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Blue Badge spaces and the selfish/ lazy

I am getting increasingly fed up of selfish and lazy people parking in blue badge spaces when they're not disabled. Especially the one opposite my local shop. I asked a traffic warden if anything could be done but his helpful response was no unless they were around! My husband says not to tackle anyone after the horrific incident in Asda car park. Should I just accept this?

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we have been told we could put in a disabled parking bay outside our house for my husband. we were told though that disabled bays are a curtsey only and not legally enforceable unless there is a metal plate stating disabled only or in our case our house number. we were also told any one could park in a disabled bay ( unless there was the metal plate) regardless if they have blue badge or not. so we decided not to bother as we have a garage close to us who parks his cars in the few parking spaces we have and parks in the disabled bays too. sometimes with his or his dads blue badge or not and when the other disabled badge holder whose space is is for confronted him he said there was not he could do and when police arrived they said again it was not illegal to park there with no blue badge just a curtsey not too!! they need to make the law surrounding the spaces more tighter and enforceable too


If it was outside my house I would try to block them in. That way they are inconvenienced somewhat. My husband has a few letters that he puts under windscreen wipers. The other way is to report the badge number. There are specific rules for owning and using a blue badge and if they are constantly abusing the privilege it can be taken from them. So the safest bet is to report the abuse!

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My mam had a blue badge and asked for a disabled bay but got refused as we had a drive. So when my dad was out taking my mam to hospital appointments I used to watch for them to help her back in the house. But also to make sure know one parked across our drive as the public is very ignorant!! When they parked across the drive I'd be straight out there telling them to move there car, all I got was I'm only going to be a few minutes, I turned round and said sorry your going to have to park across the road as my mam was coming home as was disabled, 9 times out of 10 they would move. But there was always 1. Where my dad would have to go and tell them to move.

I have a free bus pass and sit where elderly and disabled people sit and the looks I get cause I don't look disabled its rediculous, when I get funny looks I feel like asking them if they have a problem, it's like you have to tell them why your sitting there "do you mind if I sit here, as I am deaf and have fma and other medical problems" I don't think so.



Take a photo and post it on here!


Hi, I'm also a blue badge holder and get very annoyed. At our local Tesco, if there is a car in the disabled bay without a blue badge and no one in it then I go to Customer Services and ask to put out call for it to be moved from a disabled bay. In the long run it really isnt worth getting hurt over a parking space but it does make my blood boil and I have frequently asked people to move and yes they do look at me like I'm from another planet. Haven't come across anyone yet that wants full scale war and I suppose it would be down to how I was feeling that day as to whether or not I could confront someone without going to pieces. Friday mornings are bad for disabled parking everyone with a blue badge is out (Pension day maybe?) so unless I want our tiny market I leave it till after lunch before I venture out.


one problem is not everyone can get a blue badge even if they are disabled as you need to receive high rate mobility I used to have a blue badge but at my last dla tribunial that was changed to low rate so I can no longer apply for blue badge even though I now have to use a wheel chair even at the time of last tribunial my mobility was severly compromised but because rheumy consultant put question mark next to ra they redused it and there was a letter from my gp confirming my mobility issues !! so sometimes its not really other persons fault and we cant see in the heads of other people they may be in severe pain many who have fibro you wouldent know unless they said x


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