So how did you all do then if you put a bet on ?? cant believe how many poor horses went down bless them i hate seeing that and when the jockeys sit there and lay there andallthe horses are jumping all around them makes me wince , well myself and my daughter didnt place anywhere lol but hope you all won it was afunnty old rce some of the favourites fell any way hope you all done well love to you diddle x

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  • diddle just watched it thoes poor horses that fell don't like this jump racing

    :-( Allan

  • yeah my daughter jus told me that 2 died thats awful isnt it . love to you diddle x

  • really that is awful makes you wonder love diddle x

  • I am afraid i do like a little bet on the grand national and although i only ever win my money back and a couple quid more last year my horses came 1st and 3rd and this year came 2nd and 3rd.

    It is a hard course so no wonder a lot of the horses fall but even i was surprised how many fell at the first hurdle.


  • i did but fell a sleep before it started....and only just woke up...sadly mine had to be put down...:(but the local trainer won which was nice to see....:)

  • I always place a bet , in memory of my grand dad . But it breaks my heart and I can't watch it.


  • I thought about it but didn't get around to it today. Doubt I would have picked a winner anyway!!.xx

  • my eldest daughter put 25p on the hose that won and got £16 back how lucky loe diddle x

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