UPDATE, WIN WIN WIN WIN ....hope for others and a spark of good news. xx


As per previous posts i went for my medical on 19th June, and received my brown envelope on Monday.... did not have the heart or inclination to open it as i was so down so i only opened the letter last night in mid tantrum, was very quietly going off on one and though well it can't make things any worse.lol


Now i've re read the letter and tried to digest it i'm feeling a bit better. It's very confusing as all the letters are from different depts.

Briefly...well as brief as i can..struggle with that one..:-)

Medical services letter from the DWP sent a questionnairre re Limited Capability for Work, resulting in major trauma...aka medical....and we all know as per previous posts what a catastrophe that turned out to be.

A letter from jobcentreplus re my claim for ESA...." a change in the ESA rate payable, we have looked at your claim again following a recent change" !!!!!, This is because of a decision on your capability for work. We have moved you from Work Related Activity Group to the Support Group" wtf is that all about??!!, am new to all this.

So.....i have been awarded ESA plus Disability Income guarantee plus extra money because i an in the support group."


I can now only assume instead of a "you have been awarded nil points", they have classed me as not fit for work (till the next time) so i will not have to put in an appeal.

Phew is all i can say.

Thanks for listening and i hope i can give some hope to others.

Am going for a celebratory meal tonight with my wonderful boyfriend.

Jan xxx

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  • Hi Jan so pleased that you have got good news-I dont know how you managed to wait to open your letter I shall be ripping it open in shear fear when mine eventually comes-hopefully mine wont be to long. I hope you have a lovely meal out with your boyfriend and hopefully you will be getting a bit more money

    Take care Sue xx

  • Thanks so much Sue, well i felt so down and ill and i thought stuff it a few days won't matter. i was expecting a knock back and all prepared to phone Cit Adv and appeal. this was a total shock, still not sunk in really. Seems the fact i was so ill on the medical just might have helped.

    Despite my positive result, i still hate the system and all it stands for, been there and won't forget it.

    hope you get a good result, keep us posted.

    Meal was lovely thanks and increased cash will be well spent lol

    Take care

    Jan xx

  • Huge congrats iove reading nice stuff where we beat atos.

    Have a nice meal.

    Enjoy extra cash as well.x

  • hi jan well done pleased it is good news for you love beth x

  • Well Done :-) Brilliant news and so happy for you,

    Enjoy your evening out

    love and gentle hugs jackie xxxx

  • Whoop whoop a good brown envelope yehhhhhh

  • Hey Jan

    I can't tell you how pleased I am for you and seeing this today I feel that there might be hope for me too. I am currently without ESA as they stopped it in April and I am now trying to get into the Support Group, which is where I should have been about 18 months ago but no-one told me that I should inform the Jobcentre Plus that my condition had deteriorated drastically. I had let the DWP know, why on earth those 2 departments can't talk to one another is beyond me. Thanks Rant over ;-)

    I hope you really enjoy your meal tonight and again I am very very happy for you.

    Gentle angel hugs

    Barbara xxx

  • Thanks so very much Barbara,

    it's still sinking in, i had no idea really what the Wrag or support groups were till someone explained. Am mystified that they put you in one or another with no explanation as to what it is!! I certainly had no idea i was in a Wrag group, will check old paperwork and see.

    Seems we must automatically know the system, and i was told that just because i didn't know wasn't an excuse for not claiming this or not telling them that., if that makes sense. Why in the computer age can't they just have one linked system or something to simplify things.They really don't make things clear or easy and are very unwilling to offer correct advice. Cit Adv had a right performance with them when they reduced my benefit "because i put an appeal in" (their words), she said i should have been told i was on the wrong benefit JC should have been ESA then they couldn't reduce it!!!

    Every positive result is 2 fingers up to them in my view. and every appeal won is proof positive that it's a total shambles, based on lies and incompetance. Rant over now lol..x

    I really hope you get a positive result, keep us posted.

