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Blue badge parking

Hello everyone, I have had a blue badge for about 3yrs now and it’s a God send when going to appointments etc but when I go shopping, not often, I struggle to park in a blue badge space due to the people who park there without a badge. What is the point in this reserved parking if it’s not enforced in any way? The signs say it’s a £75 fine to park without a badge but has anyone ever know anyone get fined? I know not everyone on this site has the use of a badge but the card I see park are usually BMWs or range rovers that don’t want to use the normal smaller spaces. Has anyone had a problem encountering these people? X

EDIT by admin: turning off replies as some people decided to carry on arguing rather than ignoring posts and reporting them if they needed this. If people do this then they will get themselves restricted under the same rules that they are reporting people for.

Also some information was not quoted properly. For anyone that is interested the official advice leaflet can be found here: assets.publishing.service.g...

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The BB is issued to the person NOT the car. So you could see a Rolls with a BB or a beaten up banger.

If it is a council owned car park you can report the culprit to local authority.

If a private supermarket car park...report to shop

Sadly many able bodied drivers do abuse our parking spaces...they also park across dropped kerbs.



Yes I understand that disabled drivers have others shopping for them but I meant to say that the cars I see don’t display badges. My supermarket has only 3 spaces for blue badge users and I have waited half an hr only to see people return from town to collect their car from a blue badge space! X


Carers are not supposed to use the blue badge unless the person named on the badge is with them I believe xx

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I think your post was clear enough. Well, it seemed obvious enough to me that you were referring to the non-BB holders taking advantage of the wider spaces to park a larger car without a BB.

In my county anyone who is on an errand for a blue badge holder can use the badge however I have never given my badge to anyone and only use it if I am in the car. I am very surprised at some of the reply’s I have had to my post, it’s like disability rights are only of value if you get in line behind able body people. What is the point of blue badge spaces if we say ‘ oh never mind let’s put up with everyone using them’ . Sorry Bananas I’m not getting at you , I’m just fed up of hearing from people who are happy to just put up with being treated contrary to the disability act. X


If you read the BB rules...no one else can use it. It is an offense and may get your badge withdrawn. You can not lend it to someone doing your shopping.

When I say you....that is people in general. Your local authority have no right to allow otherwise.

When we do question those who use our spaces you often get a mouthful of abuse. One man was actually killed.

Of course it is wrong but what do we do?

I am blind and find it impossible to navigate around street furniture or cars parked on the pavement

And yes I have a BB which goes with me to use when I get a lift somewhere



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I wasn’t saying you can just give the badge I meant the career using it on their car when you are with them. I know how abusive people can be that’s why I posed the question to see if there is a site to report non badge owners to sorry I even bothered though Some reply’s where just as abusive. I’ve been disabled all my life but the misuse appears to have been happening in more recent years x


That's not legal Loraine. It's a criminal offence with a hefty fine - £1000 I think. If the disabled person doesn't get out of the car when using a BB space it's an offence.

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I don't think your first paragraph makes sense or is necessary with the word NOT in capitals.

The poster didn't say anything to justify this response. Merely that she had noticed that some of the vehicles using the BB spaces without authority (ie no Blue Badge) were large/wide vehicles - their drivers seeming to be taking advantage of the wider spaces.

Well that's an offence.

And I agree with the poster.

I have seen private vans and even delivery trucks on BB spaces. Totally unacceptable. Oh, and of course, anything goes at this time of year so safer for disabled people to remain housebound.

After all - what's the point of a BB holder going out if they can't park at their destination?

I think there should be more policing of BB spaces.


ever so sorry but with no sight i can't always tell what size the letters come up

please remember if you feel compelled to criticse me in thhe fUTure


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Actually, it was you who criticised the poster as if she was criticising particular car owners. She wasn't complaing about or criticising the car model or choice of vehicle - just that some drivers where misusing Blue Badge spaces for their large cars. This is an offence. She has a right to criticise such drivers. They can drive a Limo if they wish - as long as they don't park it in a Blue Badge space if there is no Blue Badge holder in the car who is getting out.

