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new here

but was on the thyroid site and saw someone with fibro who kindly told me about this site, i was diagnosed hypo about 10/11 weeks ago, but hadnt been able to walk far before being in agony. i looked it up on line and saw fibromyalgia, which fitted it to a t. i was so upset though as was no cure and i am in agony a lot, i did tell my DR. AND HE MORE OR LESS AGREED WITH ME. I HAD ANOTHER BLOOD TEST RECENTLY AND ALSO ONE FOR b12 AND VIT d ETC, (sorry hit caps). anyway my brain is very foggy tonight, i have an appointment Tuesday for latest results, anyway thats all for now,

wishing everone well and sending hugs, love

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welcome susie this is a great site lots of support take care tofty xxx


Hello Susie and welcome to the site.

Sorry to hear you are having problems.One of the things you need to do is ask your G>P for a referal to see a rheumatologist who will be able to diagnose you properly for fibromyalgia and perhaps any underlying problems

will show with blood tests.

Hope this helps and you will find all the support you need on here,

hugs Butterfly xxxx


Hi and welcome to the sight i am sure will fibd a wealth of information on here as i did and still do i hopet that you come back soon lots of love diddle x


Hi Sue,

Welcome to the group.

I have an underactive thyroid and fibro too. Hope you can get the necessary drugs to help with the pain soon.

This group is wonderful and there is lots of information you can read which will hopefully help you understand fibro.


another Sue xx


I have the same... being on the site really helps xx welcome!!!


I also have underactive thyroid and have felt inspired since joining this site. welcome! xxx :)


Hi sue,

a warm welcome from me too. :)

kel xxx


Bless you all and thankyou so much for the wonderful welcome, hugs to everyone of you, much love, Sue. xxx


Hi Susie

Welcome to the group I also have an underactive thyroid am taking 200mg of thyroxine at present never really knew I had just came out of the blue when having tests following a car accident!

Hope you enjoy being here it is a great group.

Take care Hugs Ruby xx


Hiya Susie, I am also new to this site, and once I've worked out how to navigate it a bit better, I think it's a GODSEND. Yes it's hard to know that there's no cure, and often not much in the way of treatment that can give you some relief during a bad flare up (which I am in now) This site is the best I've found so far - I was diagnosed in 2004 - and if nothing else, we all know how this thing goes, and how bad it can make us feel (suicidal on some occasions, I have to admit)

It's good to know that there is likely to be a few people having a good day who can support anf jolly me along when needed, and GOD WILLING, the day will come that I can do that too. I cannot sit for long unfortunately, but will try to get on here as often as possible.

Thanks all of you for being here - it does help. xxxx


Thankyou so very much ruby and goodienuff, i think its brilliant too, its good to know you dont have to try to explain it, we all know how it feels etc, I know what you mean about the suicidal bit, if you just keep waking up in pain so often , but we can see each other through it all , i hope to be able to help others too, i have to get used to having it , but i will get there, sorry to have gone on, have weird brain fog thing, huge hugs to all, xxx


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