I am starting to believe someone does not like me

Hi All hope you are as well as can be. I have noticed a couple of times on here that some are having excessive sweating when there is no explanation for it. Well i have had it for a while too silly me thought it was something to do with menopause, well if you've not had it before you don't know. Anyway i have only just realized that i am not flushing to sweat, i am just sweating or should i state my top half of my body thinks i am in the Amazon forest and my lower half the North pole. I have done some reading up and of course Fibro has its ugly head in there but also something called HyperHidrosis well some of it as i don't have sweating palms or feet any way there are some meds out there and i am going to see my doctor on friday as i now can not function at all. Bad enough that i am falling apart at the seams now this on top again. I will let you know what i get and what can help us anything is worth trying.

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  • Hi Tasha2,

    Sorry to hear that you also have Hyperhydrosos like so many Fibro sufferers. It does seem to affect the upper part of the body, and in my case, mainly the head, face & neck.

    There are tablets that your Dr can prescribe, but unfortunately they not only dry up the sweating, but also the mouth, eyes and nose, and you have to make sure that you drink plenty of fluids or otherwise they dry up your Urinary Tract as well. They also have a side effect of drowsiness and blurred vision, which can affect your ability to drive. So for me they didn't work out and I've just had to put up with the sweating and all that it entails.

    Like all of the meds that we take for Fibro, everyone is different in how they affect us, and you may be able to get away without any side-effects.

    I wish you luck, and hope you manage to get the sweating to a level that you can live with. Please let us know how you get on.

    GP 😊

  • Hubby and me both have fibro and he has to change his T-shirt on average five times a day as soaking wet but needs two pairs of socks as feet freezing. Only like it since onset of fibrous. I have suffered with the horrendous boil over feeling since my teens with the freezing hands feet nose and ears of Raynauds. Think it's from lupus and fibro and have to say nothing really makes a difference long term and some meds make it worse but taking paracetamol four times a day helps moderate it a bit and far less side effects of other drugs for overheating. Do wear thin layers made of natural fabrics as helps skin breathe through it a bit as well. No quick fix I know of but open to suggestions if you find any. So good luck and hope things improve for you.

  • Hi i have been coping with the sweats and coldness for nearly three years as well as my other pains and aches now but only recently was diagnosed with fibromyalgia as no one could tell me what was causing the swears and coldness I'm also wondering if it's part of the fibromyalgia

  • Thank you for all the input,it gets you thinking what else is connected with fibro that is going to crawl out of the wood work maybe we should do some sort of list that we can tick or add some more symptoms to so we can at least compare and maybe discover what is the more and the less of symptoms. Anyone know how to go about it on here

  • Hi Tasha,

    Have you had your thyroid checked recently or been tested for an autoimmune disease, worth while getting checked out. At the moment I am experiencing exactly the same and it is rotten. I wish you well :) xxxxxx

  • Hi again no i have not had my thyroid done so i will request that from my doctor does any one else have this with thyroid being the cause????

  • Hi again tasha,

    Was just wondering if you have visited our mother site at fmauk.org. You will find lots of information about Fibro on there. also, if you look down the right side of this blog page, there is lots of info you can read, and popular postings. Believe me

    " sweating" is a very popular subject on this forum, and it's amazing the different things that people try to alleviate it, some help, and others well......everybody is different, and it doesn't harm to try things if they are safe.

    GP. 😊

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. I also suffer with hyperhidrosis, and it is not pleasant.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Me too, it's particularly bad at the moment. At least it's not only me, cos that's what it feels like sometimes. It's very embarrassing in company.

  • The first day I took Amitriptiline, my Hands and feet started sweating, Luckily it didn't agree with me so stopped taking it, and this stopped the sweating almost immediately . I wonder if it is anything to do with all the Meds . I certainly do in my case. Now I am just cold all the time. Hope you find what it is .

  • I too have "tropical hours" as I call it. often search for ideas on this wonderful site for any help/advice. GP gave me DRICLOR which is a very strong deodorant that stops your sweat glands working when used regularly. did try it through the summer but gave me an intense stinging sensation when I became too hot x

  • As with most of those who have replied I'm a fellow sweater, tends to be after early afternoon :-P

    In general I only wear natural fabrics although when I was still 'doing things' my also active GP suggested sports tops which wicked away moisture for cold weather and the ones which cooled without 'sticking' for warmer weather. They worked reasonably well (anti-bacterial properties too ).

    I've just thrown them in a charity shop bag in preparation for a house move and cannot see me needing them again :-(

  • i've been dealing with the same sweating issue since the end of last year. my endocrin. says it my antidepressant whereas my nephrologist says it's my constant battle with low sodium level. all i know is i'm miserable, constantly changing clothes starting mid-afternoon and then start shaking as well. i have pain patches that are starting to come off from the sweat. am going to look up hyperhydrosos. maybe will have some answers except i,like so many others with fibro, have horrible reaction to so many meds that would love a non-medicene suggestion. ....

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