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Well people often say that they must have done something really bad in a former life to be given this fibro and all the other things that go with it ?1 BUT I am not gonna think like that anymore !! I am gonna say that i was picked to have this as i am SPECIAL and who ever decided this was the path in life knew that i would probably handle it better than some others at times and would do everything io could to try to get to the bottom of this awful thing and why i got it and also that whom ever i met with the same condition or worse i would take thenm under my wing and try to help and guide them and also take their help and guidemnce and yes at times i would be bitter and angry and sad BUT one thing i would NEVER do is wish this on anyone else .

so thats it we are SPECIAL love to you diddle xxxx

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aww thats really nice diddle xxx


thankyou i jus edited it as it did not read quite right so dont know if you wrote that on the 1st draft or the new one lol but thankyou thats what i am gonna start telling myself anyway love to you diddle x


i read the first one ,but the second one is good too ,it has made me think ,as i was feeling very sorry formyself today ,so thank you xxx


well dont feel sorry for yourself tell yourself you are a beautiful person inside and out and you are now a special person whohas been chosen especially for doing sometghing good in this life :) :) love to you diddle x


You go Diddle, very well said, I'm in full agreement xxx


nice one,Diddle. You are so right. Suffering is what we have in common. My husband expects me to keep the perfect home,work and now my mother has cancer and I get no support,just get critisized if there is anything out of place at home and not even allowed to go with my friend for a few hours in case I have too much to drink! And a daughter with severe mental health illness! lol xxx

I do stay cheerful most of the time after all this to cope with! xxx


my faith helps me so much in the journey with fibro.

I am wiccan and beelive in reincarnation, the young souls of this world are rich and famous, easy and comfortable lives, the older the soul the harder the road, my belief and certainly i dont expect anyone esle to is... im here to grow a soul and no growth comes without growing pains, think about teh many lovely people you know very deep caring people who have terrible lives or live with terrible conditions, and the many nasty folks out there who coast through life, ive been here and had the easy life, and now im old and having it hard, and the days i feel jealous of those who have it easy, i think one day in another life theyll have it as hard as me

just a train of thought that gets me through my dark days, special indeed, old, wise and in pain LOL!

T xx


Agree with all you say Diddle, I believe we never get in life something we are not able to handle. Any just think, if we didn't have this "thing" we would never have met all the lovely people on here. Take care, Angela x


Thats a wonderful thought of having fibro Diddle so positve

will also try and put that into practise

as alo thought must have done some thing bad in former life.

thats excellent Diddle

Take care of You




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