Woke up to a nice letter from the DWP this morning

Hi all, for those of you who have replied to my comments/questions on this forum, I just want to let you all know that after having been awarded low care component on the 5th march 2014, I appealed through a 'supersession' and won. yes WON. Was awarded high rate mobility and middle rate care, I just want to thank everybody involved on this site and as the saying goes "NEVER GIVE UP", you will succeed in the end. Good luck to everybody, i will be in the background of this forum now, once again a massive thank you from BIGGER SMILEY DAVE

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  • Congrats to you! I don't know you but am very pleased for you as I have been through it all myself! Xxx

  • Congratulations to big smiley Dave can I be rude and ask what your symptoms are. Xx

  • My symptoms are ddd( degenerative disc disease PTSD can't walk and need constant support from my good wife who is there for me

  • Hi Dave I have DDD, cervical and lumber spondylosis and disc bulge. I really struggle with medication I have had most oral tablets I was put on now I could be spelling this wrong fenytel patches but I couldn't cope with the side effects. Back on co-codamol not good. I'm really pleased for you. Take care. Xx

  • Wooooohoooooo well done smileyDave10.big squeezy gentle hugs to you and your lovely wife you both deserve it. Ros

  • Congratulations SmileyDave hope it makes life more comfortable for you - Storm x

  • Congratulations well done. Xgins

  • Hi Dave I am so pleased for you and now you can relax a little :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • well done ! you are truly smileydave today!

    why hide in the background?

  • It's just a Yorkshire saying I will still be here only a little bit quieter but will help in anyway I can

  • here we say sink/fade/melt into the wallpaper :)

  • Congrat's nice to here about someone getting good news. fibro10

  • Very pleased for you Dave and Hambles right, why don`t you try joining in more? we will be very happy to see you. hugs sue xx

  • I bet it is absolutely big, big smiley dave they won't be able to wipe the grin off your face. Wonderful news, just a pity that you had to go through all that to get it but it is all down to your perserverance.x

  • Oh it is my wife has already chose the car

  • Congratulations and well done my friend!

    Take care


  • congratulations. can you please tell me what a supersession is please ?

  • Hi, when I had my tribunal in March for dla, I won but was only awarded low care component , I was told I could appeal again through a super session which is just filling out another dla form but with your up to date illness. At my docs we have a benefits adviser who filled this form in, they received it 17th April and I was awarded high rate mobility and middle care . Hope this explains it in brief.

  • thanks for that was that after a reconsideration and before you went to appeal please ?

  • congrats pleased to hear you can now shout from the rooftops i won a truly great feeling hugs to you and your wife

  • Well done that will be a relief to you, as you say don't give up and persevere xx

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