walking the dog

yesterday i wanted some fresh air, and decided to take my dog for a long walk. she is very intelligent, so i let her make most of the decisions and she goes the direction she wants. I was on my mobility scooter and the battery was full. we had been out a couple of hours (they like to sniff) and were going up a footpath through the park (we'd not been that way before) and all of a sudden the scooter comes to a dead stop!! we were in a bad place, so between us we dragged it up to the top of the hill! Having checked the connections and given it a couple of mins to cool down still no joy. was about to get out my phone to get help and it started to ring (spooooky!) It happened to be the person i was going to contact (OOOO!!) this friend did not know how to get to me so i free-wheeled back down the hill to the road. I told my dog the car was coming and she was all smiles and waggy, waggy! Bless her she is nearly 11 years old and will not give in or show she is tired and would not be seen dead on my scooter :) (might ruin her street cred lol). You all know where I will be going tomorrow morning - local scooter shop.

Have a lovely day all :-)

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  • hope you get it sorted :) x

  • Hi gypsy, thats a bugger having your scooter break down, Glad you managed to get back home and your dogs street ced is still intackt as all the other dogs might have been a little bit RUFF on your dog :P .

    Hope you manage to get your scooter fixed maybe the will do an upgrade and put a bigger engine and Big off road wheels on it, Ok maybe thats just me that would want a 4x4 off roader scooter hehehehe :d

    Keep your chin up and your wheels turning


  • I thought someone would make a funny comment, it was quite a funny story though, especially when you know my dog. I'd offered her several opportunities to go home but, no, she wanted to go on. It was the look on her face when I said she could go home by car :) I'd like an off-roader too! maybe when I have sold my house. I can whiz into town in half the time and go across grass too! I am not suffering too much today and enjoyed the fresh air.

  • It will be sorted on Monday, but I will be housebound till then.I had the same trouble before it was serviced. Going away again next week! I am having mains electric put in my camper so I will be able to go onto a site and charge scooter battery (and mine :) ). I have a microwave too with grill and conventional oven. Sometimes I wish I could live in the camper.

  • thank god you were ok and had your phone on you that could have been awful, it was bad enough as it was but could have been alot worsr, make sure you do go to scooter shop lol love to you diddle x

  • Sorry to hear your story (ok I admit I did have a giggle at the vision!!) but not funny for you!! hope you don't wait long for it to be mended. Your doggy sounds lovely a little treasure take care Ruby xx

  • she is a treasure Ruby, and a cheeky one! It was quite funny but not the bit where I had to push it up to the flat area and even then I had canine help :) fortunately I had someone who could help. My friendly young man at the scooter shop will get it done by the time my van is ready to roll. there are some lovely people round here! (thighs ache a bit tonight lol) ;)

  • mechanic has found the fault and ordered a new part! wish is was that easy for us :)

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