This is what I did today

This is what I did today

My daughter and her boyfriend are currently travelling around Asia, and posting loads of amazing photos on Facebook. I am so jealous! They have been gone for 3 months now, and I'm not sure when they will be back. Today I had an unexpected day off, and thought I would treat myself to some 'me' time. Using one of their photos from Thailand as an inspiration, this is what I have done today. I don't often have time, energy and inspiration all at the same time, but I do love painting when I get the chance. I hope you enjoy this.



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  • Well you kept that talent quiet... Lovely and how nice to get some unexpected me time when you can actually use it

    VG x

  • Thanks VG.

    As you know I have been very busy and stressed recently, and I find doing creative things helps me to unwind, and forget all the negative stuff for a while. It's still not as good as the photo, and that's not as good as actually being there! But it's my 'little holiday' and makes me feel closer to them!

  • Coo - that's good, Kaz! We shall be able to say we knew you before you were famous!

    Moffy xxx

  • Thanks Moffy - I just enjoy losing myself for a while


  • That's lovely kaz. I bet that took you on some other imaginary trip!! I love to doodle sketch. I start with a any shape and see where it takes me! My daughter loves to watch it unfold. I'm glad you had some real time to yourself to not have to stop midflow! S x

  • I doodle constantly - usually just random stuff, and then I add shading to see what happens! Normally all that happens is it's random shaded shapes!


  • Thats briliant xxx Kugagirl xx

  • lovely! I enjoy water colours, might have a go again, thankyou for sharing. :)


  • Thank you all. I just thought I'd share a positive moment. We get few enough of them! I miss my daughter, in spite of Facebook, Skype, email etc. and this is one way I feel closer to her and her adventures.

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