How does your area match up ??

I live in London and I have never really taken much notice of the price of items here and just gone with the flow. I had 2 mates from the North visit for the weekend and one is a chef so rather than go out for dinner he cooked( his idea) and I bought the ingredients but during the day we eat out well I mean a cup of tea sandwich slice of cake etc etc but both were astounded at the prices they charged.

A typical example We went to Regents park and visited a café where we paid the following.

Cup of tea in a cardboard cup(small) £2:10p each. Ham and cheese sandwich on thin bread £4:10p each. Slice of cake £3:40p per slice that was the cheapest other cakes were more expensive ie Chocolate. That is the norm around here and I guess I just pay it but would be interested to see if you think it is a rip off and also if there is a BIG difference in what you pay around where you reside ???

Have a great day !

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  • Hi, I'm going to do in US dollars would you look and compare for me and let me know how we fair?? I don't know how to convert ...and reply if you don't mind...Small Tea $1.25, Ham &Cheese Sand $2.75 Cake!$3.00.Hope you help!!! Thanks. Pevk🐤

  • just done a currency conversion .

    Tea 86p


    cake £2.06

    Defo cheaper than London


  • Thanks,appears alot cheaper.Have a good evening!!! Peck 🍵🍞🍰

  • Hi Peck the conversion rate here is about $1:48cents to the £1:00 So for the Americans it would be very expensive.

  • Thanks, may rose 54 calculated it for me but I will keep this for future reference. Peck🐤

  • I can't remember the last time I did something like that let alone the price lol. But I do think that things are more expensive in the London area. Also tea places in attractions are always more than a local tea room/cafe. 🐸

  • In the Midlands

    Tea £1.20

    Sandwich £2.70

    Cake £2.75

    On average.

    You can find both cheaper and more expensive depending location.As in hospitals sell the most expensive and local cafe cheaper.

    I used to work in London years ago and would come back to family at weekend and buy provisions to last as you rightly say prices there are ludicrously high but for what you paid is typical for your area now.

  • Hi

    There is a difference in prices in the south and north of UK.

    I live in the south and my son has moved to Nottingham, he has noticed a huge difference in the prices up there. He sold his two bedroom flat here and bought a four bed house in Notts without a mortgage and had money over from the sale of his flat! Luckily he has a good job there and his partners parents live near them and they are happy there.

    As the TVs prog says...location,location.


  • Hello I heard of lot of Southerners doing that and cashing in big time.

  • I too live in London not far from Regent's Park yes London is well over priced I go to Yorkshire to viest family and I find eating out a lot cheaper

  • At my visit to hospital today for therapies I bought Coffee from famous coffee house, £2.10 a cheese ploughman sandwich £2.90 and a carton of nuts £0.90.. In my local town (Stockport) that would be same price from butty shop!

  • i feel as if l,m badly done to if l pay more than £1 for a cup of tea and £1.60 for a sandwich at local cafe,s or Mcdonalds Weatherspoons simular. Though my has taken me to one of the costalot trendy places and paid 2.50 or 3.00 for a drink. London very expensive city.

  • Reading some of the replies yep your right

  • I took a friend to a lovely little garden centre cafe near to Epsom yesterday and we got two pots of tea and a piece of carrot cake for £4.70 -bargain

  • Carrot Cake 🍰🍰 Yum Yum! !! Peck

  • Hi,

    I have lived North and South of the border, and at the moment live in the SW. In my experience anywhere in England Is cheaper than London. That is why Wages in London are in most cases higher than anywhere else in the country.

    As for house prices, I have a friend who has recently sold her London 2 bedroom Semi and moved down near me. She thinks she has won the Lottery, as she bought a 4 bedroom house, and retired early, and has a healthy bank balance.

    On the other side of the coin, a family member recently changed employment, and now works in London, it was a job promotion, the cheapest place she could get to rent was a 1bedroom flat at £1,200 a month, and you couldn't swing a cat in it its so tiny! and it's not in a great area either.


    GP. 😊

  • We had quite a lot of people from London, Essex, some southern areas sold up terraced or semi,s, came up to yorks, west not north and bought large detached houses with an acre of more of land, even mini mansions for their london sale price. lucky people, but as you say tough for those whove to live there on a low income.

  • Hi Heliboy911

    Absolutely wonderful and enjoyable post my friend.

    My usual cafe that I go to charge £2.10 for a lactose free cappuccino (small), a BLT in a box is £3.25 and a slice of Victoria sponge cake is £2.65.

    However, I visited an aquatic / garden centre at the weekend and it cost me £4.00 for a pot of tea and £4.50 for a slice of carrot cake! What a rip off!

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Cheers Ken should take a trip up to your area for my next outing !! :>)))

  • :)

  • Ouch

  • Same in my area, although local cafe,s are cheap, as is Macs and Spoons, but garden centres, mill shops, themed places expensive. Making on us gardeners, should be giving us freebies for still gardening and creating when many now dont bother. l actually saw plastic trees in a store, thats a new one, looked nice, l0ft high colourful, but really, what would the birds and bees think, bad enough for the worms with plastic lawns. what next.

  • I know exactly what you mean! I spent nearly £100 in the garden centre and then they fleece you on tea and cake!

  • lol, l just wnt to morrisons for a few household items, spent more on plants, an addict. They had osteospurnum just come in, l love them, the snails and slugs dont, makes me love them more, and they grow and flower in profussion, of course l had to get the different colours, but get value with them right through summer. l bet we spend more on pets and plants than food. But hope you enjoyed your tea and cake.

  • We love osteospurnum. We bought some of the blue / cream ones for the garden last year and they were so beautiful. I am pretty sure that we spend more on pets and plants than we do on food as well? :)

  • Dont think lve seen the blue cream ones, they sound lovely. lve got the purple pink yellow bronze shades. Such an obliging plant for flowering, and big bonus slugs and snails dont seem to like them touch wood, or fuscia, lve probably spent many pounds feeding slugs and snails, but dont put any in the ground now, thats just for shrubs, put plants in tubs baskets sprinkle salt around bases. lve actually got one big osteo yellow thats come through the winter, near door on mild winter. rest gone, replaced, sth african l think. Will look out for the blue ones, a pic would be nice. Just need some sunshine now. Take carex

  • I shall have to take a photo x :)

  • We went to an aircraft museum and refused to pay £4.25 for a sausage roll, £5 for a salad bap, £2.75 for a cup of tea and a chicken dinner for two at £30. So glad I packed up a picnic lunch and we always carry a little gas burner and water to make a cup of tea in the carpark.

    A little forward planning can save so much money.

    Fortunately, although I paid full price for entry, my husband was admitted free as my carer.

    I refuse to be ripped off, especially on a budget.

  • Just had a sausage and bacon butty (translation sandwich on Breadcake) and a cappuccino for £2-00 is that $3 US

  • Even in London it can depend where you go. I used to drive up there for a living. 20 years ago ice cream outside houses of parliament £2.50. Battersea Park £1.00. Recently I've paid as little as £1.40 for coffee on the sea front at Rottingdean, where it's nearly £3 in Brighton just a couple of miles along the coast.

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