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Lost trust in NHS, lost my job because of it all!

I am so low today, I feel alone and the system stinks. I lost all my trust in the GP, the pain management, ICT, and definetly the social services that are supposed to help people but they just make things worse. My OT told my GP that there's nothing wrong with me and its all in my head. I have been sent to see someone in the Mental Health team. I'm really ready to loose the plot. I used to work for adult social services in OT team, I refereed myself in the services because I need help, the OT didn't help me and refused to believe me, I then complained, we have a joint boss, and o long after the complaint I got sacked without any real evidence that I can't do my job! I have had no support from my employer at all instead they have added to my problems. What do I do now? Who can I turn too?

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Are you a member of a union? If so get on to them ASAP. They cannot just sack you without a very good reason - did they explain why? If not with a union go and talk to someone at CAB and see if they can help. If your GP isn't helping or listening to you then see another. Have you been referred to a rheumatologist? If not ask to see one.

It's a horrid situation to be in, but try and stay strong and insist you are treated fairly, because you are worth it (I know sometimes we don't always feel it)

*gentle hugs*


Thank you, I am in the union but I need to have been there for 4 weeks and I've only just joined 3 weeks ago so they can't help. I've seen a few GPS in the same practice and they are all not helpful. I've not been refereed to a rheu. I will ask for this. I'm due to see a physio to advice me which are the best crutches to use on really bad days.

I have always been a fighter all my life but I'm so tired now that I just can't , I have lost all will to fight. I can't stop crying and being emotional. I just don't know what to do with myself. It's upsetting my kids and I try to hide it from them but can't always. Thank u so much for listening to me x


Have a look at this link - it may help you :


Iam so sorry to hear about this aweful ordeal you have been through and iam not surprised that you have lost trust in everyone.I get help myself through social services and have had a lot of help and support from them so I guess that this OT that told your g.p it was all in your head has no understanding whatsoever of fibro.On what grounds were you sacked may I ask?Maybe you could try changing g.p's and seek some help from the cab regarding your rights.Did the OT refuse to believe that you have fibro?Iam astonished and quite frankly disgusted too :(


I started a new job in may this year in adult social services in the OT section. When I got sick I referred myself into the same service where I worked, I didn't even knew that the adult SS existed to help. My referal was sent to another team not the one that I worked for. Everything way fine until I didn't agree with my OT decision as she refused to register me as having a physical disability and give me the orange card, so when I complained it didn't go ,down very well. My boss found a pathetic reason to sack me. She said that I didn't have a very good telephone manner and no empathy. Put me on an action plan for 2 weeks then sacked me 4 weeks later. I joined the union to late as there is a 4 wee cooling off period. They can't help me, I was on my 5th moth of probation , acas can't help as the law can sustain unfair dismissal unless u have been there for 2 years and the only thing I can do is put in a grivience complaint ,and hope for the best.

It's disgusting that instead of helping me they sacked me and I was awesome at my job ! I'm so upset as it was the only independence I had, I was only working part time, I have 3 kids to support and c,ant live on just my husbands wages its not enough. X


Gosh what an awful thing to happen to you. So sorry to hear about it. In what way is an OT qualified to question a fibro diagnosis? X


That's exactly my question to sher which is why it didn't go down very well. It's the same as ATOS .


Contact ACAS as soon as possible. Just google them. They are an indepndant agency and They can really help. And also your Union if you have on.




I did straight away and there's nothing I can do I was on probation period as the job was new and unless ur employed for 2 years it doesn't count as unfair dismissal. The only thing I can do is put in a grivience , I'm not sure if I have the strength to. X


Thank you all for the lovely comments and advice.

I will try to get the strength from somewhere not sure from where yet to try and put a grivience in against the decision and try to prove that I should have not been sacked for no reason at all. Has anyone got a blue badge from just having Fibro and back problems? I know just how much pain I'm in but people seem to really dismiss it and think its in my head and I've even been refereed to mental health by my GP. The OT said I'm all emotional a d depressed, and I agree but that's because she didn't listen to me and she has now convinced my GP to think on the same wave length!


Can you change your GP? I hope you are able to put in a grievance. Nobody should be treated like that.