    Meal was lovely...yum yum

    thanks again, gentle hugs to you and all the very best luck

    Jan xx

  • Hi Jan, congratulations, I am really pleased for you. x x x

  • Wow thats brilliant, so pleased for you xx

  • Hi Jan what brill news so pleased for you. Sent my form back about month ago so waiting for them to send medical app. soft hugs xx

  • Hurray! I think I must have had the same letter after an appeal. I'm now considered as having 'limited capacity for work' and got a little extra because of the disability guarantee too. It took me two days to open it!

    Hope it makes things a little easier for you.


  • oooh good news for you also, haha it sat there annoying me i can tell you and gor the glares that it deserved....so i thought,

    am sure it will help, has put my mind at rest and saved me some stress, so a good thing there.

    glad you got a positive result. Still say we shouldn't have to go through this

    take care

    Jan H xx

  • Of course we shouldn't have to go through this but that's the world we live in. Please let me know how you gt on with it all. I've put myself up as a volunteer as you can see so anything you can feed back will help us all (and me personally)

    Christine xxx

  • Hi All,

    well thank you so very very much for all your kind words, they are much appreciated. it's still sinking in and i keep reading the letter!!

    Good luck to everyone fighting this wretched shambolic system.

    Just because i had a positive result this time doesn't mean i'll forget the nasty episode and appeal i had last time. Believe me i'll be right behind everyone in the same boat.

    I hope this has cheered some of you up for a while and given some of you hope that there can be some good news among all the kickbacks.

    thanks once again

    Hugs to all

    Jan xxx

  • hi just read about your good luck, still waiting for my medical so fingers crossed, congratulations anyway!

  • thanks so much,

    good luck with your medical and i hope you get a positive result

    take care

    Jan H xx

  • well done, thats good news. I'm having to fight for mine. I have had an interview with a lady at the job centre and she has told me to appeal, and she will back it up. Have recently sent them the letters from my doc and the rhuemy explain that i have 15 out of 18 trigger points, so just waiting now to find out if i get support group. I have recently won my tribunal concerning the DLA and have been given middle care and high mobility.

  • Hi secretidy,

    thank you so much, sickening that we have such a struggle and fight all the time.

    Good news so far for you and i hope you get into the support group,

    good luck and take care

    Jan h xx

  • Congratulations Jan, brilliant news. To You too secretidy on your Dla win, I am waiting for my tribunal for ESA and havent yet plucked up courage to apply for DLA xxx

  • Hi lynnh,

    thank you so much, apply for DLA asap, get the forms and fill them in, can you do it online, not sure, you've got nothing to lose and all to win. xx

    Good luck with your tribuneral, been there so know what it's like.

    Keep us posted

    Take care Jan xx

  • Thanks Jan, so true. I think you can do it online so perhaps I will. I applied after I won my ESA tribunal last time, got turned down straight away and didn't have the heart or strength to appeal at the time. The fact that I'd been awarded ESA obviously made no difference so I guess the fact I am awaiting a tribunal for that this time shouldn't either xx

  • No worries Lynnh, just seems a never ending mountain at times, i know that all too well!!

    I got to the point with my appeal in June 2010, tsk can't be ar**d, but that was because looking back i was so ill, fibro, eye disease that completely overwhelmed me every day and post viral fatigue from glandular fever. but then i had a stiff talk to myself and got the process underway. sometimes i have to get mad then watch out cos i'll fly..well creak lol, into action.

    I put a complaint in about the doc that did my assessment, but when i went to appeal and told the judge he asked why i didn't go through with it, well a over a year later i couldn't remember. Looked in my diary and it was as i was just to ground down to fight.

    Still onwards and upwards now....till next time!!!

    Keep us posted

    take care

    Jan xx

  • Congratulations Jan, wonderful news! :) :)

  • thanks Libby, thought i'd post some good news on here...just noticed though i do waffle on lol.

    Take care

    Jan xx

  • Great news, being in support group means no more sending sum notes n no more looking for work. Now time to chill. Well done xx

  • Wonderful news, and it makes me feel more hopeful. Enjoy your meal!

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