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"do not be afraid ,I will help you ". Isai 41-13

Hello and a good morning to you all I'm so sorry for not being in contact with anyone

I've been in so much pain for 1week . But today it has eased a little . I was reading the scriptures this morning as I find personally that God is comfort when I am I'm need .

He blesses with peace and even though I'm in pain he gives me strength to speak with others of his great love . We are all suffering with so much pain and illness let's respect and love one another and bounce of each other to comfort each other out . This is womderful . Personally with Jehovahs gods help I would not have been able to endure my trials and sickness as it is so difficult ,to cope with fybromyalgia .amd other sicknesses .but God is good . And my prayers are for everyone .

One day all sickness will be gone .

That's my little message for the day

May you all be blessed .

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Thank you for the Word!


Hello sweety . All love is from the almighty who gives us strength and comfort every day .... How wonderful that we have a God that loves us

.philipians 4:5

" Do not be anxious over anything ,but in everything by

Prayer and supplication along with thanksgiving ,let your petition be made known to God ."

How are you fealing today sweety ? Do you have FM ?

I do and I love this sight that we can talk to people who understand

One another as we all have pain and suffer in one way or another .

I'm a drop call away if you like to speak . Be blessed sweety

Agape love . 💐👍🏼


Hi. Yes I have fm. Along with diabetes 2, neuropathy, osteo arthritis. Sometimes it gets me down, but I get up again. Your word this morning was very timely. And most appreciated. I hope we can continue to write Gods word without b being repremanded

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That's great agapelove77 I am trusting God also to take away this annoying phantom smeels I keep having.

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Hello living water I'm so sorry you have .these phantom things

Could you explain to me how this makes you feal and the symptoms

.i have chronic FM and chronic Fatiques . Amd the rest that goes with it .

Try and have a restful day . It's not easy I understand . God bless you



Hi Agapelove77.

It makes me feel uncomfortable but since reading others who have the same prob I know I'm not the only one.It is hard to get to sleep and it can be very frustrating. I will keep praying and trusting God.

Thank you

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Another Christian. Bless you!

My fibro' stops me remembering anything so sadly what I read in the morning drifts away........even before I;m at the bottom of tha page.

It's so important to love and care and comfort.

bless you for this and I hope your pain will ease as we pray for God's comfort.

Heather x


Hello sweety yes I does not matter what culture religion or background we come from if there was more love in this world . We could all try to be at peace .

Bless you sweety . Thankyou ......

How are your pains today ??????? 💐


Hgrimmer yes I forget also its fybro fog . Sometimes I feal I'm loosing my mind

But we are not ..... I can be reading something then after couple of hours I say " what did I remember what did I read ?

The other evening my son came over and I couldn't find my glasses .

I sd marco can you see my glasses ? He started laughing as they were on my head

But he sd .

" mum I'm not laughing coz you forgot ,I'm just trying to bring a smile to your face .

So he hugged me so tight and sd . Mum we are hear for you

The same as you looked after all 5 of us while we were growing up ....

He's knows I try and keep positive . But sometimes I also cry .

As I can't do what I use to do ...... It's ok God is good so we prayed together

And fell much better after have a sweet day

Everything in

Balance . Focusesd on what's important and step by step ,and one day at the time .

We wait for a new world .were God has promised this .


" And he will wipe out ,every tear from there eyes ,

And death will be nor more ,neither will mourning

Nor outcry ,nor pain be anymore ,

The former things have

Assed away ".

We need to have hope gods promises never fail .

Be blessed sweety 🙋🏻💐👍🏼


Hi Agapelove,

I really hate to do this, but I need to draw your attention to the rules of the forum which dictate that there are two subjects which we are not allowed to discuss in the open forum, religion and politics. Could I suggest that you ask like minded members to contact you in private messaging so that the administrators don't have to close your post down.

Bless you, Foggy x


Sorry sweety yes I will . Thankyou fr bringing it to my attention

I apologise . Won't happen again .


Thank you for that, very comforting thought


Hi there

Please could you check your private messages as a matter of urgency.

Many thanks

Lu xx


in the guidelines it says we should not talk about religion on the forum, just thought I should let you know?


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