Gentle hugs



The other surgery is in the centre of town and has most same gps. Thank you. I will try very hard and will let u know x x x x


I changed gp hoping for more help but the new one, though nice is no more help. They all seem to believe that fibro is just an excuse to be lazy. Makes me so angry.,


Hi there

Its not good being such a position and not having the will/desire or strength to fight, but this is exactly what they bank on, and you must fight - no-one else is going to fight for you and you have rights that have been completely ignored!

How long have you been diagnosed with FM and who dix you and how? If you have not seen a rhemy for a formal dx then you need to do so through your GP.

Whether or not you have been employed for 2 years, you should still be covered under the Equality Act (DDA) and you should not be sacked without fair reason without following due process.

Do you have a copy of the Grievance Procedure and the Sickness Reporting/Management procedure from your employer?

In the interim, you MUST lodge a formal grievance so that it is logged - don't let them get away with this.

Do you have Legal Assistance cover with your home insurance policy? They normally cover things like this and you can also get free legal advice through them, if not, and you can't use your Union, contact EHRC - here's the link to the site relating to disability equality:

Let us know how you go - atb.


Hi thank you so much, I will look into all this. My hubby usually sets it all up but ill make enquiries.

My union can't deal with it as iv snot been there long enough. Hr have sent me the grivience process and will start writing it today. I've not been given any other info but told that's its all online to read up but I don't think I'll have access now that they have deleted all my emails etc the moment I was sacked. But I'll try. I do feel a bit better today and have a bit more energy to think about it. X x x


I got diagnosed on the 4th September by the pain management consultant. I started my job on the 7th May same year and been sacked on the 7th oct. I had no support from my manager in relation to anything to do with my illness instead she just kept telling me that she still hasn't received my health clearance from Occupational Health.

I'm sure she just wanted to get rid of me and picked on the most tribal things and turned them into a big thing because she couldn't pick on anything else as I was really good at my job. X



I agree with cellbar65. You DO have rights under the Equalities Act 2010.....have a look at this link

Also is my understanding the an OT is there to advise on ways an employer can help by way of reasonable adjustments to help you stay employed. OT is not there to diagnose as they are not Doctors nor are they qualified to diagnose Mental Health illness as they are not Psychologist's. These people make my blood boil. Hope this helps and please let us know how you get on.


Hi thank you so much I will have a look. It really makes my blod boil too. The OT argued with the GP when he first was supporting me and told her to issue me the orange badge that registers me as having a physically disability, she told me that she's not satisfied with his requests and diagnosis. She was out there to get me from start and now I've post my job because I complained about her. I'm OT one to wish bad on anyone but I'm so angry and wish she was ill like all of us Fibro brothers and sisters then maybe she will know how I feel and truly understand the pain we all have to endure. I'm on 27 tablets a day plus 4 different laxatives and oramorph I'm sure my GP would not give me all this medication and me pay for it for the sake of it. Stupid woman!


Hi everybody, thank you all so very much for all your help, words of encouragement , links and info supplied, I really don't think I would have been here today. Yesterday it was the day from hell, but I do feel a bit better today and had a better few hours sleep.

I do have some good news, after waiting for 8 weeks I have been emailed to say that my Blue Badge request has been approved and the payment has been processed. I'm so relived and can't wait to receive it. Now I just need to have a car to use it on lol . My husbands car has completely died and he now has mine and I have my crutches instead :) .

I little step in the right direction. X


Hi everyone, I have read all the info you guys sent me and I believe that I have a good case in trying to get my job back. I do have a question, when I applied for my job initially I didn't tick the box saying that I had a disability, I had back problems at the time and for the last 3 years but didn't consider mysel as disabled because I never though of it to be honest I just carried on and nobody like the GP or spinal specialists ever prompted me to look into it and I just didn't know anything and I still don't know that much about it. Anyhow I got diagnosed on the 4th September and got sacked on the 7th October, will this make any difference because I didn't tick the box on the initial application form but became disabled whilst I was I. Employment? Can I say that I was discriminated against due to this? My manager said that I had issues with,y performance, all my adnim tasks were brilliant she said that I had issues with my phone manner and me talking about my personal issues with my colleagues and that I shouldn't ask advice regarding my personal issues to my colleagues. To me this dozen sound right especially when I've just been diagnosed and still trying to deal it the shock and trying to adapt my life to it and deal with all the medication etc. any ideas ? I hope I'm not losing the plot .


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