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Optician says my eyes suffer Dehydration dry eyes???

Greetings all

Since visiting the Optician today I mentioned to her of the problems I am having with my eyes so horrible sore red runny stabbing pains tired blurry etc...

I have been going to my GP for ages and he keeps giving me eye drops that don't work

She has now given me one that I have to use everyday three times a day indefinitely she said most Fybromyalga sufferers have this problem

Does anyone here have this problem

Love & Light

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Hi Serenity61

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering with this issue and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve. I do not suffer with this issue, and the only eye problems that I have are caused by my migraines.

I want to wish you all the best of luck with this problem

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


I do get blurry eyes which go from watering like mad to dry, gritty and itchy. The optician gave me drops to use when they get dry which helps alot but I still have blurry eyes most of the time. I have heard that this is sometimes caused by B12 deficiency but I cant confirm this.

Gentle hugs and twinkly eyes. Joolz.x


My optician recommended Lacrilube (GP can prescribe) for bedtime and Allergan refresh drops for use in the day. They both work well



im the opposite, I wake with dry eyes which feel like sand in them, I feel my way to the bathroom and splash water in them so I can see. I also have blurred vision on and off during the day. hugs x


Yes I do but just put it down to contact lenses or just being shattered x


Like canine crazy, I often wake with very dry eyes.... but find at other times of the day they are very watery..... think it's all part of the complex fibromyalgia symptoms. Sometimes my vision is blurry. Hope that the new eye drops work for you. :) xx


I have Ra/fibro and i suffer with dry itchy eyes. I use the red Hylo tears for it. I have had my eyes cauterised and it still makes no difference. It does help for a little while,but i still have to use the drops. Ask your doctor to refer you to the hospitals eye department they are better qualified to help


Yes I do, I'm supposed to use the drops three times a day, sometimes it's clear so leave off using them.


Hi ,I have sjorgrens as well as fibrin,symptoms are dry eyes ,sometimes itchy , light sensitive , dry mouth will develope if it hasn't already ,poss itchy ears ,dry nose ,saw throat can develope . Get them to check your immune system ,try hot flannel on eye lids with baby shampoe in it as hot as you can manage ,keep replacing it every time it cools down , after about 5/8 mins gently massage lids and jist above cheek bones ,this relieves symptoms I did it every time I had a cup of tea literally about a month ago , now only have to do it about three times a week ,it has eased dramatically ,have changed to non preservative make up I.e masscarra as ordinary can irritate ,hope this helps. :) go chat to GP. Good luck. X


Hi There

I started having problems with my eyes six months ago and after 3 kinds of antibiotic drops etc, I went to a proper optometrist which referred me to a eye specialist. I suffer dry eyes and he is treating me for this. You can read about dry eyes on the web. I do not know if this is related to fibromyalgia sufferers only, but it has to do with the use of long term pain medication, hrt, age, gender (female) and the use of computers. I was on steroid drops which increased the pressure too much and am now using antibiotics. It became somewhat better for about 3 weeks, but is going downhill again. I am using Hyabak eyedrops which can be ordered via Amazon (£10) and should be used one to two-hourly. These are wonderful drops, but it will only relief and not cure. I suggest you see someone who has proper knowledge of this.

You should take omega 3 oils and eat a lot of fish and drink as much water as possible.

I hope you get help. Will be thinking about you.


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Hi, me again. There is a which might give you some background.


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I have dry eye and blepharitus the drops he gives me don't work and my eyes are sore all the time . Let me know if the new drops work and what they are called please x



The eye drops I have been given is called hypromellose eye drops she said it will take a week to work



Thank you x


hi there yes I get bad sore eyes and was told it was my FM I think if I got run over they would say it was my FM lol x


Totally agree in fact so much so they have me thinking it's always fibro .


Dear Serenity61,

I have sjogrens too, so I'm on lacrilube at night and liquifilm tears four times a day.

My optician told me several illnesses can cause this problem, including arthritis and fibro.

Hope you get some relief soon.

Mim x


Hi I have. Even given hypromellose eye drops she said it will take a week to work



I use Hypromellose every day have had it on repeat for two years. If I forget to use it I soon get reminded!

My GP said it was a common issue in fibro.



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