low or no vit D

I have very low Vitamin D levels and am now on 1 does of vit D per week for 4 months to see if the levels come up, had blood test today so should know in a week. Some people have told me to sit in the sun more, but I cant I suffer terribly with heat stroke and keep out of the sun most of the time.

This is just one of some many things that seem to be going wrong now I just wondered if anyone else has the same problem.

Also if you do did you get told to take vit D mixed with calcium? I fought a tough battle with my Gp who is great by the way, I refused to take calcium as I have high calcium levels Gp agreed and together we set out to find a medication I could have that would not cost me, in the end my Gp found a hospital consultant who would prescribe just the vit D for me, the only down side is its a hospital script which means ever 5 months I have to travel to the city hospital for bloods and a re issue of meds. Gps cannot perscribe it in England.

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  • I know what you mean about the feeling sick and vertigo I am on cyclizine 50mg I have got use to them now but they knocked me out the first few days on them, they do help the sickness though.

  • Vitamin D deficiency has similar symptoms to Fibro, so it is easily missed if no-one thinks to do the blood test. Anyone in the process of being diagnosed, whose Fibro is out of control or whose symptoms have worsened (especially over the winter), should get their vitamin D levels checked.

    The standard prescription for vitamin D is awful. My Dad and I both have issues with vitamin D but are also intolerant of artificial sweeteners and were prescribed a calcium/vitamin D supplement containing sweeteners that made the supplement useless. I think that supplement is now made with sucrose instead. I had to pay to get an alternative supplement privately from a good health food store.

  • I am having a vitamin d test, could you let everyone know what the treatment pill is that does not contain calcium please

  • The tabs are Ergocalcif Caps 50000, hope that helps

  • has your GP tried to find out why you have high calicum... i had a specialist blood test and it was found that i had problems with my parathyroids... it was also found that i had low vit d and low magnesum.... i take alaphacalcidol 2.5 mcg a day for my vit d problem and it is now ok... had to have an op on my parathyrids tho but calicum now ok as well

  • thanks any info is helpful

  • Hi, yes, when I was diagnosed with Fibro I was routinely given Vitamin D test and was showed to have a deficiency. The doctor prescribed me Vit D tablets with Calcium and both sorts made me constipated. I then bought my own from health shop and when next tested I still had a Vit D deficiency but not as much. I think the sun is definitely the best and most natural way of absorbing Vit D. You don't have to sit in the hot sun (I can't tolerate the heat) but try sitting in dappled sun at a cooler time of day (in the summer). Even 20 minutes will help. I noticed how much better I felt last April when we had that warm spell, but the air was not humid so I could sit out in it

  • loopyladye ... I had my left paratyriod removed as it was blocked with calcuim and I was told my Vit D levels would return to normal, after 6 mths they haven't.Can I ask did yours ? my level is 13 not good .. GP says it can take some time for the levels to rise !!!!!!! to have more bloods taken in July to see what they are then.

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