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Has anyone ever had painful swollen breast and pain in the area around it?

I saw a GP (not my own) last week because I had really acute pain in my right breast. I noticed it was swollen and bigger than usual but not red or inflamed. I asked if it was related to FMS - but this GP said it wasn't a 'real' illness. He said there wasn't a lump and they looked normal to him. HAH!!! what does he know what looks normal for me???? I think I know my own body best!!! But I decided not to further my discussion with him and made an appointment to see my own GP who has been on holiday - so the earliest I can see him is

Thursday. I have been thinking it may be chostochondritis, as the pain and sensitivity goes across my sternum and under my armpit. But I can't find anywhere if the swelling and pain in my breast would be related to that or something else. It has settled with brufen and wearing a bra is getting extremely uncomfortable, but having nothing is also really painful. Everytime I turn on to my right side in bed I get such severe shooting pain in my breast I can't lie that way at all. Any ideas or common threads would be really helpful to ensure I don't get fobbed off at the Dr's.

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Yup I had this with my family history my gp sent me for mammagram ultra sounds and a biopsy... All negative thankfully so he gave me some pain relief gel to rub on it and it settled down.... I actually thought it was mastitis but wasn't that either... Just another unexplained thing but at least my gp was overly cautious and sympathetic and after all the tests were negative gave me something for the pain.

Please try and get to see your own gp.... Even if as in my case is was nothing serious you need something for the pain

VG x


i get very tender breasts, sometimes on one more than the other.... but doesnt sound like what ur having so i would get it checked anyway... some docs drive me up the wall with not believing this illness.... xxx hope u get to the bottom of this.. let me know xx


Yep i get this as well mainly on my right said..bit like when i was just due for my period.tender stopped my periods at least 7yrs ago now...xx


Hello suzysparkle,do you know i had to scroll down 3 times just couldn't remember your name huh!,brain fog or what,anyway my boobs have always been very tender i haven't got much but they do hurt i've had an appointment this week for next week,i'm tempted to cancel it because of the pain.I have tried to get app to see my doctor but it almost impossible don't know why ,a nightmare.What would you do ,putting your boob between two plates is unthinkable that goes for any part of my body.lovingly jacksiexx


For pains to be that severe Suzy you really need to get this checked out by your GP. It might not be anything to worry about at all, but you will be examined and if the GP thinks a mammogram is necessary for further investigation this will be arranged for you.

I have had a couple of mammograms lately and whilst I can't pretend they are a wonderful experience, they are slightly uncomfy even when not tender or painful, but the up side is that you will be reassured.

Any unusual pain in any part of our bodies needs to be discussed with our GP's to rule out other conditions etc and to be on the safe side in the interests of our health.

I hope you do see your GP soon Suzy, please let us know how you get on. Take care, here's a hug for you (((hug))) x


Hello SuzySparkle

What you have described is almost the same as what I have, 2 years ago I was in incredible pain (more on my left side/breast) so much so that I could not even put a bra on had swollen left breast & pain all around my body wear the bra would sit, my GP sent me for a Mammogram and there was a few small lumps in both breast's so had a biopsy on both, a week later the result showed I have Fibrocystic Breast Disease, it is not dangerous but very painful and one or both breasts can swell up, I was told to wear non wired bra's but sadly this did not help upon further examination I was told I also have chostochondritis, I still find it very painful to wear a bra even the Sloggi Comfort Top types, so now only wear a bra when I go out, my GP also prescribes Capsaicin cream which I have to apply 4 times a day all around body wear bra sit's it does help and does make wearing a bra more tolerable, I hope this helps

Hugs xx


Hello jayjay,

I have a a swollen left breast too- BUT, I did something really stupid when I was 22 , I owned a Beauty Salon and one of my Clients husband was an MD doing breast injections to enlarge the breast. SOOO-- I had this done -that was 40 plus years ago. I had some problems through the years even had surgery to remove half of it when I was 35. My breast have turned hard as a rock- and Now all of a sudden the left breast swelled up larger than the right. Needless to say I have had many MRI's and many Plastic surgeons through the years tell me to leave them alone as any surgery would be a disaster. But with this recent event I had appt with my Internist resulting in another MRI and then a visit with a breast surgeon who gave me two choices Bilateral removal of both breast- without reconstruction (as that could not be done) or live with what I have, which could be cancer. THERE is No imaging that can tell if I do or not because of the silicone.

I have lived with the hardness, can't wear a bra, and it gets uncomfortable but the surgery is not a garantee of health as the surgeon said even removing both breast won't remove all of the Silicone. Plus he will not do the Surgery unless he has a skilled Plastic Surgeon assist as backup because I most likely will need skin grafts to close the incisions. I'm looking and hoping someone out there has heard of Silicone in the breast NOT implants and might have a suggestion. I do not want to risk the surgery. Hate to admit I'm vain even at age 75. But the end result is really hideous in my case, plus I have been told by other surgeons that healing would be a real issue, as you can tell this is a huge problem and any help would be appreciated.


Hello RZD1,

I wondered if you need to talk to someone who has gone through similar issues at maybe this forum below may help;

Or another breast care type community. You've posted your comment on a site for Fibromyalgia which is chronic pain and fatigue, yes you may find the odd person who here that has knowledge or understanding that may help. However , finding the right forum may give you more chance of the best possible information and the support from a wide range of people

I wish you well

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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I saw the breast issues on this forum and thought there might be someone out there with my issues. Otherwise would not have put it on here.


Hi jay jay,

I too had injections put in nearly 20 years ago and have sore beasts. Especially my left one which is enlarged and very tender. I worry all the time about my stupidity and wonder how I can have it all taken away. Doesn't sound like I have an option! Will have to go see the doc!




I just wanted to advise you that it is probably not the best thing to put your email address openly on the forum where everybody can see it? I would suggest that you delete your email address and send a Private Post to jayjay using the envelope at the top of the screen.

Simply click on the envelope (then click on new conversation) and enter jayjay in the destination box and then write your message with your email address, it is a lot safer than placing it openly on the thread. As anybody could start sending you spam.

Take care

Ken x



I'm not sure if this is the same that you had, but I've been struggling with a very sore breast for ages and it sometimes give a sharp burning sensation. I've been putting off going to the doctor and finally went this morning. He did a very good exam and it turnes out I just have an inflamation in my breast, caused by the contraceptive pill that I'm on. Swollen tender breast and inflamation can be a side effect. It is a relavite new pill and come to think of it the symptons starter around the same time. He gave me some anti-inflammatories and told me to get off my pill for a month before discussing another pill. I was so worried it was something else, so in a month, we will see what happens. If it's still sore, this whole theory will go out the door of course. Good luck anywyay, I know it's so uncomfortable.


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