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Why didnt i listen to myself!!!

As i said this morning was gonna have a restful day but my garden swinging hammock came and as it was so nice i thought i would try to put up. Big mistake, it was damaged and bulky to try i had to get a neighbour to help me put back in box and lift up so i can tape box back. Absolutely shattered now, also had friends little 18mth old wanting to stay with me which meant running around after him.

Cat has finally gone to a new home, baby gone home with mum so thought i would email person about the hammock. Offered £12 off, Grrr!!! So i said i would like a refund he gave me the name of the company to take it back but no phone number to call, now i gotta wait for that.

How can you just destress without locking yourself away and not speaking to the whole world? My head is banging so badly now and im aching like ...well you all know how the achiness feels.

I will have a shower but i think a bath would be so much more beneficial unfortunately i cant get out of it once in it lol.

Then i think nap time as my head is turning into full blown migraine and i feel nauseous so dark room time, and off the comp.

Wishing you all a good rest day and see you all tomorrow. Hugs for all. Kia xx

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hope you feel beter soon hugs xx


or even, better lol


omg always something isnt there nothing is ever easy why do people make things so hard !! some days i feel like i am treading along in treacle hope you sort it love to youdiddle x


Hope you feel better soon & hammock gets sorted out


well despite trying for the last 2 hours i cant sleep, yup taken the sleeping pills etc nothing is happening, mind you dont help the kids are playing in the street, both my daughters have rung and the doorbell has gone lol.

Finally after various emails got the guy to send me a new garden seat and to pick up damaged one. How?? Because he still wouldnt give me a number said to take package and post it, so when i said i was disabled and didnt drive he apologised and said will send new one out. God my head is pounding but lying here things just going round in it. hopefully i will be able to get an earlyish night when my son gets home he can deal with callers etc.

Good news my counsellor called so got CBT on wed. Should feel a bit better then hopefully. xx


Maybe ask your son to put the hammock up for you?

I really feel for you, what a day. I hope you manage to slip into a lovely sleep and wake refreshed. Sweet, happy, dreams.

Soft hugs


Oh poor you,what a day youve never rains but it pours, eh? hope everything turns out ok. I wish for a better tomorrow for you.huggles. Carol bee


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