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tale of two kitties

tale of two kitties

my husband has been told he has much less than six months to live as chemo has failed. my electric wheelchair was stolen so here is a lighter blog to hopefully cheer you all up.

i have two cats the female one managed to have two litters before i could her spayed but her husband decided that he liked the food in my house he was vicious wild and untouchable thin and really street looking.

i nicknamed him tomtom and fed him well even though he did bite the hand that fed him i have the scar to prove it.the younger one of my cat yowls for food when she is hungry and wont shut up till she is fed. the minute i fed her she would rush out of the cat flap and return with tomtom kidding him all over while he cute.

he started to spray all over my flat and eventually i managed to trap him and take him to the vet to have him nuetered, i felt that he would stop spraying (which he did)

a few weeks later i was in the parking area and saw him being hugged and kissed by an elderly lady.feeling concerned and knowing how wild he was i asked her if she knew the cat

of course she said this bigaronnie my darling I still dont think she knows he has been done lol but he is looking fit and well

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Oh my goodness blossom how you can find the heart to post such a funny tale... Cats they rule your life while making you feel guilty you are not doing enough. I am so sorry about your OH and then To top it off to have your wheelchair stolen. You must be so strong to make us laugh while having so much to cope with

Love and hugs

VG x


What a brave soul you are fadedblossom. I too am so sorry about your sad news and can't begin to imagine how you and your OH are managing. Distraction can sometimes be a great thing though and we can all rely on animals to provide us with that can't we. I loved the tale of naughty tomtom! We have a rescue dog called Henry and he is such great company for me now that I am stuck at home so much. I don't know if you remember 'Spotty Dog' from the wooden tops children's TV programme many, many years ago, well he talks to me in just the same way. I think you would have to be of a certain age to remember that though! ;) I hope your cats continue to bring you comfort and joy. All best wishes to you. Jane x


Faded Blossom,

You sound like a real animal lover as I am, I have 3 cats and one dog now (lost one a few months bad through old age), our tom cat was mad a bit anyway could nip you if he was fed up with you petting him or lifting him, though could be a darling esp for my daughter he thinks shes his mom, still does, but since getting spayed hes become real soft, loves company, and if my daughters out he follows me or my son everywhere, for company or sits on top of us purring, anyway is your cat more gentle now its spayed?

I'm really sorry about your husband, thats really hard on you all, I myself am waiting to be seen by a surgeon for nodules and cysts, and my doctor thinks he will have to remove them in case they become cancerous, and as I had a lot of pre-cancerous cells removed from my cervix years ago, hes always at me to get a check up there, whats the word? a I cant remember, not that that is any comparison to your troubles I know, I wish you well and hope you can keep yourself a bit distracted with your cats, I find mine do distract me lovely, and I was so glad when my daughter brought them home for me when I first became medically retired, they saved me and I'm sure you know what I mean. My sons are not so fond of them they keep saying they have fleas, which I beg to differ, they are kept well and I put flea repellant on them all the time, though I think they secretely love them, why wouldnt they.

The other year old 'kitten', was not feeding much off its Mother and my daughter 'saved' her when she brought them home she got a dropper from the chemist and fed it by hand for a few weeks and we were over the moon when it started eating properly, shes tiny, and although my daughter called her Jess, I'm always calling her 'Minnie mo', my daughter cant call her that as her friend whose Mom gave her the kittens name is 'mo', but thats not the reason I called her it lol xxx

I'm so sorry you lost your scooter can you put it in a local paper, maybe someone will give you one they no longer use, my neighbours son died a couple of years ago (rip) and his mom gave a Man up the street his wheelchair, when his got stolen, people can be very good, I'm sure you must be raging, even put it on freegle or other sites to see if someone has one to spare or contact charities or age concern I dont really know who to be honest but do try I suppose you have anyway, you'll be in my prayers, take care pet, love and best wishes Claire xxxx


By the way thats so funny about your cat howling for food have to tell my daughter, they really try and speak to you dont they? xxx


omg you have all that going on and you have the heart to cheer every one up what a fantastic person you are.

I don't no what I can say to even help you with what you are having to deal with but all I can say is that you have a heart of gold and you deserve a medal..

heart warm wishes I send to you xx


ha - ha, love the cat story. We once locked our 2 adult females in with one of their kittens that we had decided to keep, because the adults were on heat & we couldn't afford to get them both speyed. All was fine, they did't mind being shut in the bedroom for a couple of weeks, they seemed quite happy. When their season was over we offered to let them out - out trotted two adult -PREGNANT females & one very content looking young TOM CAT!!!

I had got the sex wrong when he was tiny - I never lived it down!

It must be hell for you at the moment, trying to keep cheerful will help you get through it, but don't ever be afraid to admit how sad you are. You can't keep it bottled up.

All I can do is send you hugs & my best wishes to you & your husband & I suppose the cats too ((((((((((hug))))))))


After two very tiring days at uni, I decided to have an early night last night as I was feeling pretty rough. My cat doesn't like it when I stay out for more than a short time, but it wasn't until I climbed into bed that I discovered Marley had expressed his feelings by peeing all over my bedding. So before I could get any rest, I had to strip all the bedding off and try and find replacements. I guess its my own silly fault for forgetting to shut my bedroom door when I headed out to lectures yesterday morning - this isn't the first time he's done this and while I resent having to use the old waterproof sheets that belonged to my son when he was little, I'm glad it was there last night, even so I was pretty cold last night as I don't have a lot of spare bedding and of course I have a washing mountain to deal with today - sigh.

I love my cat dearly but sometimes..... grrrr!


How fabulous to be able to blog your cat story with such sad news about your husband.

I have a cat story that I am wondering could be right.

Ever since I was diagnosed with cancer our moggy won't leave me alone. I am usually last up in the morning and she is waiting by the bedroom door, she insists on sitting on my lap while I have breakfast, follows me round the garden, comes and finds me if I have a lie down in the afternoon, sits on my lap if I am at my computer and when I am watching tele or reading and would probably come to bed with me if I let her.

I have heard of dogs that seem to be psychic when their master is ill but not cats. Is it just coincidence.

My very best wishes


In the face of advesity you manage to tell a tale that makes me smile. My heart is with you hun xxxxxx


I am sorry to hear that your husband's chemo failed and admire your sharing your fun tale. I thought I'd send you one about my great-uncle Jud's dog jimmy. He was a sweet dog and would stand for ages if he was being patted.

our local little grocery store had a meat counter.

each morning jimmy would go and get a bone from the part-time a.m. assistant.

every afternoon he'd be back for a bone from the part-time p.m..assistant!!!

neither had a clue.

Uncle Jud found out by meeting each lady whilst walking jimmy but was puzzled as only one bone arrived at the house.

Jud turned detective and followed jimmy as he collected his pm bone.

Off went the little dog and on followed Jud, only to be surprised to see jimmy continue on past their own little bungalow to one in the next road.

After putting the bone down in the garden, he went up to Jud, to go home.

The old lady who lived in that bungalow came out and told Jud that every afternoon jimmy brought her own little dog a bone!

what a kind little dog and what a faithful companion.


Thats fascinating Sandra,

I'd well believe it, though I've seen selfish dogs too, our dogs were always lovely anyway well our last two dogs were (one died of old age earlier in the year, sad to say, hate anyone to mention his name at times, makes me want to cry), we had alsations years ago, and no they wouldnt have given their bones up for anyone. My remaining dog is a Golden Retriever a faitful friend, sorry I can hardly type, best of wishes Claire, I love funny stories about animals or anything xxx


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