Had induction at the gym and iam suffering for it now!!!

Hi everyone,I decided that I was going to join the gym to help lose weight and help tone and strengthen my muscles.Ive read a lot on how exercise can help and to build it up gradually.However,I've obviously overdone it as Yesturday and today Ive got aweful pain in my arms and legs as well as pain everywhere else,and of top of that,pain from a urine infection that won't go away.Thinking about it now I knew when I was doing some of it that the repetitions where too much and I crazily was lifting a huge weight bar which I shouldn't have done.Just hope I haven't torn my muscles,they are very hard and painful in my arms and legs.I was going to try Pilates today but decided that it would be wise not to til my muscles have re-covered.So iam in bed extremely sore and aching everywhere,not going to do much I think now other than have a bath and wash my hair.Sending you all lots of fluffy hugs xx

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  • Oh dear, you really have overdone it, I remember this happening too me a few years ago when I joined a gym, before I even knew I had fibromyalgia, the induction was just too hard and I was pushed too far. From then on I worked my own pace but left the gym soon after and now do my own exercises at home (given to me by gp and physio) and I also walk. It's cheaper than the gym and less stressful!

    Take it easy for a couple of days x

  • Hi there,thanks for your concerns!I have definitely done too much for my muscles as it is day 3 after the gym and iam still aching.I will be doing a very gentle programme when I next go x

  • hi mary :) how are you? not seen you for a while :)

    I agree though I wouldn't wish to put people off ;) but I find all exercise torturous (is that spelt right?!) LOL and like you find it easier to do more relaxation and breathing exercises and physical exercise at my own pace which, annoyingly, is different every day :(

    hehe I went to aqua aerobics with my friend, years ago now, and spent the whole session frustrated because I couldn't keep my feet on the floor of the pool :-o

    ....resulting in me floating off every few seconds, I spent more time dealing with that than exercise!!!

    boy! I could barely move for about a week :-o

    pacing is detrimental to getting the balance right for yourself to help prevent overdoing it!

    Haribo, Have you tried the pain management programme? I think you may find it beneficial as it helps to teach you things such as pacing :))

  • Hi Zeb, having a bit of stubborn pain at the moment, so not been posting much but been on reading everyone's posts to keep me going, hope you are doing ok x

  • H i Mary :) stubborn pain is a good descriptor Mary I have one in my right hip/lower back / pelvic region that is driving me nuts :-o pain gel helps tone it a little but I find myself trying not to 'over-stretch' the pain out all day long.

    Other than the fibro niggles and narks I'm pleasantly ok at the mo thank you :)

    xxxzebxxx here's some pain repelling fluffy cuddles :D

  • Thanks Zeb

  • Oh dear haribo, like Mary I fear you may have been a bit over enthusiastic with your first time at the gym, I hear the words " pacing, pacing" whirling round my head. I think you are very wise not to do Pilates today, but take a bath and let you body have a chance to recover from the shock you gave it yesterday :-) :-) I know how easy one gets into overdoing things and a think there want be a problem, but the problem is, there will be a problem !! Take great care of yourself, I'm sure zeb will send you some well behaved fluffies to help (if she's sorted out their behaviour or misbehaviours which I think she might have by now).

    I however send you lots of healing vibes and an instruction not to torture yourself like that again :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi there,thanks for your healing vibes,can you let zeb know that I would love a well behaved pink fluffie if she has any?xx

  • hi there :) here's some very well behaved healing pink fluffies for you :)

    I also think you could do with a cuddle couch and some cushions too,

    sink into the softness and relax :)

  • Oh my word you do cuddle couches too ???? Right I will put in an order for two please, I only ask for two as I know the doglets will lay claim to it before I even get there, then I'm left with half an inch to perch on, so not so cuddlesome - whilst they enjoy pure luxury ....but if I appear greedy then one must do. Ooooo can't wait :-)

  • Ooh foggy! the fog doth mask you memory LOL :-o

    of course cuddle couches were available ages ago they come in different colours, scented or not scented, there's even cushions and recliners :)

    take your pick hunny


    I'm sure you got these already ;)

  • That's so lovely, I'll go for the non-scented variety thanks, and possibly pink, green and light blue stripes to go with my lovely cushions :-) :-)

  • Hi Haribo. Hope your muscles are starting to be nice to you again.

    Did the gym give you an induction, where someone takes you through a programme and should take health issues into account? "Should" being the operative word and I would guess the majority of trainers have never heard of fibro, which was my experience.

    Take it easy. Xx

  • Hi there,it's day 3 after the induction and my muscles are still aching.I had a very young lad who had never heard of fm,I knew when he was saying how many repetitions to do that it was too much but I didn't say as I didn't want to look stupid.Next time I go I will take it extra easy x

  • Hi haribo, I'm going to gently, very gently and kindly, slap your wrists, you knew the reps were too much, and you wouldn't look stupid, you would be sensible, having said that I would probably have done exactly the same thing ! So do please take it very very easy.

    Foggy x

  • Hi haribo. Can you move yet? I'm not really into exercise but I had a course of physio at the Pain Clinic 2 years ago (one to one, which was great). If I recall, they told me to do as many repetitions as I could comfortably manage each day for a week, then work out the average & halve it. That gives you your baseline for the following week. You only add to that very slowly over the following weeks. That's the theory, anyway. Of course, in practice, I'm more likely to spend all day gardening & then suffer like you for the rest of the week!

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