Vacuuming, what do you use?

Exiting post (sorry!) but I am finding it too difficult to pull out my henry hoover to hoover and especially to carry up stairs but I also like a tidy house. I would love a dyson cordless super duper machine but cannot afford £250+ for the luxury. I have even looked at the old fashion cheap floor sweeps. What do you guys use? I have hard floors downstairs and carpet upstairs.

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  • I have a corded Dyson DC49 which I adore. It was 'only' £179 but it is so light and efficient that it was worth it.The dust collector is only small so you have to check and empty it every time, but that is not a problem.

    If you Google Dyson and click on the shopping option it will show you where the best offers are, and it can be worth searching for 'discount' or 'vouchers' because some of the voucher sites may have discounts you can use. I don't buy anything nowadays without doing that first so I know I am getting a good price.

    Is it worth asking family to contribute either as an advance Christmas present or at Christmas? People who love you will probably be happy to know that you have something that helps you with everyday living.

    I am sorry to be an advert for Dyson, I hope it doesn't breach any rules but I am very grateful that I was able to buy one.

  • A Henry and wouldn't part with him.....the best man for the job :)

  • We bought one last year and just can't handle it after always having an upright cleaner, too hard on the back bending over 😟

  • I am small and find I can stand straight and let my arms do the moving saving my back, plus I am all on one level so no carrying him upstairs :) He is heavy so I can understand your difficulty :)

  • Nice, we are both very tall so you can see the problem 😃. My OH uses it to clean the car now, and we've bought an upright one for the house

  • Very tall and appliances don't always go together :D My hubby laughs at me, I vacuum one room have a sit down then vacuum another.....and so it goes. Vacuuming is still hard on my back even when I let the arms do the moving :) but then so is walking :D

  • A daughter or a kid! I no longer vacuum at all it just hurts too bad!

  • Me neither, thank fully my OH does the hoovering, after I've dusted and tidied, he's retired so plenty of time 😃

  • That is a system I like :)

  • Use a microfiber mop on hard floors, picks up all the dust and really light to use. xx

  • I have a Bissell Pet and home, I had a Henry for years, but when my shoulders got bad I couldn't cope with the resistance on the carpet, fine on hard floors, so I had to get an upright. There are so many really good ones around at the moment, but as you say it's a matter of cost. I hope you manage to find one which suits you 👍🏻😃

    Foggy x

  • thank you all, I have just seen one at Lakeland which I might try, they are good at taking things back if they are not up to standard. Unfortunately my 15 year is disabled and my poor husband is always working but maybe this one from Lakeland will help me a bit. Thanks guys x

  • I've just PM'd you my friend 😃😃

  • I genuinely hope that you can get what you are looking for x

  • I want a g tech ram ,it hovers everything into little blocks , two elderly friends have them and they are brill ,light and easy to use , and they work, you do have to use something on stairs , but as soon as I can afford one its on my must have shoppping list , I have a dyson animal it brill , but so heavy I cant get up stairs .

    Happy hunting


  • Have to pay someone else to hoover these days. But in between visits I use a dyson cordless. Makes a decent job x

  • I have a van hoover that cost me £100 out tesco and the thing sucks up downstairs carpet too when I Hoover so needless to say I hardly use it... lol live in a flat somit easier to hoover no stairs x

  • my husband does the vacumming

  • I have one of the lovely dyson's but i hate hoovering so I pay a cleaner to do it for me. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck my friend and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I discovered the Vax cordless lift. It's an upright and the centre lifts out to do the stairs or other jobs. The 2 batteries the supply run for about an hour and it's a blessing to use as it's light and doesn't drag on the carpet but plenty of suction. I bought one and was so pleased with it I invested in a second for my 1st floor. I use it all the time. Does basically what a mains upright does and it has a boost suction control on it too and a headlight for showing up dirt in dark corners. I also invested in a Vax hard floor washer that is also cordless and that is a boon on my hard floors in the kitchen and utility room etc. I've tried so many vacuum cleaners and finally settled for the Vax range of Cordless as they are so good in my opinion. I have fibro and arthritis and cannot lug hoovers upstairs but the Vax has given me back some independence to clean my home. gentle hugs to all X

  • Hi

    I have a henry as well but most of my place is wooden floor so i sweep and mop which is easier. My friends mum has the wireless dyson and its fab (had a little go on it) very light. Henry hoover is heavy isn't it, really takes it out of me when i hoover ;-)


  • Wow, thanks everyone for responses, so glad we can share good advise. I went out today and bought the tech something...from Lakeland for £69.99 as they said if I am not happy I can bring it back. The box is tiny and weighs nothing! worried it will not work but I will keep you posted as I am really fussy about floors and I have a little (fat) doggy who is gorgeous, so I will be critical if it does not live up to my henry hoover. Watch this space!!!

  • I have a dysentery but I don't like mine not had it long hate trying to do the stairs I get my husband to do it iv got 2 dogs and 2 cats and only got carpet on my stairs and one bedroom would love some think better iv was thinking of getting the ram ones and the one that dose stairs but can not afford may have to save for one x

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