA perhaps they will start spinning in circles shouting exterminate and disintegrate on the spot.... Well we can hope

VG x

Yorkielover in reply to Hidden

Now wouldn't that be a blessing in disguise x

Was given some good advice on this yesterday as it happened to me. If you;re claiming DLA rather than PIP they aren't supposed to use your ESA examination. I emailed Dame Anne Begg and received the reply below.

"What has happened to you does, indeed, seem to contradict what the Minister and her officials said in her evidence session with my committee. I will therefore write to the Minister asking how widespread this practice is. This is unlikely to get a specific explanation in your case, so can I also advise you to get in touch with your own MP who should be able to take up your individual case with the DWP and Minister.

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That will explain it for some of us at least. There are so many variables and scenarios it's hard to pinpoint exactly what is going to happen in each and every case but good to have info from all different sources and people. Thanks for that advice x

These are 2 completely different benefits and the medicals from ESA should not be used. I believe this was recently taken up publically with the powers that be. I receive lower rate care on dla but nothing for mobility. I was awarded 6 points on mobility for esa but nothing for care. I did not appeal esa as started back working from home, as I just found the whole process to demeaning and overwhelming. I have lumbar spondylosis, Fibro, IBS and Arthritis, I use a walking stick, and leave the house once a week, to go shopping with hubby, or to go doctors. I hardly drive now as my legs & knees are constantly in pain and within 10 minutes of driving my back & neck are in agony. I too have answered the questions on the new forms. Basing my answers on goods days I score 14 for Care & 8 for Mobility, giving me Enhanced care & standard mobility. Basing my answers on average days (I keep a symptom and pain diary) I score 26 for Care and 18 for Mobility, both enhanced. So I am gearing up for a battle when this all changes. No one can believe I do not currently get anything for mobility.

It's actually disgusting that they are not scoring us correctly and I am going to broach this with my assessor (cant call them anything else considering most of them aren't trained as they are suppose to be), I want to know why pre-coalition we got correctly scored and now...well we're just being fed to the wolves in my opinion and it is so absolutely wrong. Considering Cameron, (Camoron) as he is renamed, had a disabled son, one would think he would be more understanding. I think I am going to print out the points and take them with me to my appointment whenever that may be. Filled in the forms before xmas and still waiting, guess they wanted me to wait for the changes to take place on the 28th January.

Hello, so the assessors aren't trained?? What should they be trained in, the application form you filled in and the supporting documents, evidence and medical information will have been read and at your assessment the assessor goes through each of the PIP or ESA descriptiors to comfirm with you the answers you submitted in light of the information submitted and your personal statements and visual abilities displayed at your assessment. Many of us apply for a benefit on the assumption that we are entitled to it because of our disability or diagnosis when in fact we don't quite meet the criteria for the benefit we are applying for. On a visit to my GP after getting dressed I said to him you don't know much about MS and his reply was no I don't but you have an appointment with the specialist MS nurse shortly.

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This post is 7 years old

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Thanks Ajay575 why are these being allowed to be posted, my reply will, maybe imforamtive, helpful to some. How are you coping, glad we got the nice weather considering the situation. I have just been enjoying my virtual holiday in Hayle coming back tomorrow. Its the best I can do live on past memories.. Happy Easter.

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Yeh the posts pop up sometimes ,yeh your reply is helpfull ,enjoy your holiday something different for easter ,good weather happy easter

That is exactly what I planned to do. Print the points out and the corresponding explanations, explain how I am affected by my illnesses on a daily basis and how this equates to the points and scoring. As an example:

Activity 3. Managing therapy or monitoring a health condition.

b. Needs either (i) to use an aid or appliance to be able to manage medication; or (ii) supervision, prompting or assistance to be able to manage medication or monitor a health condition. - Score 1

By using a daily pill box - This scores 1 point as it is an aid to help you manage your medication and therapy.

d. Needs supervision, prompting or assistance to be able to manage therapy that takes more than 3.5 but no more than 7 hours a week. - Score 4

There is no Hydropool or warm water swimming pool where I live, so 3 times a week I have an hours soak in the bath with Epsom Salts. I have to be helped in and out of the bath by either my husband or daughter, due to knee pains & balance issues, and trying to raise myself out, even with grip bars. In addition every night my back neck and shoulders are massaged with deep heat or volterol, followed by half hour with an infrared deep tissue massager. To ease the pain in my legs and stop them swelling I have daily leg massages, and sessions on a circulation booster machine. There are some nights when hubby is too exhausted or I am asleep so he doesn't wake me, but on average this is a normal routine.

So based on this I would score myself 4 for this answer as I need assistance for all these therapies. I would be completely stiff and be unable to move otherwise, and this is in addition to Tramadol pain killers, and these are the only times I now have baths due to the number of slips and falls I have had.

I would be interested to know if you guys think this is a fair answer to this question

Wow u have so many therapies. Yes I would say it was a fair answer. Unfortunately u would only score for 1 of the answers if they are part of the same question so it would be the highest scoring one. We also need to bear in mind they can also mark us for whatever therapies they think we should be having even if we are not so we need to make sure we cover all eventualities for instance: if you have tried physio and/or hydrotherapy and it didn't work for you then you need to mention this and also how many times it was tried so they can't just make any assumptions.

All we can really do is cover everything we think will be asked or thought and hope and pray for the best. Good luck!

Hi, these are the therapies I have at home which help to relieve some of the pain, and even with these most days I am still in agony. I have also had physio, and accupunture, mainly for my back, and this only relieved symptoms for a few days then back again. I am lucky to have a very attentive husband, even though he suffers from sleep apnea, diabetes, asthma, and bouts of sciatica him and my daughter are brilliant.

I know how u feel with all the various things we can try and do especially when none really work well enough or at all to help us. My hubby and kids are fabulous too and wouldn't be able to cope without them. I just had my OT visit today and I got told off because I am making things harder for myself trying to be independent. Now I am going to have more grab rails etc put in place to help me cope better.

Do you have other issues other than Fibro, is this why you have an OT. I need grab rails but cant afford them as yet. How would I go about getting an OT assessment.

I have been on esa back to work for 5 years had no review in that time.

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