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Brain Fogs and Fighting to Stay in Work

Hi Everyone

The other day I had a meeting at work (the second telling off in two weeks) this involving my Disability Officer from the Job Centre. The telling off was about my performance and when my employers set tasks I can no longer complete them on time, I tried to exaplin where two years ago I was able to finish tasks now I have trouble as the 'Brain Fogs' are getting worse and my pain is 1000% more debilitating. The head of HR said 'I've got Reynauds and I have no Brain Fogs, they don't really happen and its an excuse'. So my question is, I know I get these moments that may last for days if not weeks and I kno 'ITS NOT JUST MY AGE (arrghhhh), so even though I have found information for people to read and I have explaine what happens to me when I am going through an episode, what can I do? How do other people on this site tell/explain to people whats going on? How do people stay in work? i went to University for 7 years to become a teacher and now I am being stripped of everything. I live in hope. xx

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I have this too, it ruins my life, memory loss, sometimes I can't even think what year were in, put 2011 on forms so many times. I also forget my kids birth dates. It does happen, until anyone else gets the symptoms then they can't possibly comment. Hope things get better for you. Take Care of your self abs make notes in your phone.


Hi Tibby

i am one of the lucky people i have had fibro many years i started my present job 12 years ago long after my fibro came. But i was not diagnosed properly until after i started. ( this means they can not get rid of you unless you agree to go ) i went to a confrence day on fibro at arrow park and was given a pack containing a lot of information about fibro. i gave this to my manager to read and HR came to see me we looked at my work load ( i am an office cleaner 7am to 4pm 5 days a week ) and we worked out differant ways to assist me eg: instead of wearing steel toe cap boots i now wear light waight running shoes

i know each job is different as my sister works in an office for the council and they have tried all sorts of ways to get rid of her last week she fell asleep at her computer and got in trouble but at the end of the day she keeps going back and does what she can and they cant do anything about it.

speaks to your HR again and asked to speak to a differant person it is hard to explain as fibro has differant faces and changes each day.


some of the ladies on this site have always come through with whatever people are looking for and i am sure someone will come through for you



yes it is awfulwhen your brain does that and on top of the other symptons too it is not nice and then to be humiliated in front of the head person and others well that is the last straw it makes you feel so unworthy and useless bless you i hopoe this has not upset you tto much at the end of the day you go in you do wahat you can and that is it you cant do anymore can you bless ya heart love to you diddle x


Thanx. Only problem though is they cut my wage by half and I don't qualify for ANY benefits. xx


Hiya Tibby, this sounds awful for you, its so upsetting when you have no support in work. Was there nothing your Disability Officer could do to help you? Problem with me is the more stressed I get the more the brain fog kicks in, its like a vicious circle. Hope they can sort something out for you, take care, Angela x


Hi Ang01. My Disability Officer sat there quiet all the time, after he said he was there as a mediator (ARRGGGGHHHHHH). Two years ago during the bad snow of Feb 2010 I had to go and see a trainee in their workplace, a set of events happened that day. At the end of the cul-de-sac I live in there had been an accident and a car was turned over, the police were stopping us from driving out of the road and so I had to come home. I called the place where I work and was told by my line manager (the one who I am having a massive battle with now – but he is always going to right) that I had to get where I was going no matter what. So I battled the snow and got to the place no problem even walking down a hill in the snow and ice, it was when I was leaving the place and walking up hill that I had an accident which has led to all the illnesses I’ve got now and not being able to carry out my role as a mobile peripatetic teacher. So my battle is against a company who are frightened that I will go for Unfair Dismissal or put up with the telling off until I leave. Catch 22. So this is where I am at and trying to find out my options and read and research everything I can get my hands on in order to try and stay in a job I love as a maths teacher. x


Sounds awful Tibby, I dont know much about the Disability Officers role but would assume it is to try and keep you in work so you would have thought he would be speaking up and fighting your case. Is there anywhere else you could go like the CAB or similar to see if they can either advise you further or represent you in these meetings? If they don't want to keep you on and are afraid if they make you go you will have them for unfair dismissal why don't they pay you off although by the sound of it you would like to stay in your job. Not sure what else to say other than you know we are here if you just want to let off a bit of steam to someone.

Hope it all works out for you, take care, Angela x


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