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Not everything is FM !

Went to docs 3 months ago complaining of painful hip. I said it was not like my other FM pains. I was told to carry on with painkillers and use Ibuleve Gel and if no better go back in 2 weeks with a view to having painkilling injection in the joint. Went back and told it was either FM or Bursitis and to carry on with painkillers and gel for another month then, if no better, return for a painkilling injection. Went today and was told I have to have Physiotherapy as less invasive than an injection. Then told there is a delay for Physiotherapy and could have to wait up to a year !!! In the meantime I still have the painful hip that stops me from rising from a chair unaided and wakes me in the night.

Unfortunately, and because I was becoming rather emotional by now, I did not fight my corner.

I could think of lots that I should have said once I got home.

Is that what it is going to be like now - everything is down to FM.

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Always the same isn't it, we always think of loads of things we should have said when we get home. It's so annoying.

I too have really painful hips, I assume it's the osteoarthritis but I have no idea really. I've had lower back pain and hip pain for a few years now. How ridiculous you were told you should have Physio and then told it could be up to a years wait! No wonder you became emotional! I too have problems getting up from a chair and wake in the night when I try to turn over. x


docs do tend to do that dont they ,is there any chance that you could see a different doc ,maybe a second appinion

hope you can resolve this ,i know whats its like when you get all emotional in docs maybe take someone with you to fight your corner or as moral support

gentle hugs xx


Fibromyalgia pains tend to come and go --if I have a constant pain it is usually something else, stand firm and say it's not normal for you and you want it investigating


I've told my GP that I believe that if I had a broken leg it would be 'just fibro'. I've been to physio but it didn't help, exept that she refered me back to the neurologist with a suggestion for an MRI scan. Luckily I got an appointment quite quickly. I had the MRI last week, so now I'm waiting to hear the results. Any bets on the immortal words : nothing wrong, just fibromyalgia!!!!!


hahaha, great minds think alike......nice pic x


my mother in law has had the exactly same problem, although she doesnt have fm. She was in agony and every couple ov weeks was in hospital and at the doc complaining of this pain in her hip, they just said it was muscular pain..............after months, they finally did a xray........turns out she needs a hip replacement and the only reason she found this out was she requested to see different docs till some1 did something because she literally couldnt walk.

If you know its not normal...............keep pushing! xx


Well that was awful for you i had same thing pain in my hip after i had been diagnosed with fibro, i went to my GP and she was lovely she said yes it was to do with fm and just keep taking painkillers not really anything they can do. I went to physio and was in there an hour with man and that was just talking he told me that there was absolutely no point what so ever in me having physio and him pushing/pulling/prodding me would not help ta all and sent me away, he was really lovely and explained it all in depth to me. hope you get it sorted but yes most of our aches/pains are down to fibro unfortunately love to you Diddle x


I have exactly the same problem, I get the feeling if I went to the doctor with measles he would say if was "down to the FM"

Gentle hugs

Stefi x


This time last year I had a problem with a hip, not the first time but really bad. My doctor sent me for xrays then told me it was osteoarthritis and it was affecting both hips and my lower back. She booked me an appointment with a physio- I was a bit cynical because I had needed to use one regularly,not NHS-while I was working, but could n't afford one now..Two days later I had a phone call, would I like to take up a cancellation at a cottage hospital in a nearby town. The physio was fairly young but after 3 sessions I could do a hop skip and a jump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, go back to your surgery and pester them to sort you out more quickly.

Keeping my fingers crossed you soon get some relief.


Thanks everyone for advice and support. I shall go back next week as need another sick note and will tell her/him/them that I would like the hip to be investigated by xray whilst I await a physio appointment. I have asked about pain clinic before so will bring this up again.


There was a gap of 7 years between my fibro and EDS diagnoses.


I'm so sorry you went through this. It is frustrating, especially as getting that apt probably took ages. Don't blame yourself for not remembering things to say. (I wish I could take my own advice on that one). At the end of the day we occasionally see one doct. They see patients all the time and know all the tricks to avoid difficult questions.

Regain your strength and maybe see some else next time. Take care.


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