Nigella eat your heart out!!!!

I have had my Nigella Lawson head on today,made Lemon Curd,A Victoria Sponge,Lemon Drizzle Cake and Syrup Sponge i also made my own Vegetarian Chilli!!! I am absolutely shattered now though as i've also cut the Front Lawn and cut back some shrubs and have had a mountain of washing on the go since last night,My Dyson Hoover is on the go far too much as my two gorgeous Labradors and my two beautiful Cats are moulting like crazeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Today was supposed to be my day off...............NOT!!!Lol!!! Love and Hugs to everyone,Della xxx xxx xxx

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  • Wow Della , i hope you dont pay for it in the morning , (SUPERWOMAN) XX

  • Wish i was Bionic Woman! lol! Hope you are well Love Della xxx

  • hello della I have a black labrador she is so loving and she is moulting to she is having her booster injection today (friday) I am up so early not sure what day it is then they are lovely dogs (well all dogs are lovely ) when I am not well she comes by me and puts her head on my lap she makes me smile she is my shadow take cake & enjoy your cakes love beth xx

  • Hi Beth, I have a Black Lab and a Chocolate Lab, fantastic dogs aren't they, they get me through some very difficult times they just know everything and understand how we feel, I love them with all my being!! I am a dog fanatic!! Hope all went well at the Vets today Love Della xxx

  • are you sure you not delia smith ????? onhere with all that cooking today mmmm sounds lush especially the lemon drizzle cake love diddle xxx

    ps dont think i will get any prizes for my cooking today lol a toatoe roll followed by a vanilla and raspberry mousse kids one from asda so not really the hardest of meals to cook lol xxx

  • Hi Diddle,i used to get called Delia all the time at school!! Cream crackered today!! Cakes are scrummylicious!! Hope you are well,great news you are to be a nanny again! My daughter calls my mum Nanny always has done and still does and she is 17 next month! i think it's lovely sounds better than Granny!!Lol! Love and Hugs Della xxx

  • Was a very ambitious day yesterday!x

  • Wow della superwoman or wot.making my mouth water or wot.

    Hope your,okay today.try and,rest a little today.

    Mm love cakes x

  • Quite stiff and sore and very fatigued, when i have a burst of energy i get as much as i can done otherwise everything gets on top of me stressing me out, you can't beat homemade cakes! xx

  • Wow, I would love to be able to do half of that! One day in the kitchen with my grand daughter has me laid up for a day! Love the sound of the lemon drizzle cake and the syrup sponge. Yumyum x

  • Very scrummy indeed! xx

  • Can I come and live with you ?

  • Lol! x

  • Lol'ed at above comment! Please put me on your list of wana b lodgers! Sounds divine, I'm drooling!

    Hope you didn't do too much. When I'm feeling okish I tend to overdo it & pay later! Will we ever learn?!!! Don't think so!!! Take care xx

  • i do it all the time when i get a burst of energy then i need days to recover, very tired today and very sore hands and twitchy fingers! Cake delicious though! xxx

  • Been out in the garden today picking gooseberries and redcurrants. Have topped and tailed them now must decide what to do with them. Last year I made jam. The redcurrant especially was brill. Not done that before.


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