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Please be good!

Well week one of new job done and cleaned my first chalet. I managed well and got complimented on my beds which for me were the most difficult so was super bouyed up by that ( as i do love praise - just like a child) anyway i managed my 2 bedroom chalet in alloted time and did well. I did feel it but only a little and i am just praying my body will not let me down i'm hoping that due to only working Monday's and Fridays i have time to rest in between. Mentally i have improved 100% and that has had a knock on effect on the pain i can cope with it better and if i am bad i feel i have earned it, strange thing to say i know but i hate being tired and in pain from nothing, if i'm going to be ill then i want it to be over something productive. So now the balancing act goes on and hopefully to success. I have made 2 friends already and really want this to work.

If i could wish for one thing it would not be to get rid of fibro (although that would be good ) it is that all fellow fibromites would be able to work and live a near normal life like i seem to be doing for the first time in years.

So ladies and gent's it isn't all down hill well not all the time. I know this may not last for long but hell i'm going to ride this wave for a long as flipping possible.

Right due to work tomorrow i should down my pills and get my toosh to bed.

Night night honey's hope tomorrow is a pain free day xxxx

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Hey you

Well done on week one of the new job. It's brilliant that you feel so empowered by it and that your improved mental state has helped your physical state. I find it inspiring especially when I have been having a wobble, flare whatever - it makes me think that I am going to wake up tomorrow and be positive and get some things done. Okay it may not happen but languishing (even though I know my body has needed it) is driving me crazy. I just need my brain to go up a gear as it is on strike. If I could just get it up to a work to rule or a go slow it would be better than nothing! I think if I was doing your job at the moment I would be found slumbering in one of the not as yet made beds! So in my book you did well to make the beds and not end up sleeping in them LOL :)

You go girl!




Those beds were tempting i can't tell you. I know what oyu mean about the brain being on strike as mine was ffor so long xxxx



so pleased everything went so well

i understand what you mean about having pain despite not doing much

as you say working mon and friday gives you chance to rest and catch up on things you need to do

And also getting out and meeting nrew people is a deff positive

well done x


Good on ya, Rachie - you get full marks for your efforts - you're unstoppable!

Hope all continues to go well for you, and try not to overdo it

Best wishes ... Moffyx


Wow that is brilliant news, well done you!! I think if you are 100%happier in your mind everything seems more rosy too which it definatley does in your case :-D

Don't forget to get lots of rest on your days off and give yourself a huge pat on the back.

Big hugs Karen xxx


Well done! Sounds as if you are making good moves x


Really pleased for you. Also as you mentioned you've got three days inbetween so you'll be able to get some rest. Great that you're feeling so great mentally too. Long may it last. I am fortunate that I am able to work. I do three long days so that way I get four days off, some days I do struggle some days mainly due to tiredness. Anyway, well done again.


Thank you all it really does help to have your support. I'm aware my body will go into shock but we Paul has taken over most of the house for now so i can build up slowly. 13 is my lucky number so hopefully this year will be good.

Take care my friends and please be thier to catch me when i fall hehe :) <3


Well done you so pleased that your life is somewhere near normal I hope it carrys on beeing good to you. Sithy


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