A big thank you for your replies and my painful injection day

A big thank you for all your replies regarding left side pain it's so interesting that most of us have this I'm nearly normal then! ! :-) Anyway went for my injection in my left shoulder, I was dreading it because last time it hurt like hell and nearly passed out. But this time was so different! Hardly felt anything BUT when I got home it started hurting, I've been in tears for most of the afternoon, anyway co codamols have started to work now so hopeing for a good night and hope better tomorrow.

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  • I have yet to decide if I want these injections in my shoulders too, I keep putting them off because I hear they are so painful :(

  • I must say I've had mixed some ok some painful but found the most experienced doc ok but all trainees painful I will let you know if I'm better tomorrow! I think it is worth a try just say no to any trainee! ;-

  • Hi my 1st time was very painful and I did faint , but that's cos my shoulder was in spasm ... Every subsequent one has been easier and easier plus the relief after even the first one was so good was worth 30mins of pain. I am off a week Saturday for my next lot and can,t wait hope that helps


  • Yeah I suppose it will all be worth it tomorrow. Love your screen name by the way :-)

  • I've been wondering about these trigger point injections for a while. My main concern is that I have so many trigger points, I not sure that having 2 of them feeling better will make a big difference. How do they affect the rest of your pain?

  • Well last night was hell I must confess but appart from being a bit bruised today, I feel a lot better not 100% but a little better and I think because my shoulder is better I relax a little and other symptoms ease a little. Only thing I need now is a super energy boost! Just want to sleep and sleep. I would try it again even though it was painfull

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