Earache and stabbing pains through my head and eyes

HI guys, woke up at 1am with this nice little novelty of shooting pains through my head, ears and eyes. Ouch! Woke me up and stuck me to the ceiling.

So, no sleep last night, pains all day and now I feel like a sack of c..p, and the pains are relentless. Dont know how I am going to sleep tonight.

Plus I got so befuddled with it I forgot a dose of Buscopan, so looks like I will have gut spasms for the next 12 hours as well.

Silly question I know, as I am sure plenty of people have experienced this, but its new to me and not to say is somewhat upsetting. I spent last night in tears with the pain and am not looking forward to another night like that. Suggestions anyone???

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  • Thanks Julie, I took some extra gabapentin, so managed to sleep, but it was more knocked out than healthy sleep. I feel very groggy this morning, but just reading all the lovely comments on here is such a help

  • Hi Julie,I had a stabbing pain in my eye the day before yesterday,it was the first time it happened and it was so scary.It has not happened again as yet.

    Hope it stops, thinking of you xxx

  • Hi, sorry to hear you're feeling so s**t. I'd get it checked if I were you, cos fibro not only causes unfounded pain, but amplifies pain that is already there. Could be something simple like an ear or sinus infection - I was in AGONY when I had one, even my teeth hurt!

    Try putting a hot towel across your face and head for a while to help relax your eye and face muscles and when you do go to sleep, try propping yourself up a little so theres no pressure on the face or head. Also get the dentist to check yoyr teeth! I found I'd been clenching my jaw and grinding my teeth in the night, giving me terrible pain.

    Hope you have a better night X

  • I used to grind my teeth, but to the extent I smashed 8 teeth out of my own jaw, they just shattered under the pressure. I am sure it is a stress thing, I can feel my jaw sooo tensed up, but cant relax it

  • I know the pain you have been in , i get it alot .I woke up last night with it put some cotton wool in my ears , then went back to bed and did get back to sleep but by then it was dinner and i felt guily for being in bed , it just makes you feel so weak , i have been to the doctors loads of times with it , they say it,s the inner ear

  • sounds like Temporomandibular joint disorder, TMJD my doc diagnosed mine after having shooting pains in my ears, jaws, head and neck, he gave me amitriptyline for my restless legs and said it would help with the jaw pains and it did, ive only had it once since starting amitriptyline about 18 months ago, if your already on it maybe you need your dose looking at or something else to help with nerve pain, hope you find some relief.

    Irene x

  • I tried amatriptyline, but it turned me into a zombie. I had some extra gabapentin last night, but that has knocked me out. Oh its a fine line between pain relief and being a zonbie lol

    I looked at TMJD, its possible but I dont have more than one or two symptoms. I think it is probably more a stress thing, but I will keep an eye on it. If I get any more symptoms I will get my gp on it. Thanksyou for your help and support, loves to you x

  • It turned me into a zombie at 1st but I'm used to it now and think I need my dose upping a little bit, it might be worth trying again and see how you go, maybe just take it at night like I do? I really dont know what I'd do without it

    I was amess before I started taking amitriptyline, I didn't get any sleep for a long time but now I sleep much better apart from a burning pain in my thigh that wakes me up but I've just started a low dose of gabapentin a couple of weeks ago so i'm hoping that helps.

    Irene x

  • I am on 1500mg gabapentin but its not enough now. I started on a low dose but it worked for a few weeks, then the pain came back. Each time I upped the dose that happened. Now I need to go to 1800mg and see if that works.

    Its such a fine balancing act between pain relief and zombification. I cant stand the level of pain, but I want to be able to function to some kind of degree.

    Hope the gabapentin works for you xx

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