Well I've had another appointment through for pain management for the 11th Dec which will b fun as still nt had any my paperwork they have ment to have sent me a month ago. So it's fingers crossed paperwork cums or it will b another hour wasted again lol. Hope every1 is good an gettin in the Xmas spirt as I think I've lost my Xmas spirt sum where lol xx

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  • I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your appointment.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x :)

  • Get back in touch with them and ask for the paper work to be resent. This is only wasting your patience and time. I wish you well :) xx Ask for a letter confirming this and keep it for your reference. x

  • My doctor hasn't had the paperwork either. My pain management bloke said the office is takin the p*** an it's nt only me. It's a new service they r doin from where I'm from. X

  • Oh dear, that's not to good. What are you going to do? xx

  • Good luck with your appointment

    Clare x

  • Hello GothBird,,,,,I sound stupid but have you given them a ring,,,,,and if no paperwork,,

    will this affect the upcoming appointment,,,,,and if it does and it's not worth wasting your time,,,,,,and if you still need to have the paperwork tell them and insist on it being sent,,straight away,,,,,,,ttfn from Karen.

  • It's a new service an they havin trouble catching up with everything. Just bin docs an they still had nothin. The pain management is to c how I'm coping with my condition as only just bin diagnosed an they want change all my meds by cnt till doc got the paperwork. X

  • Hello GothBird,,,,,,,it does not matter how new the service is,,,,the continued support for the patient cannot continue until the paperwork is ready,,,,,,,they should work overtime until they are up to date,,,the patients,,,who need the support should not be kept waiting,,,,,I feel a doctors complaint coming along,,,,,,,well for now,,ttfn from Karen.

  • I reported to doc yesterday at my doc appointment an she goin to look into it as she said it's disgusting how long it's bin since my first appointment an nt had any paperwork so hopefully that will work x

  • Hello GothBird, glad to hear that your gp is pushing the case and agreeing with you that this situation is not acceptable,,,, good news,,,,,hope you hear soon and the appointment and treatment begins,,,ttfn from Karen.

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