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Newbie here :)

Hi all

I just saw a link for the site on fb & thought Id pop on n have a look its so nice to know that there r other ppl that will understand rather than just pretending to .

Ive always had problems with my legs since I was a teenager then 5 years ago I ended up on crutches for about 6months . After being sent for various scans , mri's x-rays ect the hospital finally diagnosed me only took them a fair few years ! I have my good days n my bad days like im sure most of u do . But its thanks to my gorgeous 8 month old son that I carry on n keep my self together without him ( as much as it kills me to entertain him sometimes cus of the pain ) id prob just sit in bed all day !

Gosh fibro is a pain in the bum :/

Hope u all have a fab day

Take care

Donna xxxxx

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Hi Donna,

Welcome to a great group, everyone is really friendly and helpful.

Have a look at the website (to the right of the page) if you haven't already and a good look around.

What a gorgeous baby! :)

Have a good day........

Hugs Sue xxx


Hi Donna and welcome this is such a fantastic group so helpful and caring

I know what you mean about your son keeping you going My 11yr old daughter keeps me going, going insane most of the time lol but wouldnt be without her

I am sure you will love the group

gentle hugs

Penny xx


Hi Donna and warmest welcome hugs to you! This is a brilliant site and everyone on here totally understands where you are coming from. Hope you have a great day too!

Gentle hugs, Tracy xxx


hi donna :)

so glad you found this site everyone is soooo lovely ,im sure your love it ,

im the same as you if i didnt have my 5 children i think maybe i would stay in bed aswell lol , but they keep me going on good and bad days :)

gentle hugs lynz xxxxx


Hi Donna, thank goodness for facebook eh? I also ended up here by following a link on there! Am a newbie too. Gentle hugs, janey xx


Hi donna, its lovely to meet you,

I also found this site through facebook, its absolutly brilliant and i wouldnt be with out it now, evertyone is lovely.

Your son is absolute gorgeous, I have kids too and they make me get out of bed everymorning its damn hard but, so rewarding (when they behave themselves lol).

Take care hun, hugs, kel xxx


hello donna,im a newbie on here too,its so friendly&helpfull i hope it helps you like its helping me x


hi and welcome to the site i hope that you get so much from this and with your little son today you can get positive and try to turn yourself around . I know how you feel we all do on here that is what is so great about it you are never alone

I hope that i can chat with you again love to you diddle x


Hi Donna and welcome. Glad you have found the site, you will find it very helpful and rewarding talking to all these lovely people. Your son is soooo cute and you are so lucky to have him. Take care xx


Thank u all for the warm welcome & kind words xxxx


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