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Hi there i was wondering if any of you knew if you could get a blue badge without getting dla or pip as its now called i have applied several times and have been turned down so many times i have difficulty even walking up the garden let alone when it comes to doing anything else so if anyone has a blue badge with either dla or pip id like to know what i have i have to do

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  • you can, a lot depends on what your dr writes back to them, I waiting for dr to answer back to them , knowing he doesn't believe in fibro I know he will say I don't need it, even tho I got osteoarthritis in knee and shoulder and degenerative disc disease, and fibro. worth trying you might get it x

  • I applied for a blue badge without having DLA, and was given one on appeal. You get one automatically if you are on the higher rate of mobility I think. But you can get one without DLA x

  • Thankyou for your replies i will fill onemin later on line seeing doctor next week so will tell them aswell

  • I think much depends on your local council. I only get low care rate of DLA, and nothing for mobility, yet decided to apply as I cannot walk any distance without pain.

    I did it online, and without any advance warning a man from the council turned up at my home a week later, at 8am one morning 'to gather more information'. I was a bit stiff & doddery - as I tend to be in the mornings. He only asked how far I could walk, and how long I had been having problems, if I had a recognised condition, such as arthritis and if I was receiving any treatment currently?

    Two days later I received a letter telling me to go collect my badge. Yet I do know of people who have greater difficulty with walking than I have, but are under a different local authority, and have been turned down.

    You have nothing to lose by logging on to your local council website and applying, it is very easy to do, and you can save a partly filled in application, and come back to it later if needs be.

    I simply typed 'Blue badge application' into Google and the top line of search results was my own local authority.

    Good luck

  • i looked on line, and it told me to apply to my local council, i phoned them up and they said to come to civic offices, parking dept, i filled out a form, they helped a little, and then had to wait, about a fortnight/3 weeks later, i got a phone call to tell me it was ready for collection, to bring my "registered as disabled card" (also from city council, ) and a fee of £10, thats all there was to it, i didnt need a doctors note or anything, perhaps if you phone your civic office/town hall they will direct you, i hope you are successful as mine has been a god send.

    just read Maladjusted's reply, seems it is the norm for the local authority to issue them, also, i am not on any DLA, or mobility etc..

  • Hi, I completed form based on worst day (have to use mobility scooter) and supported it with a letter from pain clinic which stated that I was unlikely to improve and that a blue badge would greatly assist me. I was sent blue badge one week later in post. I do not get DLA/PIP.

  • I receive lower rate care dla but was awarded nothing for mobility. However I applied for a blue badge and had to attend a medical assessment with an occupational therapist last week. I was informed yesterday that I was awarded one. I have also requested a copy of the occupational therapist report, which I will be using in my claim to dla to upgrade my award due to a change in circumstances.

  • ditto above this was in Sheffield

  • I have a blue badge but not DLA. I have OA as well so that no doubt helped. My GP arranged for community physio to assess me before they endorsed my original request and not had trouble renewing so far. Might be worth talking to your GP about your application so they're primed for the forms when they arrive. Good luck x

  • Thanx everyone

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