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Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day

Yesterday morning, I woke up feeling like Mike Tyson had visited and left me in so much pain, I literally crawled to the loo and kitchen for my meds and breakfast, and to sort cats out. Every bone ached. Everything hurt. Boris Karloff neck.

After spending morning in bed, reading and waiting for a sea change, I finally battened down the mental hatches at lunchtime. Started to tidy/clean/hoover bedroom and change sheets. Of course, tank cupboard needed sorting too. That little lot took over 2 hours, including half hourly pitstops for a pee! Meds! Hobble downstairs...

A late lunch break then back upstairs with first load of wet laundry. Hang it up. Hoover landing and stairs and clean bathroom. On knees of course. (Does anyone else hoover on their knees?) Another 2 hours+ gone. Meds! Hobble downstairs...

Gritted teeth. Arrive downstairs. Skid on dustsheets. Take up and fold them (had builders/workmen in & out over past few weeks), and tidy as much as I can in the chaos. Builder's dust gets everywhere :-(

Take meds, tidy kitchen, phonecall to chase the sparky. Sweep up what mess I can reach. Thank the cats for yet more rolling hairballs on the hard flooring - you'd never have believed I'd quickly hoovered round the day before! Deal with second lot of laundry. Create some space in upturned 2nd bedroom so I can hang up washing. Hobble downstairs...

Hobbling already reduced to snail's pace. Back, elbows, knees, hips, ankles excruciating. Look at clock, it's 6.30pm! Another 2 hours+ gone. Meds!

Cursing myself for being an idiot, decide to prepare bite to eat. Between sorting cats out, making a cuppa, making porridge and taking pills, it's 7pm.

I sit down at pc to browse emails and FB, while eating said porridge. Off feet. Sigh of relief.

When I go to move an hour later to take bowl to kitchen and make another cuppa, of course am locked solid in chair! It takes me a good 5 mins to uncrank, stand and take a few steps, mentally screaming.

I know I shouldn't stay on the pc but I do because I need to get some cataloguing of books done, to clear floor space around me. That takes until 11pm, with breaks to chat on FB and deal with cats coming and going. Night meds taken later than usual, so I don't faceplant the keyboard lol.

I then play an FB game, to chill out. Play a while. Zoning out. About to fall off chair. Shit, it's gone 1am aaagh. Bedtime. Gather up the cats. Forget to brush teeth. Zonk out. Boom!

This morning. What did I expect? It's a repeat of yesterday.... pain! Still in bed. "Shattered" isn't a strong enough word. Couldn't fight my way out of a paper bag. Will fall asleep standing up lol. Bones ache. Everything hurts. :-( Aaagh!

And why did I do it? Because the previous 2 days were down days mostly. My BF is due back today. Yeah, that's why the cleaning madness - even then I didn't get finished... My get up & go has got up & left zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

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I can SOOOO relate!!! lol poor you xx dont over dose!


I'm afraid I think you are crazy! You do not need to spring clean because someone is coming, you need to do surface stuff and deep clean when they are out! I do so hope this has not rebounded on you so you cannot enjoy your boyfriend! He will only wonder why you don't have the energy for him when you should have had time to relax. Sorry, don't mean to poop on your parade. I think you are admireable for managing it at all.

Soft hugs and hoping you get plenty of those from 'him'!


Craziness is a pre-requisite for dealing with this condition lol.

My BF was away for 4 nights and we'd had the builders in just before he went. I then had 2 down days where I could do virtually nothing. Had some more workmen in on day 3, who left mess behind in spite of trying not to. The builders dust had tracked into the bedroom in spite of dustsheets. I will never ever have cream carpets again! Terrible to keep clean. The sunshine shows up all the dust and hairbunnies and smears and stains :-( you know what it's like - start cleaning this bit here and you open a whole can of worms...


So your best laid plans meant you had to tire yourself out! Oh dear! Shame the workmen and boyfriend couldn't have been together same time, then you having down time.

I do hope everything turned out alright. There is no way I could have done what you did! However I find kneeling a major problem. If your picture is of you, you don't look overweight whereas I am massively. My picture is representing how I was not how I am. Hence no actual photo. My weight crept on at the beginning of my marriage and I fought it and won several times. Now its a lot harder [I'm 50] so keep up the good work and take care of yourself!

Soft hugs


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