Hope this makes you laugh

I have to admit that I've been a right old misery lately because I've felt so crappy, any way I thought I'd share a snippet of a conversation I had with a friend last Friday which just about typifies how my brain operates my mouth. We were talking about banking and instead of me saying we both bank with Barclays I said that we both bark with Banclays!!!! The friend I was talking to has fibro as well so we both had a good laugh over that. There's always a funny side, sometimes it's just hard to see it.

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  • Lol, it is when your brain works faster than your mouth ... well that is my excuse and I'm sticking to it ;-)

    Julie xx

  • I'm not sure my brain works at all sometimes!!! I think my mouth has to go it alone. We have to laugh though don't we or else we'd be in a right old state.

  • Hehe i too often mix my words and i stutter like mad at times but we just giggle about it, xx

  • I know it's not just me, it's the fibro!!!! Glad we can all laugh sometimes. My hubby laughs at the things I come out with sometimes. When I say to him "you know what I mean" he always replies with "very rarely dear". I'm lucky he makes me laugh too.

  • When I get confused and my husband finds weird things in the fridge and cupboards, and I can't remember the end of my sentence, he just looks at me and says " Oh I do love you". Good job really , and we just laugh too x x

  • Where would we be without our hubbies? I honestly think that once we stop laughing, then we really are doomed, Glad to hear you have a hubby that makes you laugh too.

  • As I always say if you can't laugh youl cry

  • Exactly. LOL.

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