The day approaches hang on to your walking sticks it is the 18th

right I shall just bumble across to the calendar and have a look see..................well you know when you pull a cracker it goes BANG it is not one of those-- then there is a joke well that comes later....but tucked into the middle is a small piece of paper which is pretending to be a crown yes you have got a PAPER HAT what ghastly colours still VG will wear it while she tries to get to Libbys on her scooter (The mince pie alert).

What do you have in December that you dont have in any other month?

I will leave this with you all while I scuttle off and catch up with VG hehe xgins

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  • Ohhh no I overslept , I ve lost me map and compass by the time I get to Libby's there will be nothing left........... There's only one chance.... I,ll phone the police and ask them to apprehend a gnome and a budgie riding dangerously on a mobility scooter, then while you are being arrested I will zoom past and get to Libby's for the mince pies and sausage rolls hunts out a very large reusable shopping bag and with scooter keys in one hand and mobile phone in the other phones the police while getting scooter ready.........

    What do we have in December that we don't have in any other month??

    A) Gins Christmas posts

    B) Christmas

    C) a scooter race to Libby's

    Am I close huh huh.......

    VGx in motorcycling goggles and a determined look on her face :o

  • yummy mince pies! :P licks lips, pats tum...


  • Hey VG I didn't see a convoy of scooters outside my house today, did you struggle up the steep hill lol! :O ;) xxx

  • watch out it's Biggles!!

  • A christmas pudding ??? Hehe

    Or is it crackers n silly hats for the table ? Ohh i will be bumping into things today gins wandering lol

    Thats walking as some may say not to get in my car today haha .

    Xxxx well mush dash , not through snow but feels more like it all over hehe .. Catchya laters you fruity scootys xxx

  • Ps that paper hat in hideous colours is very tasteful leave it a t Libby's if you get there before me and I will model it on the way back home....

    I at last am getting festive in my advent calendar ... I had a wise man with gold looking for his camel.... I could have told him the camel was the other side of the advent calendar but I was in too much of a rush to get ready

    VG x

  • The answer my fellow cooks is wait for it D yes D oh boy that one must win the mince pies.


  • Looks confused :o ohhhh a D I thought you were trying to type this :D and failing.... Of course a D

    How did you evade the police I expect you bid by a garden pond while Sandra flew into a tree till they had gone.....

    Hands Gins the smallest of Libby's mince pies

    VG x

  • I had a police escort !


  • I had a police escort once , but that's a whole different story... No wonder LIbs has been quieter today with police cars screeching up outside her house to deliver a budgie only for it to fly off with all her mince pies

  • Been quiet today up until now, been baking all day VG! :) xxx

  • A police escort outside my house all queueing up for my mince pies lol! ;) xxx

  • VG I managed to make 120 mince pies today with star tops! Gin is more than welcome to one, so are you!

    Sausage rolls being baked on Thursday! :D

    (((hug))) xxx


  • feeling left out now :(


  • Feel free to whizz past on the back of VG's scooter Sandra, all welcome! :) xxx

  • thankyou, Got me own, but might link it up to VG's ad save me battery! :)

  • A scooter convoy! :D

  • Ok ok I admit it i went back up to my post and wondered how it could be D when I had only put a b and c option then I twigged.... Blames it on the brandy LIbs put in the mince pies

    VG x

  • No brandy in the mince pies VG, just a small sherry or two for the cook! ;) xxx

    What's with the budgie VG, am I missing something along the way?! :O

  • Look at sandra99b 's avatar piccy it always a budgie.... She has a cunning disguise gins turns into a gnome Sandra turns into a budgie and I am just a grumpy old trout :D , but don't tell gins or she will get her fishing rod out and pluck me out of my comfy pond

  • its a soggy budgie at the mo - he'd just had a bath!


  • I've just logged on to see what this was about and i feel like i'm having fibro fog reading the comments what on earth are you all talking about hahahaha!!

  • I know,I was really confused at one point,I thought someone was bidding for a garden pond whilst Sandra flew into a tree?!!

  • Rofl its the christmas countdown mad post we have one a day to try to make us and anyone else have a laugh.... Laughter is sooo good for fibro.... I think you need to read yesterday's Christmas countdown to understand this blog....

    But as usual as gins posts first I shall blame it all on her for confusing you

    Smiles Just like an angel :D

    VG x

  • Loved it :-D

  • gins, could you make 2 tiny budgie sized hats please?

    2nd thoughts, just send me chocolate cake! :-D


  • Don't listen gins send me the cake...... Choccy cake is bad for budgies ..... Sends Sandra a spray of millet and a cuttlefish

    VG x

  • Oh dear Sandra, you are being lead astray by VG, be very afraid lol! ;) :P xxxx

  • that's what the chief of police said [he said to say hello Libs]


  • And may she be the first of many in our mad happy little world, opens the door invitingly for Libby

    VG x

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