Whoops dog day, a day late

Whoops dog day, a day late

Thought I'd introduce you all to my little fur baby! Hubby & I don't want kids just dogs and ducks and Lucy is our first. I'd always wanted a Jack Russell since I was a kid and we got her at the end of January at just 8 weeks, she was so small you could hold her in one hand, she has grown so much but is still tiny we constantly get asked if she is a miniature but nope she was just the smallest in the little (although she thinks she's the biggest dog in the world) Anyway here she is at almost 9 months now.

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  • she is a cutie! :) we had a whippet x called lucy. wishing you many years of fun, love & laughter together x

  • Thanks, she is indeed a cutie but she knows it too! I'll happily admit that she is spoilt rotten, but at the same time she is trained and disciplined when required (which isn't often mostly just stopping her eating everything she see's when out walking)

  • Hay iPrincess

    See she is just as spoilt as my wiflet's Pennypuss. We have two Cavies, oldest Benjamin is mine and living out his last few weeks in style (14.25yrs). Pennypuss is like a second skin to wiflet, they are never far apart.

    Sometimes think better than kids, no back-chat and cheaper too !


  • Thanks, yep she is pretty much by my side most of the day, but it's a different story on an evening. Hubby puts her to bed as I'm always the first to bed and she is generally settled between us on the sofa at that point, I'll ask for a goodnight kiss and nothing he can ask and gets one! So contrary.

    Definitely better than kids, you'd never get away with popping the kids in a cage (bed) while you went out for supper!

  • Ohhhhh she is so cute , she is sweet , my jack Russell finn is fifteen months old now and hes loved aka ( spoilt ) lol , such clever dogs and the know how to get what they want , but I wouldnt be without him now as im sure is true for you , hugs sarah xx

  • Thanks Sarah, definitely clever little dogs especially at getting what they want, thankfully she isn't from working stock so the innate terrier isn't too strong in her & I've been taking us both to training classes since she was about 14weeks although at times she'll only do it if she wants. Last time we were at training we hadn't been for the few weeks beforehand and she was so excited I couldn't even get her to sit let alone do some novice recall (you get them sat still at heel, cross round in front of them and step backwards telling them to sit & wait then call them to you) even or trainer couldn't get her to do it and dogs do anything for her first time normally! Yet we get home and she does it perfectly! As frustrating as she can be we definitely wouldn't be without her.

    Gentle hugs in return xxxx

  • worth the wait for a proper dog Not that I'm biased of course :P

  • She was definitely worth the wait x

  • She is so gorgeous. We nearly had a Jack Russell girl before our last dog who was a rescue. We saw her at the RSPCA but had to wait as she had only been there 4 days. On the morning we were due to pick her up they rang to say her owners had been in they had moved house and had slipped out when they were moving in and them not knowing the new district had not known initially where to look. I was so pleased for her but disappointed for us. We did end up with a fabulous girl in the end who was a Collie but everyone who has had a Jack Russell including Badger who adored his Jack have only had praise for them. Glad she hasn't got too much of the hunting instinct.x

  • Thank you, sorry you didn't get your Jack Russell but glad it was because she had a loving family looking for her. Collies are great too, that's the next in our list I think, in-laws have had collies forever so hubby grew up with them they are incredibly clever. My father in law does sheepdog trailing and breeds from time to time he had a batch of puppies last year and as we lived next door at the time we were in charge of socialisation - it was great fun and I had a little cry when I had to say good bye to the last one.

  • I miss her still and yes they are super intelligent. You have to watch them though as they learn so quickly they can easily pick up a bad habit can't they. She just loved life and everyone. I can remember her last six months my husband couldn't drive through his Epilepsy and I was having to ferry him back and forth, work, helping a friend and taking her to the vets every couple of days. I was also having to get up in the night with her a couple of times and must have looked exhausted the lovely vet we had said if there was ever a time I just couldn't carry on he would have her as he had just fallen in love with her. Didn't matter how she was poked or prodded or how many needles she would just lick the person doing it.

    When I took her to be put to sleep the nurse who normally looked after her would have been off duty and also my vet but they both came in to be with her at the last. As she was going under the injection she out her head up and gave me a last lick. Wonderful dog.x

  • Aww shes lovely! Im 33 and im pretty sure even if i meet someone i wont be wanting kids--- just doggies! Id also love a jack, although quite like lurchers too. X

  • Ah thanks, she is lovely but can be a royal pain in the **** as well all in the space of a few minutes 😉 Wouldn't swap her though

  • Yes dogs are an adorable annoyance! 💚

  • She looks so peaceful but she looks like a mischief maker :)

  • Thanks, she definitely is, but is so much fun - although I'm driving hubby mad now with talk of having to get her a friend! For now she has to make do with terrorising the collies at 'playgroup' - she goes to my in-laws 3 days a week when I'm at work and they have 5 collies although only 2-3 ever living inside, 2 of them want to eat her so they are never out at the same time, 2 she drives up the wall and 1 is still a pup herself and they have great fun playing together

  • My mother in law had a little Papillon, Tiny and a German Shepherd, Trojan. Tiny use to swing on Trojans tail, he didn't seem to mind. Between the two, Tiny was the boss :)

  • Oh she's gorgeous. I used to have a boy called Barney and we walked for miles (long time ago !) Very clever but stubborn, was very hard to get him to come home when he was enjoying himself ! Good luck with the training !

  • Thanks, she is well aware of how beautiful she is and can be so stubborn - let her out for a wee yesterday and when I called her to come in she decided that she wanted to stay out in the sun and lay down! Then pulled her usual when I went to get her - rolled on to her back for a belly rub 🐶😊

  • Aww! She is just so cute and lovable my friend. Thank you so much for sharing her with us all.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken :)

  • Your welcome, we love her and she certainly causes a stir when we take her anywhere!

  • :) :)

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