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My neck, back and head HURTS!!!!

Morning, Thought I would add a little blog, just due to the fact I am up early. I could not sleep, my lower back is hurting so much along with my neck and head.

My painkillers do not seem to be doing a great deal right now....such a shame!! I may have to turn to the harder drugs in my drawer soon, however I try and stear away from them as I hate taking drugs.

I have a yoga class this morning, hoping that will help me.

Would you believe even my husbands breath on my neck in the night hurts it!!!!!

Sorry I think I am ranting.....I will stop now.

Hope everyone has a great day xx

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Morning Rach, I'm in a lot of pain too. Had a terrible evening and night. I try and keep away from the 'hard drugs' too. I took Gabapentin and Ropinirole and paracetamol last night but they didn't help at all. I've got a 2.5 year old for 10 hours today so will have to try to grin and bear it. :)

Hope you have a good day and the yoga helps. xx


Hi Sue, sorry to hear you are in pain too. I did see on another post that you have a little one to look after.....Good luck, i am sure the little one will keep your mind off the pain ( lets hope). Can you take her/him to an indoor play area to give you a little break??

I went to bed at 8.30pm hoping to wake up chance!!! Oh well, be positive, it could be worse!!!

Hope you can keep off those hard drugs too. xx


Lol you are def not ranting bless you and yes sometimes even the softest touch kills what is that about lol. It awful we all come on here with our different aches and pains but least we feel we can share them with no embarrasment . love to you and good luck with yoga Love and soft hugs diddle xxx


Hi Rach, change of plan, little one is not very well so she's not coming today. :) Apparently she's been sick and we have a 48 hr rule, don't have them till it's been 48 hrs since they were last sick. So, I have the day off. I'll miss her though cos she is just gorgeous and funny. Always makes me laugh.

I'm about a mile from the nearest toddler group and I can't walk that far lol so we don't go. She goes places with her Mum on a Wed and her Dad on Fridays as they have those days off so I don't feel too bad about not being able to take her. xxx


Hi there rach,

I am another one who has tossed and turned with pain from my neck right down my back and my ribs. I bought a more comfortable bed hoping it would be better but i feel everything.

My partner tries to hug me in bed and it is awful, think i feel more bad for him though.

kel xxx


Sue, oh dear shame she has been unwell, however a nice day off for you. Are you a childminder, or just help out a friend??

Jazher, I am sorry that you have had a bad night also. I have a matress topper, which I adore however some days they just don't make any difference!!

Yoga was ok, not the normal teacher, so I was a but gutted, but atleast I did some stretching and strengthening work.



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