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Step children and Scarlet fever!!!

Great, my husbands youngest apparently has Scarlet Fever, which means the eldest who is coming here on Friday may have it too as they live in scummy conditions, not washed properly, always with each other, ie in breathing distance.

Soooooo......great, she could be carrying it, pass it to me or my little boy and I'm just suppose to put up with it,

Every week one of them is ill. What they hell, my kid is hardly ever ill. Something to do with the fact I make him decent food and he has fruit and veg.

My god I'm going off on one!!!!

I feel like everything in my life is out of my control, my health, my employers and their corrupt ways, his ex and his kids, my in laws that don't think anything is wrong with me!!

Grrrrrr........sorry but that was a RANT!!!

( sorry Jules!!)


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Oh and I forgot my life amounts to researching the internet finding research on whiplash and FM to prove to some stinking jumped up Dr employed by work that I do suffer from Pain. In her eyes it's niggling pain!!!!

NIGGLING ( sorry again) ...that's a period pain and you take a paracetamol if it really is that bad and it goes. Chronic widespread pain ...........I personally call it DEBILITATING and with us for life!!!!

I think I ought to go to bed and shut up...sleep is the best therapy!!


rant away love ypou have reason to ,, invest in dart board put pics of everyone u despise and throw darts :) failing that go to charity shop buy loads of old dishes and smash em works well for me except im always dropping dishes ,, oh that an cant hit dartboard :) xxx

chin up chick you cant deal with it all at once xxxx


Thanks trish....I need a dart board and a punch bag with faces all over them.

Now I;m loving the idea of the charity shop.....might just do that, or I could do some retail therapy!!! That always works!!

I'm so annoyed with letting myself get miserable and also I've been really happy for the last 3 weeks. I had a break away and came back feeling on top of the world. Right now I'm right down in the antartic!!! xxx


Oh Rach that is dreadful,not to be over dramatic but please speak to your doctor about this and ask if you should have any concerns.

I say this as a few years ago I cought whooping cough from my nephew.I HAD HAD it so was so surprised when doctor said if I didn`t know better I would say you have whooping cough.When I told him that because my lazy sister didn`t get up to her child and I had seen to him all night and day,he said thats it then.

Rach i was so ill it turned to plurisy then pnumonia and I nearly met my maker.So please get what information you can from your doctor as childhood diseases hit adults harder.

How the hell in this day and age can anyone allow that to happen to thier child,I feel just as angry as you do hun.

Just remember hun we know you are not well,thinking of you with concern Butterfly xxxx


Oh that cough and then what it led to sounds awful, poor you. That is so bad, I'm sure the poor little kid wanted it's mumma when he was ill. Oh dear is your sister lazy then?

I have looked on all the websites about Scarlet fever and I don't think we should have either child. I appreciate my husband wants to see his kids, however not at my expense or that of MY child. This is his house. We are always having to endure their colds, coughs etc that they have constantly. I am actually a really caring person, however when it is hard to just look after yourself and my child I don't need the stress.

I know this sounds nasty, but they come her smelling so I bath and wash their hair. They got infected by these wart things in places that i will not expland on!!!......very strange!!! My husband is bullied by his ex so he can't seem to do anything about things, or he's just not bothered. I would be straight to the Drs and wanting to know exactly what investigations were going on. He won't listen to me as he thinks that if he stands up to her she will stop him seeing the kids, well that's fine, we will stop the £500 maintenance a month. She needs him as she wants time to herself!!!

It's funny i had one of the girls on holiday with me last week and i washed her hair everyday and she had a shower everyday. It was so sad at the age of 9 she doesn't know how to wash!!! Funnily enough she didn't smell all week!

I was a child protection officer and JES things like this make me mad.

I totally agree, how does anyone let their child get it...aand where have they got it from? as far as I am aware there was not an outbreak at school. It's not that sommon anymore!

I have a sore back and sore throat now!!!

Thanks for your support you lovely people xxx


sometiimes i find smashing a few dishes gets it out of my system i dont do girlie shopping i hate it lol ,,,,,dont get annoyed with yourself .. im veering between snot and tears and really angry this week and have had to have meds upped ,, if you cant deal with it all ,, dont ,, just deal with what you can an leave the rest till tomorrow xxxx


I would have loved to have been in your house and gone mental at the plumber for you...

Cushion it is for beddy byes.

Love to you all and sweet painfree dreams xxx


Rach I told my sister years ago to get on with and walked away.And god do I feel better for it.

I was bought up (Or dragged) 54yrs ago in the most awful conditions.She was my addoptive sister.When I was around she would have a good drink and pass out.Hence Auntie took over.

She was clean,highly educated and with her and her husbands wages well up there with the best of them.4 children but not a maternal bone in her body.

I on the other hand have lived like a church mouse,adore kids,but have had 3 misscarieges and one cot death.

I found my half sister just over a year ago and it`s lovely the relationship we are building.And joy of joys I have a 9yr old nephew who thinks I`m the bee`z knee`s.Thats because I live by the sea I think.But you never know.

It killed me turning my back on the others but it was self preservation.You need xomehow to put your foot down with a firm hand.But when you feel like we do that is so so hard.

All the best hun Butterfly xxx


Oh butterfly ( great name BTW)....That is an awful situation to have been in. I can only imagine what you went through.

It really is awful when people have kids but have no idea on how to bring them up. They drag them up. Some people don't realise the pain and sufferering they are causing to the children, both at the time and in the future.

It is lovely that you were there for those kiddies and you obviously have a very kind heart.

I am so so sorry to hear about what you went through with the miscarriages etc. No wonder you have FM now, that must have been one of the most traumatic experiences you could have gone through.

That is great that you found your half sister and so happy that you are building a great relationship. You deserve it. Hey and even if you live by the sea and that's why your nephew adores you, who cares!!! Living by the sea is one of the best places ever.

Like you say you do have to think about yourself sometimes and be strong and put your foot down.

Thank you for your support.

I hope the sun is out where you live and you make the most of it today.

much love xxx


you go ahead and rant you have every right too i am sorry but i would put my foot down and say NO she not coming this weekend until she isbeter that is not an unreanable request , would you send your daughter to sleep out if she had something wrong with her ? no so why should you have a child in the house that could pass on a germ and nmake you all ill !!!! now i am on a rant you say no to this wekend that is not on love to you diddle x


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