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Acute fever after having warm bath or shower

Hi everyone

I'm feeling quite desperate as we all do from time to time for answers or people to understand us or just support. Lately I've noticed after a bath or shower I experience the onset of acute fever and my body temperature spikes to anywhere between 38.3c to 39.1c. I don't allow it to get higher and take ibruprofen to bring it down. I struggle to bathe or shower as it is and usually my partner assists me with this. The fever always comes approx 2.5-4 hours after I have bathed or showered. I don't know why this is happening but my entire limbs ache and I get the chills as well. I'm so scared to have a bath or shower now.. before I use to use Epsom salts or lavender essential oil or magnesium in my bath water but now I'm reluctant to bathe or shower. Sorry I know it sounds unhygienic I do change my clothes and use wipes etc sorry if TMI but I am absolutely Petrified now to get innthe shower or bath because I know what's going to happen. Does anyone experience this? Is this another symptom of Fibro. I do experience extreme fatigue and my muscles hurt but this fever feeling is something that has been happening to me shortly before Christmas so from around mid early November time. I'm 33 years old and female should I go to my GP or will they just attribute everything to Fibro. Surely it can't be good for the body to have acute chronic fever if that makes sense. Any thoughts/ advice is welcome thank you all

Just feeling so miserable right now :(

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I'm not a medic but fibro seems to affect our temperature control.

Lots of people on here report " hot flushes" similar to the feelings in menopause. But I've found they go on longer.

Yesterday evening I felt cold, couldn't get warm, bumped the heating up, had a hot bath. Then for the rest of the night could happily have stood stark naked in the garden to cool down ! Baking hot all night despite no heating on. I've just started to feel normal again in the last couple of hours.

This happens frequently, I have to wear layers as clothes can go on and off several times a day. Lying in a bath always warms me up, usually a bit too much.

As I said, I'm not medically trained , but I think it's a fibro effect.


Sorry hun only just flicked thru the days messages and seen this- yes you should go GP as your blood pressure might need checking,, I cant get into a hot bath anymore I used to love sitting in one for a while and get out like a piece of corned beef---very bad for arthritis and fibro sufferers, I only have a wet room now as I cant push up to get out of a bath..I do go to hydrotherapy and the water is 32 degrees but a large pool and we move around and excercise its heaven to go every week I,d love to go evryday if I could. has this hot bathing not given you a bad headache or a migraine??



Went to GP today and explained all the symptoms I was experiencing, I actually wrote them all down for once so I don't forget or miss anything and all she said to me was she doesn't have an explanation :( she did however check my blood pressure and said that was fine but I'm at a loss about why I'm experiencing this pattern. I'm so so scared to have a bath or shower because the aftermath is horrendous for me. She also said she can refer me to CBT which suggests to me she thinks it's psychological which really angers me because it's not!

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Yes having a shower bath can really take it out of you - Make sure the waters neither too hot or cold and avoid spending too long there - take some time after getting out to recover

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Gone are the days I could happily lay in a nice warm tub and relax :( reducing the water temp to 29-32c and limiting the time I'm in the water has helped a little in terms of that horrible full body tremor and feverish muscular aches not being triggered

Thank you


I have fibro and m.e/cfs I believe a fever after a Epsom salt bath is due to the detoxing effect the salts can have. If I have a alot of salts in the bath and/or a hotter bath (which would increase the detox effect) I feel pretty unwell feverish, achy and generally flu like afterwards. Some electrolytes before during and after the bath might help- I find this does with me. Also building up a tolerance to the heat and salt concentration. I'm more careful now and watch the temperature and amount of salts i put in (I measure the salts) this has reduced the amount of episodes I have significantly!

I hope this helps x


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