I think it would be helpful if we all report offenders to Disability Motoring and see if we can get these offences reduced.

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but the card I see park are usually BMWs or range rovers that don’t want to use the normal smaller spaces.

my answer was fair so please stop elling what to do or say

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I drive a bmw! Lol

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Just ignore her mary

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Ignore whom

Ask mary

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U r the one telling her to ignore people it’s not really necessary

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Yes, actually , I think maybe I should have. Good advice for me from AJay - which I appreciate.

There seems to have been repliers jumping on here to criticise - without reading what has been said. And an apology followed by a nasty jibe is no apology in my opinion.

Any point in taking photos and sending email to dvla and local council? Or / and reporting to Customer Services or Security on door. They might announce the car number over the loud speaker system asking the driver to come to Customer Services. Would only be helpful if they're actually in the store.

I saw a website and while back for a 'Blue Badge ' organisation this can be reported to. Not sure if still in existence if you want try try a Google search. Think the membership was about £10.

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Good idea, maybe it might embarrass them enough to think twice next time x


I've also seen them (BB spaces) used by large vehicle drivers. A van , even a delivery vehicle, in our retail park. And 4 x 4s with no badges.


Yes,,, it's a terrible state of affairs. I think the only answer is larger carparking spaces for all.

I had to park my new Rolls Royce in one of those parent and child spaces yesterday,,,, auctually they are the best spaces if you have a decent car.

I have applied for a blue badge .. sadly the rolls is in for repair so it will just be in our crappy (if I get one ) Vauxhall’s but I could really do with the extra space to get out of the car etc ... I understand the frustration - husband I usually really good and will park at the end of the row so that I can get in and out without someone parking and blocking my door side ... or alternatively he has to pull out so I can get in ... so I’m hopeful that they will consider giving me a badge ..

Completely understand your frustration about people who use them without having a badge etc .. they rarely get caught though so they keep doing it ...

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A day of clamping them would soon remedy the situation :) but supermarkets won't do it because they want customers no matter where they park!

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Yes you are right of course they won't customers and it's clearly not ones who cannot walk and block the aisles with their wheelchairs. There is nothing more frustrating than paying a career to get you ready to go to shop and then having to come home again as you cannot park. I wish people would understand why disabled spaces exist in the first place. X

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Hi I have had a blue badge for some years, before I had one I would always address people I thought were parking in disabled spaces without a badge. Now I have one I feel like it is a privilege rather than a right, and I feel I do not want to police other drivers. if they decide to take the risk and park in disabled bays with out a badge at their own risk, it is not my problem. l am not saying every one can walk a few further yards and park in an ordinary bay, but if all disabled bays are full I have no problem parking in a non disabled bay. my philososy is just get on with your own life do not worry about others.


Why have you got a Blue Badge if you don't need it?

Perhaps you should return it?

They are for people who really need them.

You may not have a problem with it but it is an offence. Also causes suffering to a disabled person with a genuine need for it.

l do need it but it is still a privilege to have one and not a right if you understand that. if you want to know why I can tell you.

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It is a right.

If you are happy and able to park in a non-disabled space then you shouldn't have a Blue Badge.

Hi mary I think we could argue to the cowes come home. But I have seen some people with blue badges parking in dangerous spots, we also have responsibilities. Also I have quite severe problems but can usually manage to walk and extra few yards if all the disabled spots have been taken. Actually does me good.


I'm happy for you that unlike me you don't have to unload a wheelchair as this is impossible from a normal space.


I do look on it as a right and not a privilege, when I'm the one paying £20 for the right to the parking space then I want that parking space. I know not all council's have a charge but Edinburgh does,

Rosie 😊


hi rosie, I am having a very bad time health wise, but I always feel more gratful for the help I get on the nhs. l never think it is my altimute right. just that I am lucky to be living in a country where I am getting the help I need. l am talking about disabled spaces, not other parking disputes, there will always be disquiete over parking issues.

