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Hi all you crafty people does anyone make paper flowers

Why well we have a wonderful wedding going on next year and we want to fill buckets with flowers it could hydrangers but mine has not produced enough flowers the colour is amethyst with lavender and cream roses . In the buckets I just want a lot of Hydranger like flowers all nestling together. I have said I can do the flowers and now I am going down hill fast. This is not me Help :) keep smiling my friends xxgins

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Oh gins, I will try and help you, when exactly is the wedding, I have loads of hydrangeas in varying colours, so I could cut them and dry them out for you, I also have a friend who has masses and masses of lavender and likewise I'm sure I could get some of those too.... Do let me know, I could make some tissue paper flowers too, my mother left a box that she had clearly used when she was teaching and so I could put those together for you.....let me know :-) :-)

Please put your brakes on and stop going downhill so fast, it worries me !! :o :o

Foggy x


I never said did I the wedding is the 2nd August so any dry lavender or hydrangers please Thanks Hun xxgins


Iam so sorry to hear that gins :( sorry I can't help with the flowers but just wanted to wish you well enough so you can finish your flowers.Sending you lots of fluffy hugs xxx


Haribo darlin thank you for being so lovely xxgins


Hi Gins

Sorry you're not good at the moment.

I have lavender in the garden and have just bought a hydrangea plant but it is small but could help with a few. They are a bluish purplish colour. Just let us know when you need it for.

My daughter came home from a group and they had made flowers from paper cake cases, you could get the colour you want.

I hope you can get back to climbing that hill soon, I have every faith that your can.

Is xx


The blue ish purple colour would be marvelous thank you xxgins


Hi Gins, what lovely offers from Foggy and Suffolklass!

Hope that people being so kind helps the time you're going through - it doesn't relieve the symptoms, but I always feel people's kindness goes a long way to help the low mood I find accompanies my FM.

I have had a quick look for 'how to's and this seems like the simplest, if you still want to make some yourself:


Good luck and lots of blessings,

Zoe xx


Zoe darlin thank you for all your kindnes it is great that everybody jumps up to help :) xxgins


Hi Gins,

I can't help you with the flowers as I live in a flat, but I can send you healing thoughts and hope that you feel a good bit better soon.

love GJ xx


It must have been your healing thoughts Jerryjay that got me through the session with the phsio. Thanks I appreciate the thoughts xxgins


Hi gins my mum had us making crepe paper flowers every year for the local carnival when I was a child but not sure I could manage top quality standard but willing to help if I can :)

:) xxxzebxxx :)


Big smiles :) xxgins


we made them for a carnival a few times from tissues.

you unfold the tissues and layer them up [I think 4 tissues deep]

then you fold them length-ways in a concertina fashion.

wrap some garden wire around the middle 2 or 3 times leaving the ends approx 2" long and twist ends together.

now open out the concertina folds into a fan shape

starting on what will be the middle, start to separate the tissue layers - one layer at a time and pulling tightly into the middle [like a daffodil]

to finish, lightly fluff and shape.

this will create a rose like flower.


Brilliant thanks that is so clear :) I shall be making these xxxgins


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