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DLA and Blue Badge Can anyone advise ?

I have chronic arthritis on most joints.. I applied for DLA 7yrs ago and was rejected as I was able to prepare a meal....I had to cook for my disable child.....My arthritis is now very severe and wondered if I can get the blue badge without DLA ??? Iam also thinking to apply again for DLA before this new universal credit thing comes in........Not very good at form filling though....Thanks in advance for any advice.....

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Yes you can get the badge without any benefits,you just need to ring up your council and get them to send you a form,I was refused the first time and my application went to be renewed which I didn't know about,I was going to call them anyway,a woman phoned me and asked some more questions on the phone and I got excepted,some councils need you to have an assessment in person but I guess they didn't need to see me as I'd given them enough info,give them a ring,you've got nothing to lose,it's been a god send for me...xx


Thank you pinkblosson........Yes i will ring up our council for a form and try and get my Usless Doctor on board to support me on this too, Worth a try anyway...Thanks xx


Hi security

I see you replied to my post on numbness and tingling,iv just sent you a message back,mentioning your Doc and getting some answers,I hope things are all coming together now for you!...xx


Hi ,

If you send an email to we can email you the Benefits & Work Guides for free.

Also please look at the FibroAction link below regarding benefits

Hope this helps



I've just had a blue badge and I applied online, found that less stressful than the DLA forms I need to fill out now...I have to admit I was expecting to be turned down for the blue badge but wasn't which is one of the reasons I thought i'd try for DLA again even though like you I have previously been turned down...Good luck xx


A big thanks to everyone in responce to my DLA and Blue badge question, Will certainly find out more and send in a badge form....................Will update on progress....


you can apply direct from the website. hope it's ok to add the link


hi yes you can get blue Badge without DLA i just got mine a wk ago now and if you have a printer scanner? email ? then you can ask Dr to do a letter and fill the form in online and forward the letter that way .

or just ring up and ask for an assessment and just take everything you have and a letter from your GP which i did not but i was awarded by letter next 2 days but it did take almost upto 10 days as they have to prepare the badge with your photo and you pay 10.00.

I could of been awarded either way top half arms or legs as i have problems with both ends.

and go on your worst days too, the lady knew i was having half decent day but with all evidence she knew my condition and so much more but too much to put on here.

As for DLA i am just doing forms but having to answer questions so my hubby can put them down for me as writing is not good. He has filled one form in so far but got the ESA to do as well and the sooner we get our butts into gear the better!

as like my flare this wkend with ear infection and the fact i can barely stand and the pain and suffering my back well everything really preparing a meal is the last thing i can do at minute as no strength . xxxxxx

all the best keep us updated ..


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