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I'm talking about parking spaces not the nhs and if I pay for something I believe I'm entitled to it, I have never ran the nhs down especially being an ex nurse, if it was as you say just a few steps I don't think anyone would be too upset but in my experience I have had to walk great distances for hospital appointments never mind supermarkets. I'm closing down because this thread has gone too far and upsetting to some people


l think that's a good idea especially as you have the last word.

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Lol I didn't think that for one minute, going by previous replies and I've been proved right, I just hate seeing this forum being used to hurt and upset people, it started out with an innocent post asking us how we felt about disabled parking spaces being used by people who aren't entitled to it especially if they are using it because it is easier to park bigger cars,

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Do grow up please uggycat. If you are looking for an argument - this is not the place.

People come on here for support and to support others. If we can't offer support, helpful information or comfort, anything positive - we do not have to reply.

I would like to think this is still a place for sharing, supporting each other and caring.

If we can't say anything nice then . . . . . . . . . .

l love you really xxxxxxx

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Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit and I'm not going to descend to your level, feel free to reply but I won't answer you, someone has to call an end to this

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Hi Lorraine it does happen a lot unfortunate and they get away with it specially at supermarkets. They do get the fines from traffic wardens in high street though. Sorry about your reply s have a good day

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Thank you for your kindness x


Hi again Loraine :

Disabled Motoring UK


01508 489449




Lots of Love




I've just sent them an email asking if anything can be done about Blue Badge Space misuse.

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Getting a bit heated is this post...!!

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Yes. Really sad.

Just different opinions and stances, shouldn’t be anything personal just lots of passionate members on here

I just don't think criticising someone's post for something they didn't say is very kind.

The poster took it well after first criticism.

Then another reply said they had no problem with non -badge holders parking in a BB space and went on to say " . . my philosophy is just get on with your own life . . . don't worry about others ' !!!

That is the poster's point !!?!!

She could not get on with her own life

- had paid a carer, arranged to go out but couldn't park.

All spaces taken.

After half-an-hour an able bodied person returned to a car which was in a BB space but didn't have a Blue Badge.

She has also had to return home due to no space, due to misuse of spaces by non -badge holders.

Neither is criticising a member for having a disability

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Meaning ???

Good evening :) I think we should all bear in mind when we post a question or observation on any subject. We should always be prepared for responses that may not always coincide with how we ourselves feel on the subject matter. Everyone is entitled to their own personal opinion. So can I please ask everyone to bear this in mind when posting. I would not like to see this post or any post been locked because some can't agree to disagree on another's point of view.

I may just add I also have a blue badge and I am also a wheel chair user and can understand points of view from all the replies been posted so far. So please if you don't agree with what another person posts just move on. We are all adults here please let us conduct ourselves has adults :)


I agree with you mo about posts and reply s. But on the other side the reply s should be about the the post.there was reply s which created this and not about the post and that should maybe be adressed as well .hopefully thats the end of the matter on this touchy subject


I also agree Ajay :) But like I said if your not happy with a reply give it a wide berth and move on. To be honest I can't find anything wrong with any of the replies but a lot of misunderstanding. Which can happen all the time unfortunately when reading the written word Imo. So let's hope we can now move on and get back on topic thanks everyone :) xx

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Some nasty accusations on here though.

Usually this is a safe place. Support, humour, empathy, comfort x


I am sorry I have asked very politely for this topic to move forward. You seem to want to continue in the same argumentative vain that's brought us to this point. If you have any complaints or anything further to say on this matter please feel free to report it to the admin and not keep posting it here on the forum thank you.

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Did make reports to admin - a while back.

Perhaps you could read through the whole thread in order of replies.


I have done so and again I am sorry you feel the need to continue this on the boards when I have asked you not to.

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